Collin Simpson, Tyler Smith, And Alex Griffen Have A Weekend Fuckfest, But Only One Of Them Bottoms?

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gayhoopla-collin-simpson-tyler-smith-alex-griffen-02The big three-way of the weekend is here, and it comes via GayHoopla. Starring GH superstar Collin Simpson, Tyler Smith, and Alex Griffen, the fuckfest features something for everyone: Three physically flawless models, multiple butt fucking positions, cum facials for Tyler from both Alex and Collin, big butts, big dicks, and a lot of muscles:

gayhoopla-collin-simpson-tyler-smith-alex-griffen-03 gayhoopla-collin-simpson-tyler-smith-alex-griffen-04 gayhoopla-collin-simpson-tyler-smith-alex-griffen-05 gayhoopla-collin-simpson-tyler-smith-alex-griffen-06The weird thing about this three-way is that neither Tyler nor Collin get fucked. Instead, Tyler and Collin take turns slamming Alex.

gayhoopla-collin-simpson-tyler-smith-alex-griffen-09 gayhoopla-collin-simpson-tyler-smith-alex-griffen-13 gayhoopla-collin-simpson-tyler-smith-alex-griffen-14It’s a good scene, but it falls short of being great given the lack of bottoming (especially since Collin has already admitted that he actually prefers to bottom, because it “feels really good”), and it’s a missed opportunity where GayHoopla could’ve done something epic. Like, for example, imagine if Tyler and Alex had DP’d Collin?

gayhoopla-collin-simpson-tyler-smith-alex-griffen-19 gayhoopla-collin-simpson-tyler-smith-alex-griffen-20 gayhoopla-collin-simpson-tyler-smith-alex-griffen-21 gayhoopla-collin-simpson-tyler-smith-alex-griffen-23Still, fans of any of the three performers should be satisfied, as they look incredible together:

gayhoopla-collin-simpson-tyler-smith-alex-griffen-01Trailer (watch full scene here):

[GayHoopla: Collin Simpson, Tyler Smith, And Alex Griffen’s Three-Way]

  • A true top doesn’t waste everyones time showing their ass. IMO TBH they are all big bottoms pretending to be tops.

    However thats OK, they are super yummy bottoms :-)

    • Pinko of the Grange

      TBH is ?

      But a model shows what ever the director tells them to.

      • That’s right so the storyline clearly is bottoms pretending to be tops

        • Pinko of the Grange

          Such binary thinking how sad.

      • Russell47

        TBH = To Be Honest

        • Pinko of the Grange

          cool learned a new, to me, TLA, thx.

  • Jace

    What’s with the mug shots? Maybe Kyle Dean can return, after all.

  • DoinItWell

    I just dont find Tyler attractive in anyway. He always looks ashy/dry.

  • Dave

    You expect DP from GH? They can’t even properly film straight forward sex scenes. Not sure why you never bring up their poor technical skills yet rag on so many other companies for lesser reasons. GH is such a waste of good looking models, IMO.

    • Pinko of the Grange

      Hopefully they will learn, or hire a proper camera operator…soon very soon.

  • Pertinax

    Thick dick is more photogenic.

  • scooternva

    Chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry.

    Admit it, you were thinking that too.

  • GN
  • SaintMike

    I want to live there!

  • Is it too much to ask for porn stars to shave their assholes?

    • McM.


    • Pinko of the Grange


  • Maximus

    Two straight boys who I’ve never heard of one, and one puffy queen who can’t stop Rachel Dolezal-ing.

    • Mike Julius

      You really think Collin and especially Tyler are straight? Collin’s bi. Tyler’s gay. But Alex could lay off the tanner tbh.

  • Haven

    Maybe it’s just as well that the scene was as vanilla as it was, because the proposal to have Collin DP’ed would have slayed me dead.

  • emercycrite

    Mocha chocolata ya ya

  • Zavier

    I love Colin Simpson…. that is all :)

  • Sed

    What! Are you trying to tell me the pros at Gayhoopla may have fucked up a scene with their gorgeous models. Well I just don’t believe it.

  • Nordschleife

    Like Neopolitan ice cream.

  • onyx081

    Tyler clearly doesn’t have any black friends because they wouldn’t let him walk around with those ashy ass feet

    • Xzamilloh

      I just saw those… I didn’t say anything, but since you did, I have to agree lol

    • Deviancy Behavir

      Like he was mixing up some biscuits with his feet they’re so fucking ashy, that’s ridiculous. Don’t they know gays look at everything in a shot? lol

  • CamCam

    Unless I’m wrong, one of the white guys doesn’t appear to suck dick and that alone makes the film totally unappealing. NEXT

  • Markjohnson

    Alex griffin is so hot. Wonder if he got his name bc of Blake griffin…hoping he can come back and top!