Controversial Webcam Model Jake Orion Is Stranded In Florida And Facing Hurricane Irma: “Pray For Me”

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orionePer his previous videos released over the last two days, webcam model and controversial YouTuber Jake Orion was debating whether or not to leave his home near Miami, Florida and head north to New Jersey, as Hurricane Irma prepares to make landfall this weekend. But today, Orion says he went to the highway to see how bad traffic was, and because it “was not even moving,” he’s decided to “buckle down” and stay in his home.

Orion—a former Randy Blue solo model who first made headlines two years ago when he announced that he’d never do gay porn because he “didn’t want to take a chance with AIDS“—is asking fans to “pray for him,” and to “remember all the good times and good things” he’s done. Also, there’s something sexual going on with his two dogs at the beginning of this video, so be advised.

Given the continuing evacuation notices, if it’s still at all possible for Orion to leave, he might want to consider it. But, he’s not alone down there, as thousands of Florida residents have decided not to leave. One of them is popular performer Sean Duran, also in Miami, and he tweeted earlier that he’d be staying in his home:

As far as people who did decide to evacuate, director Marc MacNamara and performer Diego Sans left their home in Miami:

And, south Florida-based performer Clark Parker has been out of town and away from home, and he’s opted to stay away until it’s safe enough to return:

  • GN

    All the lifeboats gone, boo? If I were floating on driftwood, I’d let you on, but–you know us gay folks, so why would you risk AIDS?

  • WhimsyCotton
  • Jace

    This could wipe out 80% of the gay porn industry!

  • badgamer1967
  • nick
  • Scrapple

    Yeah, he sounds very sad and alarmed…while intercutting the hilarity of a penis getting stuck in a vagina and slyly preparing his fans for the impending post-storm e-grift. Then you have Sean with boarded up windows and his motorcycle out, quoting Cardi B. Should the shit hit the fan I’m sure they’ll both be asking the same question:

    Because you’re idiots.

    People, if you can evacuate, evacuate. Possessions can be replaced. Lives can’t. And first responders shouldn’t have to risk their lives rescuing able-bodied assholes who refused to listen to reason or weather reports.

    • You never know

      Some of us cannot leave due to work. Leave your insensitive ass comments elsewhere.

      • Maximus

        Notice that Scapple specified, “if you can evacuate.” Given that you cannot, I would say that his comment was not directed at you.

        • Scrapple

          Thank you. But I’m still addressing this dumb bitch anyway.

          • Maximus

            Damn, gurl. You went IN on her ass. Are you going to bill her for that colonoscopy of a read?

          • Scrapple

            Nope, the first scraping is free. And I’m putting the polyps I collected in a nice frame. I may even sign the back.

          • Maximus

            I’ll keep that in mind the next time I’m looking at a three month wait for an appointment with my gastroenterologist.

          • Dulcis Memoria

            Dip the polyps in chocolate fondue and serve them back to her!

          • Scrapple

            This chocolate is way too good to be wasted on lowrent scallywags.

          • Dulcis Memoria

            I was thinking of the schadenfreude of watching them eat their own polyps unawares!

      • Scrapple

        Please, do yourself a favor and hire a tutor who can teach you the joys of the English language. I clearly stated who should be leaving. And if you notice, Jake didn’t seem too scared about the upcoming storm. Shouldn’t he be preparing his house, instead of filming an update (one of many, as he says) for his social media account? Shouldn’t he be out trying to find the generator he’s so concerned about not having instead of filming his dogs stuck together post-coitus? Nope, instead of doing any of those things he’s planting seeds so he can e-beg. A storm is coming and you’re asking for Amazon gift cards? Wouldn’t groceries be better in a situation like this? Batteries? A gas card? A gift card to a local hotel, should lodging be needed? Sean is no better, as he’s snapping pics of his place and quoting a rap song and seemingly taunting the storm. So yes, they are idiots because they are not using their time wisely. But you’re an even bigger idiot for making excuses for them.

      • Todd B

        Bitch please! Don’t take this so fucking personally for fuck sake! And what fucking job is forcing you to put your life at risk!?

  • sxg

    Oh, a hurricane is coming your way and you decided to stay because you couldn’t handle a little traffic. A pity. Oh well.

    • sxg

      Well maybe now we know why he really decided to stay. He probably thought he can make money off of people who feel sorry for him for not evacuating.
      I really do hope Irma fucking kills him. He’s a waste of skin. His wife can stick around or not. I really don’t care.

      • Paul J

        Anyone sending him money must be brain dead. What about those affected in Haiti, other poor countries of the Caribbean and people left homeless in Texas. Never mind the people really affected, send him money, because he couldn’t be bothered to evacuate and so MIGHT not be able to work. How fucking selfish!

      • Scrapple

        Gee, I must be psychic. Maybe I should hit up that Emmy pool at work.

        Now, if you can’t work for two weeks because the conditions are that bad (he must be psychic too, having already seen how long it will take), how are you planning on getting Amazon deliveries? Drones? Storks?

      • LinkinVumen

        He’s back streaming only one day after the storm. Weeks are getting shorter in Jake Orion’s world. He is such a scumback to be streaming after the shit he got and the money he was soliciting – dry begging.

  • Zealot

    Just remember, Jake…during water landings, your penis CAN be used as a floatation device.

  • sanfv

    Honestly, it’s Florida tho…

    If I can survive a hurricane, they can too.

    Here’s a picture of me after I came back from my hurricane castaway adventure.

  • Hunter O’Porn

    Who knew being a porn director and porn star paid so good. Marc’s house looks very nice even though it’s sparsely furnished.

