Colby Keller’s Trapped Scene Is Here—Will You Watch?

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91140_02Fans of Colby Keller and Tegan Zayne can finally see them fuck today in Trapped, and regardless of Colby’s Trump drama (and Tegan’s antics during filming), this scene does look good. Whether or not that matters to those who have turned away from Colby Keller is something Raging Stallion will have to contend with, depending on sales for this movie. That said, I can’t see how being known as the gay porn star who voted for Donald Trump—and having that tied to your name for at least the next three years, after coming out repeatedly to talk about it—is going to bring in new fans?

91140_04 91140_05 91140_07There’s still one more scene from this movie coming next week, and it’ll yet again feature Colby Keller and Tegan Zayne, along with Kurtis Wolfe. (As you’ll recall, there’s a gun battle at the end of the movie with Kurtis Wolfe shooting Colby Keller.)

91140_11 91140_15Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Raging Stallion: Colby Keller Fucks Tegan Zayne]

  • Xzamilloh
  • Hari Kalyan
  • pje821

    I might not like Colby’s decision to vote for Trump, but I’ve always loved his performances. His body is incredible (thanks for not ruing it with ink), his dick is beautiful and he outshines all his scene partners in the cumshot finales: In short, he’s hotter than hell. I have relatives and one friend who voted for Trump, too; I can’t not interact with them because of their abhorent politics. I’m sure there are other guys who work in gay porn who voted for Trump, but they don’t talk about it. I watch a scene because the models are appealing or the scenario is of interest; it’s porn, not commercial television. If I had a chance to sit down with Colby I’d talk to him about his politics; he’s a fascinating character. Bottom like: This scene looks hot.

    • Xzamilloh

      I’m sorry, but there is nothing fascinating about Colby Keller (his politics, not his performances which I do agree are great), or his convoluted reasoning behind voting for Trump, which I would respect if not for the fact that he was and has been uttering straight nonsense since trying to defend himself. He’s a communist… I would say THAT deserves discussion because Communism doesn’t exactly have the best history in the world, but even then,

      Colby’s words are surface level and devoid of any real depth. Not to mention, you slowly but surely begin to realize his “anarchy” sentiments were nothing more than empty rhetoric because if the DNC propped Trump to go against Hillary to provide a “DNC tool of division” like he claimed, even he didn’t believe Trump had a chance which is why he so freely threw his vote away… because he didn’t think he would have to explain himself after Clinton won, which she didn’t.

      When he talks, all I get is pseudo-intellectual nonsensical word salad. And he should stick tossing salads, not wording them

      • pje821

        I don’t agree with his reasoning either; he’s talking in circles every time he’s asked about his decision. If this were real life and I was trying to determine whether I wanted to be this guy’s friend or partner, I’d probably kick him to the curb. But we’re not talking about a personal relationship here; we’re talking about watching his scenes, and his politics don’t matter enough to me to keep me from watching. If he had molested a child or badly beaten his boyfriend, I’d think differently. Most of the guys who work in gay porn are straight, or so they say; I couldn’t care less. If they’re hot and seemingly into the sex and their partners, that’s what matters. I don’t know who they voted for and I don’t want to know; at that moment in time I’m not there to judge. BTW, I am a political junkie and take the news seriously; I’m a huge fan of Rachel and Chris. I vote; I’ve worked for candidates. I’m hugely critical of Trump supporters on social networks. I’m also a gay man who loves his porn and is very particular about what I watch, but my decision is not based on a model’s politics. Colby just happens to be an outspoken model, and he’s paid a price for his comments. And he’s hardly the dumbest guy working in porn.

  • erexshawn
  • nerfherder1989

    If he’s going to vote against the beliefs of gay studios that hire him, why are they still employing him?

  • Slippy_World
  • peter

    short answer: no

    I’d love to see what he looks like without the henna rinse

  • GrownFury
    • Mike Julius

      The Colby Keller is over party don’t stop

  • nick

    Can I watch it, then hate myself, is that ok ?

    • c_find

      I thought that was what extreme fetish porn was for 😉

  • Zealot

    I’d like to. I really would. But I just washed my hair.

