Colby Keller Welcomes Carter Dane To CockyBoys By Drenching Him In Cum

Posted March 15, 2016 by with 37 comments


You read his first ever interview last week in which this scene was teased, and now it’s live: Carter Dane’s debut as a CockyBoys exclusive.

img_9305 img_9333 img_9385

As previously announced, Colby Keller is the top here, and he welcomes Carter with a very rough yet passionate fuck.

img_9730 img_9712

Carter Dane’s ass might be the best, most cum-inducing thing to happen to gay porn in 2016. Two weeks ago, Carter’s ass helped Diego Sans deliver a cum tsunami. Now, this perfect bubble butt has brought about one of Colby Keller’s largest and longest cum shots ever:

colbycarterAfter shooting explosive ropes of cum for literally 15 seconds, I honestly did not know if Colby Keller would ever stop cumming! Trailer (watch full scene here):

[CockyBoys: Colby Keller Fucks Carter Dane]

  • FrenchBug

    Am I missing something or is that ChiChi boy band project taking its own sweet time to be posted? They aired one scene and then nothing. What’s up with that?

  • Tim

    two things 1) a shame that beautiful load wasn’t put inside that ass where it belongs. and 2) if he can do that to Diego and Colby, I can’t imagine the reaction of Gabriel Clark’s shaft to that ass.

    • Xzamilloh

      Nah… I’d nix the creampie in this case, and just go for the icing on the beautiful pair of buns.

      • Tim

        for all their faults, this is what I like about Sean Cody when they are doing their thing–the multiple cum shots. I mean, I don’t doubt it would make things more expensive/difficult to shoot, but it would be so worth it to have both.

        but if I have to take one, the internal is always what I want to see because it is what I want to feel when I’ve got a guy fucking me.

        • AussieB

          The scene starts with Carter jerking off to a previous Colby scene so Carter actually does cum twice in the scene

  • OverKill
  • sbd

    Indeed that is one fine ass.

  • Todd
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    • Joey

      Allison Harvard! She was everything lol.

      • Todd

        Right ? She was like living anime. Such eyes and that mouth. And she was robbed ………TWICE

        • Joey

          Yeah, I was gonna say. She was gorg and robbed TWICE, which was ridic. Like, no brainer and she was funny, sweet, clever, personable, etc.

  • Dale Bergman

    That’s one of the most beautiful cumshots I’ve ever seen. Colby is a gay porn legend and Carter Dane is a red hot newcomer. Great scene.

  • Joey

    Damn, that IS a nice big load. When did CK turn into such a shooter? I know this is only within the last couple years or so.

  • Xzamilloh

    This was beautiful and anyone that says differently, I will just respectfully disagree with your ignorant, dumbfounded, Helen Keller deaf and blind opinion.

  • Stephen

    Carter liked one of my Insta pics after I followed him. :3

    Seriously. I’m in love with him.

  • Zealot

    This just in from Dusty down at the garage: Men…I like to do some stress testing using the ol’ peen to get an accurate reading for ya when I can, but where Colby Keller is concerned, well my donger just can’t be trusted. Let’s face it guys, Colby really butters my toast. So I thought it best to use some other equipment to get a less biased reading….and this is how it gauged out:

  • Pertinax

    Learn boys…

  • TheSagaOf

    Colby motherfucking Keller, man. Mmmph. The man is sex made manifest.

  • sanfv
  • sam my


  • Maximus

    …I don’t trust Carter Dane. He has the crazy eyes.

    He’ll have some kind of meltdown, get arrested, or do something else scandalous eventually. Just wait…

    • itsbritneybitch

      It will be something truly racist. Bookmark me.

      • Maximus

        You think? I keep picturing him setting someone’s driveway on fire, Amanda Bynes style.

  • Trepakprince

    He is absolute perfection.

  • Badbike

    I love a beautiful bottom who not only has a wonderful ass but also has perfected the arch.

  • itsbritneybitch

    I..I must be missing his appeal somehow, someway. He looks just like the rest of them.

  • Al

    This was a hot scene…..they both delivered. I love watching porn like this.