Ben Masters Fucks Paul Delay And Sean Ford Sucks Carter Dane’s Cock In Part 1 Of CockyBoys’ Le Garçon Scandaleux

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dg1a6764Le Garçon Scandaleux is CockyBoys’ latest feature, and in the first jumbo-sized episode released today, Ben Masters fucks European gay porn star Paul Delay, and then, in a flashback sequence, Sean Ford and Carter Dane suck each others’ dicks.

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At the end of the scene, Sean Ford tells Cory Kane to whip out his gigantic cock right in the middle of a Parisian book store, because he thinks Carter Dane would love it. And, Cory does exactly that!


This episode is over 50 minutes long, with the bulk of it featuring Paul Delay being fucked by the stunning Ben Masters:

sandal44dg1a7015 dg1a7027 dg1a7043 dg1a7109 Ben fucks Paul after Ben, Sean, and Cory have arrived in Paris, and Sean has convinced his friends to have a sexually scandalous gaycation, hence the movie’s title. As some might remember, this movie was originally titled Enfant Terrible, but a studio rep tells me that because that title has more of a double meaning here in the states than it does in France, they went with the more straightforward Le Garçon Scandaleux. Speaking of scandal, Sean is here for it:


Carter Dane has also arrived in Paris in this first episode, separate from the other guys, and when he runs into Sean and Cory in a bookstore, he recalls hooking up with Sean in the past. This cock-sucking hook-up is revealed in a flashback, which was filmed well over a year ago, given Sean’s shorter hair:

dg1a8360 dg1a8383 dg1a8427 dg1a8473 dg1a8458With stylish production, an all-star cast, a clever script, and two great lead acting performances from Sean Ford and Carter Dane, CockyBoys and co-producer PinkTV have what looks to be one of the best movies of 2019. Here’s the trailer for part one of Le Garçon Scandaleux (watch full scene here):

[CockyBoys: Le Garçon Scandaleux Part 1]

  • FrenchBug

    I am not sure I understand the official reason for changing the title.

    “Enfant terrible” (L’enfant terrible) is a widespread expression in France that says exactly what CB is intending to say and has been used in arts, media and cinema quite a bit. It is a great expression and a nice reference. I actually at first thought they changed it because of some other movie or artwork might have copyrighted the expression. But the idea that it has more double meaning here than there? That’s very confusing and untrue.
    “Le garçon scandaleux” is grammatically correct (so cheers to that) but that is not something any French person would really say in a general conversation and it has no meaning beyond the literal meaning of the title. It works just fine but “l’enfant terrible” was actually a lovely title from my French POV, specifically because it has such widespread use in France.
    I am not sure what the spokesperson meant here.

    • Zachary Sire

      I took it to mean that some here in the US would see “enfant” and only be familiar with the literal English translation (“child”), and that isn’t something anyone wants to have associated with adult entertainment, so they just changed it to avoid that.

      • FrenchBug

        Got it, got it, got it. Makes total sense. My mind didn’t go there at all (thankfully) but this is indeed likely what they meant. Thanks for the clarification.
        It was a good title! That’s probably wise now that I get it, but that’s still too bad.

    • Max6808

      I swear i was born and lived all my life in france and never ever heard someone use “l’enfant terrible” exept in foreign media ( Metal gear solid 2 comes to mind )

      • FrenchBug

        That’s not something that’d come up in casual conversation, I’ll grant you that. But it is a proper expression, generally found in writing and indeed particular in the media (French included; how many times have profiles called so-and-so “L’enfant terrible du cinéma français”)

  • Philip Broad

    Guys in stockings and suspenders? No thanks.

    • WorkBitch

      I’m sure the Cockygirls will love it, though. And, unfortunately, that seems to be the only group that Cockyboys is caring about / catering to these days.

    • Marcus Collack

      Clothes in porn is like lingerie in real life…if done right it only matters for 30 seconds.

  • B.C.

    Paul Delay kind of resembles Calvin Banks. Well, a twink version sans huge cock. I hope there will be more intercontinental fucking, maybe some friendly Czech student. All in all, very promising start.

    • FrenchBug

      He actually looks like Anteo Chara who did one scene for CB last year. I had assumed he hadn’t come back because he is French and lives in France so I was surprised he wasn’t in this movie.

    • Scrapple

      He makes me think of a French Josh Groban. I think it’s the hair.

      • B.C.

        I have a fetish for men with curly, slightly wild looking hairdo. I’m not envious (still have plenty on my 36 year old head), but for sentimental reasons. My first, adolescent love had similar fringe.

        • Scrapple

          Curly hair wraps so easily around fingers. Makes for excellent pulling.

  • Eric from Sweden

    Hot guys, for sure! I’ll be watching this!

  • McM.

    How many projects does Cockyboys have running simultaneously?

    The studio assuming every performer will be around until the end of each is, well, cocky.

