Corbin Fisher’s Roman And Barron Spin Dylan From Cock To Cock In Tag-Team Debut

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Today’s Corbin Fisher update is a dream come true for viewers, for Roman, for Barron, and, most notably, for Dylan.

Burgeoning powerbottom Dylan was fucked for the first time just three months ago, and after having a couple of co-stars’ cocks up his ass in two gay scenes (and Rocky was inside of him in that superb bisexual scene), he’s put to the ultimate test today in his first tag-team scene, as Roman and Barron take turns topping him.

(Spoiler alert: Dylan obviously passes this test, and he’s the best he’s ever been while taking both these big dicks.)

Roman is up to fuck first, slamming Dylan’s tight ass (at least, I assume it’s tight, since Roman mentions to Barron how tight it feels) while Dylan sucks on Barron’s cock:

I love that Roman of course makes sure to get a taste of Barron’s fat cock, too:


Big Barron is up next, and Dylan struggles a bit to take all of him, at first. This might just be because Dylan has never been fucked by Barron before (he’s already bottomed for Roman in two previous scenes), so it took a little getting used to:


Time for a switcheroo! The guys spinning Dylan from cock to cock is so hot:


Dylan gets spun between Roman and Barron a few more times, and it’s Roman who eventually fucks the cum out of him:


Almost simultaneously, Barron begins to bust, shooting cum everywhere and hosing down Roman and Dylan:


As soon as Barron is done, it’s Roman’s turn to complete the consecutive cum trifecta (there are no edits in the video, so all three guys really do cum within a couple seconds of each other):


It’s early, but this is easily Corbin Fisher’s best scene of the year so far. Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Corbin Fisher: Roman And Barron Tag-Team Dylan Bareback]

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