Gay Porn Powercouple Elian And Dane Are Fucking On Corbin Fisher For The SEVENTH Time

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012It’s beyond belief and most likely a record for two gay porn performers: Corbin Fisher’s Elian and Dane are in their seventh scene together today, and they’re joined by newcomer Brooks for a three-way bareback fuckfest:


Other than the Maverick Men and FamilyDick’s Jacob and Austin Armstrong, can you think of any two gay porn stars who have been in seven scenes together, in just one year? I cannot.

A quick trip down Elian and Dane memory lane, starting with their first scene, back in January of 2018 (which was Elian’s first sex scene):

010For scene number two (in February of 2018), Elian was fucked bareback by Rocky and Dane. Then, Elian fucked Dane:

004 005 007Scene number three (March, 2018) was more of the same, with Elian pounding Dane again:

015Dane and Elian’s fourth time together was arguably their greatest scene. In May of 2018, they were joined by Max for a three-way:

[Corbin Fisher: Max, Elian, And Dane’s Bareback Three-Way]

The threesomes continued in July of 2018, as Dane and Elian were joined by Beau in their fifth scene, and Dane was once again fucked by Elian:

005aa 006aaAfter a nearly six-month hiatus, Dane and Elian returned to fuck again back in January. For scene number six, Elian and Dane wanted some one-on-one time, so it was a simple “After Hours” duo. And for the first time, they flip-fucked:

006aaaa 010aaaI’m still sticking to my theory that Dane and Elian are the real-life mystery couple that Corbin Fisher alluded to last year. And even if they’re not, they still have sex together more often than most real-life couples!

Fan fiction or not, gay porn’s hottest powercouple:


In their seventh scene today, Dane and Elian do some epic train-fucking with newcomer Brooks, with both Elian and Dane being fucked:

005b 008 009Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Corbin Fisher: Elian, Dane, And Brooks Fuck Bareback]


  • stephen
  • Sebastian S

    And because it’s Elian, I am here. For. It.

  • GP

    “Gay Porn Powercouple Elian And Dane”

    Max sweetie…

    • peter

      Life imitates art: Max & Beau

  • erexshawn

    How many scenes have JJ Knight and Pierce Paris done together?

    • Zachary Sire

      the last time I checked, there were 4

  • Quinton Jackson

    Well when your roster is shorter than Danny DeVito, these things tend to happen.

    Elian taking dick is always a reason to tune in though.

    • peter

      Consider that Helix has become like one of those NDS model-centered sites. They should call it Josh Brady’s Twink Harem! That isn’t to dis Josh or for that matter any of these guys. Josh, Elian, Beau — I could get off watching them read the phone book!

  • wdeee

    Surely some combination of Pierce Paris, Michael Del Rey, and Dante Colle must be hot on the tail of their record.

    • peter

      Has Pierce tapped Logan Cross yet? Must happen!

  • Anon

    Max and Elian>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Everyone Else

  • peter

    I was hoping CF would pick up Steve Rickz if only because I love seeing Kellan get fucked by ass-destroying cocks. But he’s gone to NDS.

  • Jax

    I might be in the minority here, but I don’t mind repeat scenes and honestly wouldn’t mind to see more of them as long as the guys involved have chemistry. At the very least you know they’re having a good time and they’re into each other, which can unfortunately be pretty rare in gay porn. Plus, half of Elian and Dane’s scenes together are threesomes, so it’s not like CF is recycling material.

    • Ty Huber

      Yes — some pairs are so hot I really long to see them again. I’m on board with multiple scenes with same pair, especially if each scene presents something fresh and exciting. But there are diminishing returns after, say, 3 times together, especially if these encores are rolled out in quick succession as is the case at CF.

    • Diego

      I agree. Personally I love when there’s chemistry and obviously Elian and Dane have that, so, for me is perfect to see them together because at least you can see them enjoying what they’re doing, mostly Elian.

  • Daniel Hayes

    Sorry, but that’s boring. Give me Elian and a newbie, or at least Elian and Brooks rematch…

  • Mitayiz

    This is all great and everything, but where is the Max tea we were promised last week? haha Love you anyway, Zac.

  • Schnitzel

    Elian without Max is below the bar. Dane and Brooks look great but Max and Elian are perfect together.

    Where is Max? Is he done? Did I miss something? 😳

    • Scott

      Yep – I’m on board with that. Love Dane and Elian. Brooks seems promising. But where’s Max? I neeeeeeeed Max!

  • Jbj

    Repeat scene, but they are so hot together! 🔥😍

  • Devin

    It’s sad, but I’m over Elian. Others will follow suit very soon. This is what happens when models are overexposed. CF has fallen off. Elian is their only big gun. The saying is “big guns” but CF literally has one big gun and it’s Elian. You’re only supposed to pull out the big guns occasionally, not all the time. I can’t believe CF has gone from a stable that included guys like Marc, Dawson, Cain, Harper, Brayden, Connor, Trey, Kellen, Jasper, and probably a handful of others I’m forgetting to who they have now. All of the past models I just named are hotter than anyone CF currently has in their stable, IMO

    • pje821

      Couldn’t agree more. Same thing is happening at Sean Cody: Randy is just about the only truly hot model left. I’ve cancelled my CF membership because it’s no longer worth my time and money. Sad state of affairs…

  • Kenny Johnson

    What in Thor’s name is going on here!?

    Corbin Fisher has been reduced to 4 guys, and the only one that matters now is Max. (Dane looks like a pre-pubescent gerbil.) Whatever happened to hot jocky boys at Corbin Fisher, like Dawson or Connor? I should write a letter to complain.

  • von schlomo

    7 or 47, as I expected, no one here cares, but for two. In fact, they think its just DANDY.

  • Scrapple

    Dane’s post-threesome response after seeing Elian’s chemistry with Brooks firsthand:

  • Burkeman

    What happened to the Max update, please, Zach?

  • Sean

    I think Colby and Mickey Knox have done far more than seven scenes together

  • Fur..

    What about Daniel….. that nose…. yum

  • Well they do say 7 is a magic number!