    • TrueWords

      I will watch it on a free gay porn site if it is available which it will be…I refuse to pay money for porn it is all over the internet for FREE…

    • LoveCoates

      +1000 for the obscure Bette Davis reference

      • Zealot

        She’s my all time favorite. Can’t say how many times I’ve quoted her….even this oldie but goodie.

  • Scrapple
    If I want to see someone struggling under the weight of their own erratic thoughts while having sex, I’ll watch classic gay porn parodies like The Three Faces in Steve, Gurl, Interrupted, Fistcutters: A Glove Story or Split.

  • Maximus

    Part of me is curious to find out why these lumberjacks are fucking inside of a house when they’re both so clearly homeless, but not curious enough to bother watching.

  • Baradude
  • OverKill
  • TK
    • Baradude
    • LoveCoates

      This dude’s reasoning was “Who cares if Treason Trump is a white supremacist who enables Nazis and sold out democracy to Putin: he funded his own campaign and thus disrupts the system.”

      First, he didn’t self-fund, he took donations throughout his campaign. Maybe if Keller wasn’t too busy selling out minority groups to be psuedo-rebellious and edgy he would have noticed. And I don’t know why The Advocate did add an editor’s note noting that Trump didn’t fund his campaign.

      Second, to the extent that Trump had money to pay for much of his campaign initially, it’s because of the corrupt system Keller claims to decry: Trump inherited money and stayed rich (and out of jail) bribing politicians, stiffing small business contractors, gaming bankruptcy law, and scamming people with fake universities and fake chairites. Yeah, what a disruptor of a corrupt system.

      Keller is Exhibit A on unwoke white dudes who think they’re woke and missing the mark by about 10,000 light years.

  • Hell no!!! He’s a Trump supporter. Trump would call him a “disgusting pig” if he knew this. I don’t condone any gay person who would vote for this asshole!

  • bloody mary
  • Sterling

    Hell yeah I’ll watch it, he fine as fuck. Listen I don’t care who my favorite porn stars vote for as long as they’re putting out great performances I’m good. If they’re racists, homophobic assholes then they’re on my shit list.

    • WhimsyCotton

      He voted for a racist, homophobic, sexist, bigoted asshole that empowers White Supremacists. Some of that extends to him as well for supporting such a man.

  • AJ’s Black Widow
  • Michael Regan

    Comment section showing what a bunch of prissy queens there are here. I could talk at length of his reasoning for voting trump, but it wouldn’t process with people here, they just want to scapegoat.
    Colby is extremely hot, and his attitude of saying fuck you to the everyday seems more endearing to me then your run of the mill porn star. I don’t give a fuck about trump, I’m a brit so I can enjoy stuff keller does without giving a shit.

    • adamb

      U r a brave man to piss people off here but i do like ur comments, its only porn after all, it’s not like they’re saving the world & the scene is hot espec with Tegan.

    • WhimsyCotton

      Scapegoat. You mean like Trump with tens of millions of American lives as he tries desperately to take away their healthcare?
      Scapegoat. Like the thousands of Muslim Americans he’s vilifying to distract the American idiots from his ineptitude?
      Scapegoat. Like the thousands of trans Americans he’s robbing of their rights to fool his idiotic base into believing he’s actually accomplishing something?
      Scapegoat. Like all the news networks and publications he’s demonizing to slowly, but surely, weaken the trust his moronic followers have in journalism and therefore allow him to become the only source of truth?

      Please, do talk, at length, about how Trump is such a good candidate.

      • Mike Julius
      • Michael Regan

        Since when have I inferred that trump is a good president? Now your making shit up. I’m saying peoples reasoning for hating on colby keller haven’t bothered to listen to him in his reason why he voted for it. And the fact you automaticly throw someone under a bus for voting for him without listening to their reasoning why makes you as bad as your own convictions

        • Maximus

          There is no morally justifiable reason for voting for Trump. All those who voted for him did so because they possessed one or more of the following character flaws:
          1. Greed.
          2. Opposition to human rights.
          3. Willful ignorance.

          All three traits are abhorrent, indefensible, and deserving of ridicule and scorn. There is no defense. There is no explanation. There is no absolution.

        • WhimsyCotton

          We’ve all listened to his reasoning. He’s tried it various times without realizing how much of a privileged douche he comes off as. What you, and he, don’t realize is that Trump’s Presidency has consequences that don’t affect Keller because he’s a White male. So while Keller and other “intellectuals” wait for their revolution to arrive, people of color, women, and the trans community suffer attacks against their rights.

