True Or False: This Is The First Time Ryan Lacey Has Sucked Cock And Fucked Another Man In The Ass

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gayhoopla-ryan-lacey-collin-simpson-2Welcome to another installment of Str8UpGayPorn’s True Or False? This series asks you, the readers, to judge whether something is true or false about a gay porn scene and/or the performer(s) in it, and you can share your opinion in the poll and/or the comments below.

gayhoopla-ryan-lacey-collin-simpson-3Today’s True Or False is all about horse-hung GayHoopla newcomer Ryan Lacey and whether or not this is the first time he’s sucked cock and fucked another man in the ass. That’s what Ryan is claiming in his new video (co-starring muscle bottom Collin Simpson), but is he telling the truth?

gayhoopla-ryan-lacey-collin-simpson-6If a True Or False post about Ryan Lacey feels familiar, that’s because there’s already been one! Back in October, we questioned whether Ryan was being honest about receiving his first gay blowjob (in another scene with Collin Simpson,who must love Ryan’s big dick), and I, along with most of you, believed that Ryan was telling the truth.

gayhoopla-ryan-lacey-collin-simpson-11With his new scene this week, it looks like Ryan is being truthful once again! Based on this lackadaisical blowjob, it’s clear that Ryan has never had a dick in his mouth before. And, it looks like he didn’t even practice on a banana or a cucumber before coming to film?


While his stroke game is decent at times, it’s also pretty obvious that this is Ryan’s first time having his cock inside a man’s ass.

gayhoopla-ryan-lacey-collin-simpson-16The dead giveaway that he’s probably not really into this? Right after stating, “I’m gonna cum,” Ryan pulls out of Collin’s ass to reveal that his big floppy dick is almost completely limp. Last time I checked, this is not what cocks are supposed to look like when they’re allegedly seconds away from cumming:


While we appreciate Ryan’s exploration of gay sex, he’ll need to step his pussy up and get his cock at least 50% hard if he expects anyone to watch him fucking again. Hopefully he’ll improve, because he’s hot. I’m calling this True Or False 100% true, but what do you think?

Trailer (watch full scene here):

[GayHoopla: Ryan Lacey Fucks Collin Simpson]

  • TK

    Collin is on Chaturbate and I’m pleased to find out he’s just as douchey as I thought he would be.

    • MC.EMC2

      Spill the tea for us please :-)

  • Xzamilloh

    I’d say that’s his first time eating a guy’s ass too…. if he were actually eating it. He’d probably be harder fucking Homer Simpson.

    • McM.

      His face was way too high on that rump to do anything. Collin didn’t even bother to sell it.

    • Scrapple

      Perhaps he got his rimming degree at the Damien Stone School of Asseating.

  • Xzamilloh

    Bro Code for Gay Porn Tip # 1: It’s not gay if you only suck the tip. Shaft is gay, balls is gay. Errant semen getting in your mouth is not gay, but a hazard of the job. Tasting it? GAY!!

  • FrenchBug

    True or False Bonus Round: This was the first time whoever directed this scene had ever held a camera or tried to film anything.

    • pje821

      Typical production values from this shitty studio.

  • Mike Julius

    That floppy ass dick? I believe it.

  • Schnitzel
    • perigrine

      I love Ronnie!

  • Jace

    Poor Collin. Last week he had to take a load of fake cum in his mouth, and now this.

  • B.C.

    This must be the new low. GH has perfected “how NOT to have gay sex” porn.

  • TroyMcK

    GH should pay a scene rate percentage based on how hard the model’s dick gets. If your cock is only 50% hard, you get 50% of the scene rate. If you want full pay, get fully hard. That should eliminate this fake bs.

    • Man in the Midst

      You’re assuming the GH producers even care.

  • It’s a nice long cock can all admit, shame about what not doing with it!

  • PaulieP

    Your cock is so fucking huge, he is hard already, jesus christ, damn, its fucking huge, fuck, oh my god your cock is fucking huge jesus christ, your cock is so fucking hard, oh shit, thats better, just like that, yes yes keep going, oh yes, cum on this ass…..That said, in the “script” read thru Collin was advised to praise the cock.. that will keep him hard. We gotta make this happen… ready boys, ok, go…..

  • Stiffy Stiffington

    I’ll never understand why they do it. Never. You can’t make me.

  • who_knows123

    There must be something wrong with this guy if he had a limp dick next to Collin Simpson..

    • FrenchBug

      It is a disease called “heterosexuality”. It is a terrible terrible fate for those poor men and sadly this evil ill is widespread.