[UPDATE] Convicted Pedophile Mike Dozer’s Federal Sentencing Delayed—Again

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dozer[Update 10/2/15: This story has been updated below.]

He was arrested in late 2013 and found guilty by a federal jury in late 2014, but convicted pedophile Christopher Steele (a.k.a. bareback gay porn star Mike Dozer) still hasn’t been sentenced for the sex crimes he committed against a 14-year-old Pennsylvania boy.

Federal sentencing was originally scheduled for earlier this year, but due to ongoing delays in Steele’s upcoming state trial (where he faces separate charges, including statutory sexual assault) and the firing of his lawyer, it’s been repeatedly pushed out. Sentencing is currently set for October 8th, but Dozer’s new lawyer has just asked the court for a 90-day continuance, which means the convicted pedophile—who famously wore a “condoms are for pussies” t-shirt when he worked for Jake Cruise—might not be sentenced until next year.

In the motion filed this week, Steele’s new lawyer, Kerry Kalmbach, also reveals that previous lawyer Kevin Mark Wray has been “uncooperative” and “refuses to provide information.”

dozer11 dozer111UPDATE 10/2/15:

The court has approved Steele’s motion, with a new sentencing date set for January 20th, 2016. As the order states below, no additional continuances will be granted, which must be a relief for Steele’s victim and the victim’s family, who’ve been awaiting justice for nearly three years.


As previously reported exclusively by Str8UpGayPorn, Steele was arrested in Delaware in 2013 after raping a 14-year-old boy in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. Because Steele is HIV-positive, he’s facing a reckless endangerment charge at his state trial.

Last October, a federal jury found Steele guilty of three felonies (use of interstate commerce to entice a minor to engage in sexual conduct; interstate travel with intent to engage in illicit sexual conduct with a minor; receipt of child pornography), and he faces 25 years to life in prison. Steele’s state trial, meanwhile, is scheduled to begin in November.



  • prestes_antony

    (…) who famously wore a “condoms are for pussies” t-shirt when he worked for Jake Cruise (…)


    • andrew

      There are actually a lot of anti condom morons who post on this site who agree with that sentiment.

      • prestes_antony

        These people think is cute to live the rest of your life taking a huge amount of meds every day so you won’t die from a cold. Pathetic. They deserve the misery that they’re seek in.

      • prestes_antony

        Not to mention also expensive.

  • Todd
  • TheSagaOf

    Why do the sexy ones gotta be fuckin’ weirdos? I used to fucking LOOOOVE Mike Dozer. ;_;

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  • Zealot

    Oh dear….delays, delays….nothing but delays!

  • czer

    Is he currently incarcerated or is he free pending sentencing?

    • sxg

      He certainly ain’t free! He probably would have killed himself by now if he was, or go into hiding.

      • nick

        ….. or tweeted another semi-nude photo

    • gnormie

      hope he gets shanked.

  • andrew

    This is another case of what MLK said:”Justice delayed is justice denied.

  • RandyVandy

    I believe the correct term is “child sex offender.” Pedophile refers to someone who is interested in sexual activity with prepubescent children. In no way am I defending him; child sex offenders and pedophiles are deplorable people. Think of it this way: all pedophiles (who engage in sexual activity) are child sex offenders, but not all child sex offenders are pedophiles. I just think that it’s important to use the correct terminology.

    • Nana Eristavi

      You’re very right: the sexual predators who pray on kids in their early teens (from 12 to 14, to be exact) are called hepebphiles, in fact, not pedophiles at all.

    • Zachary Sire

      Nah, pedophile works just fine. But thanks.

      • Except he’s right, ‘pedophile’ is factually incorrect (we spell it ‘paedophile’, so if I don’t keep spelling it the American way, please don’t think it’s that I’m dumb). This guy’s technically a hebephile, and even then, that’s a linguistic and ideological grey area. Being a convicted statutory rapist is not the same as being a hebephile, just the same as having sex with a woman does not make you straight. I’m not relating them morally, but they have the same linguistic distinction. Hebephilia and paedophilia describe the sexual attraction and psychology of the man, they don’t describe his actions –there’s a reason those words are not used on any of the court documents– so unless a psychologist has deemed that Christopher Steele is specifically attracted to adolescents, the most we know is that he’s a convicted statutory rapist.