          He refuses to acknowledge this believing that his thought process must be too meta for us to comprehend.

        • LoveCoates

          We listened to his reasoning.

          “Trump self-funded and challenges a corrupt system.”

          No he didn’t, he solicited donations throughout his campaign, and Trump is literally the living embodiment of corruption. So his reasoning was and is stupid. The real reason is he didn’t give a crap about all the marginalized groups he was throwing under the bus and just wanted to appear edgy and rebellious. He is trash.

    • Maximus

      I’m not a Brit, but I’m still deeply troubled by Theresa May and her Brexit regime. Your country is being held hostage by the 1% and a few select corporate interests, and it’s upsetting to witness, even from across the pond. I don’t need to share citizenship with people in order to feel concerned for them.

  • LiberalButNotSheep

    YES of course.

  • WhimsyCotton

    Meanwhile, Trump chats up and entertains the anti-gay Value Voters Summit…


    NO. !!!!

  • RetiredCowboy

    I don’t care about the political opinions of any “celebrity” – porn or otherwise. As long as I there’s no political diatribe in the scene, and the guys are hot – I’m good.

  • Todd


  • Mike Julius
  • memememe

    Colby isn’t going anywhere. Most of the people spreading hate on here don’t even buy porn so why do their opinions matter? They don’t.

    In fact most readers of this blog is a guaranteed low lifes or sadistic sociopaths. A perfect reflection of Zach sire

  • nbtx27

    Definitely NO. Keller is absolutely the most unattractive guy in porn today. I’d rather watch Henry at CF.

  • Ed Woody

    There’s a book I have read several times that contains the following passage. It is one character describing another to her face, and I was put in mind of it here:

    “A child of privilege, raised in the comfort and security of the ruling class. You consider yourself an idealist, concerned primarily with art and music and abstract learning. But these pursuits are primarily to fill the void of real purpose in your life. Essentially, you give the appearance of dissent without actually practising it in your everyday life, lest doing so cost you the comfortable existence to which you’ve grown accustomed.”

    • Scrapple

      That seems very familiar, but I’m drawing a blank. What’s the book?

      • Ed Woody

        Believe it or not it’s actually a Star Trek tie in novel. It’s called ‘Fearful Symmetry’ by Olivia Woods, and in a timely coincidence, it features Gul Dukat (who had promised to ‘make Cardassia great again’) kidnapping a young woman and holding her as his sex slave for 15 years.

        • Scrapple

          I’ve never read one of the Trek books, so I’ll chalk it up to someone else plagiarizing that passage. Dukat was such an ass. I still haven’t forgiven him for Jadzia.

          And thank you for reminding me of a long forgotten promise to call the Kardashians the Cardassians.

          • Ed Woody

            Well, they like to think they’re better than everyone else when they’re really not. They like to get lots of plastic surgery so they can pretend to be other people. They sided with an evil force which helped to start a devastating war and cost millions of lives. So yeah, pretty much the same. Sadly only one of them is fictional.

  • Dot Beech

    Not interested in Colby Keller. Not anymore.

    Becoming less and less interested in Raging Stallion.

    No more Colby Keller. Ever. Let him go suck Donald Trump’s ass.

  • Default_User

    No. I wont even watch it if it is free on tube sites.

  • Joleil Ashwind

    I guess Studios still hire him because there are people in the world that just take out their contacts and go.

  • Scrapple

    Oooh honey, they did you dirty with that tombstone engraving. I’m almost embarrassed to leave these calla lilies I picked up in remembrance.

  • Sihaya

    This is what happens when you decide that you will be open about your personal life. Some of the porn stars decided to show their real personalities to the world and become famous as themselves in a way. Well – you made a decision, now you need to live with it.
    I won’t watch it because of that decision. It doesn’t matter if it is wrong ( YES, it is wrong to vote for someone against you own community) or right. Next time think about the information you are about to share… even if it will make you more famous…..

  • Jose

    He’s still hot as fuck, I’ll give him that. But could I care less about his shrew size brain? Nope. Just the gorgeous empty shell.

  • Butch_from_AL

    no, i won’t.