Johnny Or Connor: Which Gay Porn Star Of The Year Would You Rather?

Posted January 26, 2014 by with 17 comments

johnnyconnorConnor Kline and Johnny Rapid are both fresh off their Str8ie Award and Cybersocket Award wins, respectively, for Best Gay Porn Star Of The Year, and both appear in new scenes today. It’s easy to pick which one of their awards is more prestigious (obviously, the Str8ie), but which one of their scenes is better? If you could only watch one, which one would you watch?

The one with Johnny Rapid and another guy named Johnny (Johnny Forza) where they fuck upside down on a bar stool?

johnny11 TheresSomethingAboutJohnnyPart4DMH07 TheresSomethingAboutJohnnyPart4DMH14OR…

The one with Connor Kline and another guy named Connor (Connor Maguire, and this is, like, the Connors 80 millionth scene together, right?), Braden Charron, and a “gay” Colby Jansen where they fuck in a locker room?

ScrumPart3JO02 ScrumPart3JO11 ScrumPart3JO13Which would you rather?’s There’s Something About Johnny Part 4:

[ Johnny Forza Fucks Johnny Rapid]’s Scrum Part 3:

[ Connor Kline, Colby Jansen, Connor Maguire, Braden Charron Orgy]



  • sxg

    Connor Kline!!! Duh!!!

  • Terry

    I’d watch the scene with Connor Kline because … there’s Connor Maguire !

    • Bull

      I like Connor Maguire’s look, never seen any of his scenes.

      • GN

        I don’t get how you have not seen his scenes, since he’s in EVERYTHING lately–Not that I am complaining, he is hot.

  • Bull

    no contest, Connor Kline!

    • James Johnson III

      Exactly! How is there a competition? You can either sleep with the actually Gay Gay porn star who will enjoy it as much as you or have sex with the guy who admits that the only way he is even staying hard with you is because he is thinking of the girl he is immediately going home to fuck after you and he part ways since, if he thinks that you are actually doing a good job and he may be enjoying being with a guy, he immediately goes limp! Ummm…where’s the contest?

      • GN

        Remember, he said he goes home and fucks her till her snatch bleeds *smh*.

        • James Johnson III

          You are absolutely right, eww SMH, indeed.

  • GN

    Technically speaking, the ‘gay’ porn star is Connor.

  • JoshChicago

    I’m really surprised that after this weekend – nobody said “the one without blood”

    • Cosmic

      What’s that mean?

      • JoshChicago

        Just consider it to be lost in translation.

  • Dutch Courage

    The picture of Connor Kline with two dicks in his mouth is the second pic of this year that wins a nomination for most iconic image in gay porn for the year 2014 (the first image that got nominated was of Max Ryder’s face when he witnessed some serious whipping at the Hustlaball!).

  • JoePorn

    Connor is handsome, Johnny is a twat.

  • Iain Gardener

    Conner all the way

  • GN

    I’m fan of Colby Jansen, but whoever is catering the porn set needs to lay out some low-fat snacks for him, he’s kinda getting out of control.

  • charlier

    TrĂ©s sympas envie d’une queue ?