WATCH: Humongous Muscle Hunks Collin Simpson And Bryce Beckett Flip-Fuck

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gayhoopla-bryce-beckett-collin-simpson-2As reported earlier this week, Collin Simpson won’t be filming any more content with GayHoopla, but the studio still has several unreleased scenes that feature him, and there’s a new one out today. In this duo, Collin flip-fucks with first time bottom Bryce Beckett, who is absolutely fucking humongous:

gayhoopla-bryce-beckett-collin-simpson-3 gayhoopla-bryce-beckett-collin-simpson-4 gayhoopla-bryce-beckett-collin-simpson-5Collin is 5’10”, but because Bryce is a staggering 6’5″, the size difference is quite noticeable (and quite hot).

gayhoopla-bryce-beckett-collin-simpson-8collbgayhoopla-bryce-beckett-collin-simpson-9Note that this trailer (watch it below) begins with a long promo for the boner pills that GayHoopla is selling, but gay porn stars Andre Willis and Travis Youth swinging their cocks around is hot, so I actually don’t mind the commercial.


Trailer (watch full scene here):

[GayHoopla: Bryce Beckett And Collin Simpson Flip-Fuck]


  • trumn10

    Collin looks horrible. Don’t like the other guy either, at all.

    • Népissinguois

      Collin looks puffy.

      Not sure what that’s all about… 🤔

      • David Siegel

        He looks puffy because he’s OD’ing on steroids

      • trumn10

        Not a good look at all. I thought he was very good looking when first at GH.

        • Sebastien Napoleon

          you perfectionist cunts need to back off, collin is fine the way he is

    • CamCam

      I’m not feeling them either. This looks like it’s a flip flop gone wrong.

  • Geo Mendez
  • Kevin Wright

    Bryce fucks with passion.

  • CamCam

    Something tells me this is gonna be a bad one

  • GayhawkAZ

    Other than the obvious cock ring on Collin in the promo pics, I’d watch it. I like the size difference.

  • sxg

    So this is what a flip fuck between SC’s Randy and Jack would look like, sans the excessive bloat from steroid use and the heroin or meth addiction. Le sigh.

    I’m still upset that Jack wasn’t into his duo with Randy. I don’t care, Sean Cody get those two beasts back together! They’re both money-hungry they’ll work with each other regardless of the lack of chemistry!

    • Elza

      So true. I would love to see Randy pound Jack’s ass in revenge 😏