    • sxg

      It’s not unfinished. I believe they moved everything to the 2nd floor.

      I’m surprised they live in that area I always thought they lived in NYC.

  • skye3245 your ass. Staying of your own volition when they told you to leave. I’m in the path too. But if it comes this way i’m out. So i don’t feel sorry for you. Should have done what Clark did…fuck Jake ass…just trying to get that money from desperate fans

    • Todd B

      “I’m in the path too. But if it comes this way i’m out.” Doesn’t sound much smarter than these two. Waiting til then, you’re suddenly in 5 mph traffic or blocked traffic and then hit by thefucking hurricane. Smfh

      • skye3245

        Meaning that i’m not in FL my state is further up and we are watching to see if by predictions we will receive the hurricane. Please don’t speak on issues you have no information in thank you. Because if we had received what they thought we were gonna receive a week ago i surely we not be here. Being in the path does not mean i’m sitting in Miami FL waiting. I am prepared in my home area waiting to see if i need to head away. But thank you for your “jumping in to make an asinine comment

        • Todd B

          Oh shut up cunt.

          • skye3245

            lol so childish and idiotic. baby get his feelings hurt

          • Todd B

            Lmao…feelings hurt! Hardly. Just calling them as I see them. Yes, childish and idiotic how you chastise a porn star but god forbid someone points out YOUR hypocrisy. You seem to be the one with hurt feelings sweetie. Lol

          • skye3245

            was no hypocrisy in my statement. telling a human being they are foolish for staying to lose their life. when they will literally be at home. they are not going to be able to go to work or the such. yet, to recover they set up wishlist sand the such. Stating that when/if these hurricanes reach my area/state i will be evacuating. staying when you can leave is different then staying because you have no choice. there was not a sense of hypocrisy in my statement. you chose to speak with no pretense of anything so you resort to name calling because your behind a computer with no real evidence. so instead of being intelligent you say “cunt”. depending on circumstances i can be. here i was not. if need be i can. you sir, were being a child. And now not being factual and also hypocritical. But thank you.

          • Todd B

            Wow! This must really be bothering you.

          • skye3245

            actually nope. I’m off today and nothing else better to do than to watch Netflix, finish up some household things and nothing else till work Monday. :)

  • Bree Van de Kamp

    I hope the hurricane gives him aids

    • Scrapple

      Irma’s a lesbian? I’m shook!

    • Marcus Collack

      OT I am watching your long lost twin cousin Kimberly Blow up Melrose Place right now!

  • JellyBelly

    The storm hasn’t even hit his location and yet he’s already asking for donations?

  • Pertinax

    Nº 14220 . Never saw such number here. I don’t think a house like this could resist the storm. If I’m living in it I’d search a safer place to stay.

  • OverKill
  • PaulieP


  • PaulieP

    when he says he can’t leave… bitch… get in the car like everyone else. very sad situation? do what all others are doing…he can’t afford it since flirt banned him and on chaturbate he is not getting the money he did on the other….brain surgeons, heart specialists, special needs teacher are allowed to say..”all the good things I’ve done” not a big dicked dick.

    • Todd B

      Flirt banned him!? Please tell!

      • Landon Uhlenhopp

        Jake did well on Flirt and the site even got him his Fleshjack deal. After that he started opening his mouth and lost most of his following which lead to constant complaining and whining about earning less than minimum wage. He moved to Chaturbate and once Flirt found out they banned him deleting his account. Once he found out he had to work a lot harder on Chaturbate to earn what he was on Flirt he decided he wanted to go back to Flirt. They informed him that he would have to agree to special terms to return knowing full well he wouldn’t agree before hand.

  • Maximus
  • Ricky

    I was wondering if Str8upgayporn was going to have a “Hurricane” edition due to all of the porn stars in Florida – and once again you came through! Jake Orion is not relevant but Sean Duran is THE MAN. I knew he was sexy as hell – his scenes with Diesel Washington are EPIC but I had no idea his Twitter was so funny. I am definitely following him throughout the ordeal and I wish him luck. In all seriousness, he is the kind of person you want to remain and not evacuate during a hurricane, as opposed to the white trash single mother on CNN saying she was staying in her trailer with their 2 children below the age of 5. He seems like the kind of guy to rescue people and quietly walk away.

    • Todd B

      Lmao…i just can’t.

    • Todd B

      Anyone who chooses to have a face tattoo, especially one like that, doesn’t surprise me when they decide to stay during a cat 5 storm. Smfh

  • Stiffy Stiffington

    I don’t know who this kid is, but you queens are despicable. It’s going to be a very severe storm and there are thousands of people who can’t leave. What it must be like to laugh at someone who is going to be in harm’s way. Unreal.

    • Todd B

      Oh fuck off! He is making these choices…including procrastinating and now not wanting to wait in traffic. Wah!

  • Josh in OR

    Response to the headline: Nah.
    Response after reading the article: HELL nah!

  • Todd B


  • n24rc

    So did this post “out” Marc and Diego’s relationship status? Are they official?

    • Zachary Sire


  • C3xxx

    Diego and Marc’s video basically saying, “Hey looters, our house if ripe for the picking. Come on over”

  • Jeff Shew

    Anyone wondering about Duran’s common sense, I have two words for you–“Facial Tattoo”…

  • Mark123

    The only good thing about hurricanes is that they eliminate morons who vote repugnican.

  • PaulieP

    update… Miss Orion is back u and running on chaturbate.. full power, no damage.

  • PaulieP


    The latest from Jake…..

  • PaulieP