  • mtopndc


  • Dave Netherton

    Just for a change more pretentious material from Cockyboys. Just like I tried to watch Helix’s “Vegas Nights” including dialogue & **ahem** acting instead of just fast forwarding to the actual sex, couldn’t get through a couple cheesy minutes of it. These studios seem to forget the actual reason 99.9% of us watch it in the first place. If you want to film an art house movie with a story & “acting” if that’s what you call it then make it softcore for those interested. Of course, mark my words, it’ll be either of these projects that wins awards next year. I swear some people wouldn’t know good porn if it bit them in the backside.

    • Zachery Binx

      I used to feel the same way about CockyBoys. I hated their “artsy” approach to scenes and trying to make actual movies instead of just showing us the fucking. However, pretty much every other site / company out there is doing that (some much better than others) while the ones trying to produce this artistic style are very limited. They obviously have a dedicated fan base that enjoys their product or they wouldn’t be able to keep producing this type of content.

      Let them have their artsy porn. It isn’t hurting anybody and if it’s not for you (trust me, it’s not for me either) then don’t subscribe and support the content. The only thing I dislike about CockyBoys now is that they produce a product I don’t enjoy watching but have so many exclusives that are stunningly gorgeous that I’d love to see them at other studios so I could actually enjoy watching them perform.

      Can you imagine what Austin Wilde could do with Carter Dane playing around over at GISP? Taylor Reign showing those college boys how hot gay sex can be over at Gay Hoopla? Calvin Banks stopping by someplace like Next Door Studios to have fun with all the guys there? Lord knows I’d love to see Sean Ford pay a visit to ColbyKnox for a turn with the husbands.

      Regardless, just try to remember that your idea of “good porn” is probably vastly different than other peoples, but that’s fine. I mean hey, for every Oscar winning film out there, somebody has to like trash too or they wouldn’t have made multiple Human Centipede films 😛

      • FrenchBug

        Your frustration is mine. I wouldn’t mind ignoring their artsy stuff but it feels so frustrating because they have a lot of great performers and interesting pairings and it just feels like a waste. This is the porn equivalent of blue balls for me. I’ll survive and get laid with someone else if I have to but it could have been fun so I am annoyed.
        Especially since we know they can direct. How about trying other ideas that wouldn’t impair the watching experience for more sex-oriented watchers? At this point, it actually feels lazy to rely on the same lighting tricks over and over in order to convey “art” so I don’t even give them points for creativity anymore.

        • Zachery Binx

          I mean, they’ve started doing that “For Fans Only” thing like once in a blue-moon that’s mostly sex. Personally I’m also happy to see that they’ve started producing some bareback content too. Who knows, maybe they’ll start producing less of the “artsy” stuff but oh well. If it makes some people out there happy then good for them. All I can do is hope that the exclusive models they have don’t decide to be exclusives for their entire careers so that I’ll eventually be able to watch some quality content when then bounce around to other companies.

          • FrenchBug

            The “For Fans Only” videos are of the quality of OnlyFans video which is both the point and not a compliment. I’ll take the artsy video over the cheap shaky unwatchable crap but I still think they can do better.

  • Scrapple

    Was that oral scene filmed a year ago so it could be a legit flashback, or is it a year old because Cocky Boys has so many irons in the fire at once it took a year for them to actually finish this installment of the movie? It’s commendable that in this binge watching day of “I want it now!” Cocky Boys has taken a different approach to how fast they release scenes from these genre movies. But there’s a difference between being teasingly slow and being frustratingly slow. Doesn’t All Saints still have at least one more scene left? Why can’t they finish one project before embarking on the next? You don’t start building a house, stop before you put the roof on, then start building a two-car garage. Finish the house!

    • FrenchBug

      We rarely disagree, but I strongly disagree on your latter point. That oral scene is trash to me. It is completely dark. Like not even a little or with some shadows. It is just unwatchable.
      No one is contesting that it *looks* nice in an artistic way (we know that JJ can direct, I won’t take that from him and he definitely does it better than the others who try similar stuff) but as sex, I found it to be not only completely worthless but, for me, it was actually infuriating and frustrating as I usually like older/younger pairings and it sounded interesting on paper.
      My question to the folks deciding to film in the dark: it is nice that you can do it, but do you have to? Even if you enjoyed this, do you really think the scene couldn’t have been hotter if better lit?

      • Scrapple

        I enjoyed it more than some of the CF “After Dark” scenes, which sometimes look like a mashup of “Cloverfield” meets “A Night in Paris.” The solo was dark for a reason, and then Carter turns on the lamp and it does get brighter. For me it’s like with clothing. Sometimes a hint of a torso under a slightly tight shirt or a bulge in a pair of jeans or underwear can be just as hot as all out nudity. And here seeing the glimpses of the curves of their bodies as they intermingled was sexy.

        • B.C.

          Agree, it was very hot; dimmed, honey coloured light made Carter and Sean look even more beautiful. Real shame though that we didn’t get to see Sean twisting and turning on Carter’s cock.

  • Daniel Hayes
  • Checkedout

    I’m not interested in Ben Masters topping.

  • Lucas Barnes

    Oh WOW, That’s Paul Delay the Exclusive model from French Twinks, I have always loved his work with them! I didn’t know he had done work with cockyboys!!! Bravo Paul great acting!