Johnny Or Connor: Which Gay Porn Star Of The Year Would You Rather?

Posted January 26, 2014 by with 17 comments

johnnyconnorConnor Kline and Johnny Rapid are both fresh off their Str8ie Award and Cybersocket Award wins, respectively, for Best Gay Porn Star Of The Year, and both appear in new scenes today. It’s easy to pick which one of their awards is more prestigious (obviously, the Str8ie), but which one of their scenes is better? If you could only watch one, which one would you watch?

The one with Johnny Rapid and another guy named Johnny (Johnny Forza) where they fuck upside down on a bar stool?

johnny11 TheresSomethingAboutJohnnyPart4DMH07 TheresSomethingAboutJohnnyPart4DMH14OR…

The one with Connor Kline and another guy named Connor (Connor Maguire, and this is, like, the Connors 80 millionth scene together, right?), Braden Charron, and a “gay” Colby Jansen where they fuck in a locker room?

ScrumPart3JO02 ScrumPart3JO11 ScrumPart3JO13Which would you rather?’s There’s Something About Johnny Part 4:

[ Johnny Forza Fucks Johnny Rapid]’s Scrum Part 3:

[ Connor Kline, Colby Jansen, Connor Maguire, Braden Charron Orgy]