        I love this blog and I agree with you a lot, but it would be nice if you didn’t just dismiss people when they have potentially valid points that challenge you.

    • rafe1621

      “In no way am I defending him; child sex offenders and pedophiles are deplorable people. Think of it this way: all pedophiles (who engage in sexual activity) are child sex offenders, but not all child sex offenders are pedophiles. I just think that it’s important to use the correct terminology.”

      How is it important exactly?

  • D.K.

    Not defending him but adolescence is a very modern social construct. This kid sought out to have sex with this guy. Mike is responsible for his own actions and doing something he knew was against the law. Still, morally this is a grey area.

    • I agree with you, and in most other ‘civilized’ countries the age of consent is 14. Thus, Dozer would face only a possible reckless endangerment charge elsewhere (but probably not). In any case, he doesn’t deserve a sentence of 25 years-to-life, something murderers routinely receive. I think Sweden has it right, no more than 7 years for any crime. It doesn’t seem right to me to cage human beings for decades on end, but alas, Americans aren’t known for their sympathy.

      • Jeff

        So When he gets out of jail will be 60, still can do porn?

    • John Iii

      I agree it can be a gray area morally. I was sexually active as a young teen and quit willingly had sex with a couple of adults. It was probably stupid on their part but no question i really enjoyed myself. On in particular was a regular in the neighborhood. He was in early 30s and hot as hell. Use to bang me in his garage. That was the first real man i’d ever been with the sex was freaking great. That went on for 3 years or so and fortunately we never got caught. He really showed me the joy of getting rimmed and screwed silly since he was so good at it. Very fond memories of the guy.

      • *TeaCup*

        so was he bi, dl? gay? just curious. Seems like a fun time for you 🙂

        • John Iii

          I guess he was bi. have a live in girlfriend at the time.we both did have a great time with each other.

          • *TeaCup*

            so hot, i love that, wow i wish i was u LOL, my teen years sucked.

          • John Iii

            Over all i wouldn’t characterize my teen years as that great either. But, this guy was a great outlet for me in those frustrating teen years. I was always very comfortable around him, great to talk to and eventually all that great sex. I don’t know why he decided to fuck around with a 14 year old at the time but it never had this purvey vibe going on. We never really talked about the reasons other than i remember him saying he remembered those crazy horny teen years.

    • Zachary Sire

      Fuck you. Children are not emotionally or intellectually capable of making these kinds of decisions, and adults in any civilized society should work to prevent these things, not label them “grey areas.” Fuck you.

      Please go have a child and let him get raped by a predator twice his age, then come back here and re-read your comment. Again, fuck you.

    • Berto Lozano

      Fire safety standards are modern constructs, too. Adolescence is only a modern construct if you’re looking for legal wiggle room to fuck a child.

  • Meirion Hughes

    Yup, absolutely not a paedophile. Almost certainly not hebephilic either. I would say ephebophilia (attraction to mid-to-late adolescents). As paedophilia relates to attraction to pre-pubescents, I’d question how a 14yr old fits that bill. If you will tarnish someone with a label, make it the correct label. Thankee

    • Zachary Sire

      Fuck off and die.

    • Goodboy

      A year here and a year there. Very fine lines for those labels. Best not to troll for youngsters wouldn’t you say?

    • Berto Lozano

      To quote Ray “Bones” Barboni, “e.g., i.e., fuck you!”.

      Who gives a fuck what the term is. He was 14 years old, so whatever tarnishing may be happening is justified regardless of the NAMBLA approved definition.

  • BraD The VolFan

    Hey I Got To Ask Why Did @Str8UpGayPorn Block Me on Twitter(I’m @Volfan1983XxX).

    • John Iii

      you did something to piss off Zach that runs the site. I would suggest you take that up with him

  • Chris Topher

    Just wondering if anyone has heard what the outcome was, per the information submitted here its states the sentencing was to happen today at 9am. How long is Mike Dozer going away for?