Corbin Fisher’s Dane And Elian Are Fucking For The FIFTH(!) Time In Their Fifth Scene Together

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001If you liked watching Max and Sawyer fuck for the second time in less than a month earlier this week, you will love(?) watching Dane and Elian today, since they are fucking for the FIFTH time this year!

003Since January, Dane and Elian have been in five scenes together (five scenes in under seven months has to be a record for CF models), and in their fifth scene tonight, they are joined by Beau for a three-way. And, Elian and Beau already fucked a few weeks ago in a duo scene. Also? Dane and Beau already fucked, too, a couple weeks prior to Elian and Beau!


Elian fucking Dane today:


Dane fucking Elian back in May (in an iconic three-way with Max):


Elian fucking Dane back in March:


Elian fucking Dane back in February (in a three-way with Rocky):


And, last but not least, Elian fucking Dane back in January:

010Oh my God…maybe Elian and Dane were the real-life couple that, per Corbin Fisher, were “taking a shot at dating one another”??


Looking back at Corbin Fisher’s scenes from June 1st through today: This is Elian’s second scene this month. His other scene was just two weeks ago, and it was with Beau. Elian and Beau two weeks ago:


Elian and Beau tonight (shockingly, they do not fuck tonight, as they both take turns fucking Dane):

008This is Beau’s fourth scene in less than two months. And, his previous two scenes were duos—one with Elian, and one with Dane. The Beau/Elian duo you saw above, but here’s Beau’s duo with Dane from last month:

006aThis is Dane’s fifth scene in less than two months (he had three previous duos with Wesley, Sawyer, and of course Beau, and he had one straight scene with a girl). As noted above, he gets tag-teamed tonight:

009Other than Elian, Dane, and Beau, Max and Sawyer are the two other models who’ve been in most the CF scenes since June 1st. (Max has been in three, while Sawyer has been in five.) There have been a couple other models with scenes here and there (Brady and Wesley), but how much longer can Corbin Fisher keep putting the same five models in virtually all of their scenes? As hot as they all are, this is getting kind of ridiculous?

Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Corbin Fisher: Beau, Elian, And Dane]


  • Daniel Modhad.

    I like Elian and Dane, and I’ve seen something suspicious from the first scene, Dane according to cf is “bicurious” and he acts like a straight gay-for pay, pretty bad sex, but with Elian he just get noisy, kinda verbal, and his body says something else, I even thought that he was jealous in their scene with Max

    • peter

      ‘bi-curious’ is the new straight.

  • Tim

    it does seem ridiculous when it is at this level. then again, I think that the Sean Cody practice of almost never pairing models back together is stupid. Balance is key.

  • Jace

    Let’s face it: Corbin Fisher is having problems. It’s moved from Vegas to Reno; its update schedule has gone haywire over the last 6 months; it has the same models on high rotation; a higher proportion of their models have much shorter shelf lives than 3 years ago (the latest defector, Devon, is now Trevor at Reality Dudes, after less than half a dozen scenes at CF). It knows people like Beau, and Max, and Elian (no idea what people see in Dane), so it holds on to them for dear life while discarding a lot of newbies who they can’t afford to build up over time.

    Same thing is happening over at Next Door Buddies. Filming in cramped, tacky apartments where you can see the traffic in the background while the same models over and over again (who are also appearing on sister site Active Duty) try gallantly to fuck on tiny sofas and cheap Ikea beds, and the poor cameramen valiantly struggle to film in a room that can barely fit two people. After that palatial mansion they used to film in Vegas, the site just looks sad now.

    • some charge

      You seriously can’t compare NDB to that. They have a lot of hot newbies, lots of new gay sex scenes (many are actually hot) and no straight porn.

      • Jace

        Maybe it’s just me, but they’re updating the site 5 times a week which is too much for the number of models they have. Every other video seems to be Markie More or Quentin Gainz (who are both showing up again on Active Duty tomorrow). I actually don’t mind the performers on this site, I just wish they filmed in better locations that didn’t feel so cramped and unwieldy.

        • some charge

          They update 5x a week, compare that to CF’s 1 1/2 gay scenes a week, for the same price. And Markie and Quentin are their most favourite models so it’s no surprise they are in many updates (actually i wish there were even more Markie upates since he got that scruff)

          • seeker630

            You’re exaggerating the difference in updates a bit – CF is updating 3-4 times/week and of those, about 1/week is straight. CF has had 10 non-straight updates in July (to date) and NDS has had 18.
            NDS is MUCH cheaper tho – 19.95 for a month, 119 for a year vs 29.99 for a month, 259 for a year at CF.

          • MC.EMC2

            Out of these 10 updates you mentioned, how many are actually new gay hardcore scenes? Half, I bet. Not very promising I’d say…

          • seeker630

            Of the 10 gay scenes: 8 new hardcore scenes, 1 new solo scene, and one old hardcore scene (previously available only through direct purchase). No denying that the number of new, hardcore scenes is less than some other sites – and the price is high. Going strictly by frequency of updates & price, MEN is probably the winner – I don’t know of another site that has daily original video updates (BelAmi is close).

          • some charge

            all NDS updates are new and no straight content

          • seeker630

            Close enough – they do post 1-2 solos/month (last one was July 17). Those are weeks with 5 updates rather than the standard 4.

    • peter

      As I recall Devon wasn’t particularly popular with the fans (I liked him well enough!)

      Dane: cute face, rockin’ bod, sapphire blue eyes, incredibly reliable dick. While I’m 99.9% certain he’s g4p, at least he puts in an honest day’s work!

  • peter

    Well if you’re going to use models frequently, at least these are good ones! Seriously, it could be Jayce, Brock, and Kaleb.

    All three of these guys need to do scenes with Kellan. Why hasn’t this happened?!

  • some charge

    People actually pay for this?

    • Jace

      It’s still better than what Falcon and Hot House are offering: old Naked Sword scenes and nothing, respectively.

      • some charge

        I don’t think CF is far from that, it seems like they release more old content and straight scenes that new gay sex (in total)

        • seeker630

          It may seem that way to you, but in July, there have been 4 straight scenes vs 8 new hardcore gay scenes, 1 new solo scene, and one old hardcore gay scene .

          • some charge

            where did you find an extra hardcore scene? So we have 7 new gay sex scenes vs 4 straight, 1 solo and one old. Not far from what i’ve said

          • seeker630

            I did miscount one old scene – so it is indeed 7 new hardcore vs 6 straight or old. Not MORE straight/old than hardcore gay but almost as much! For me, the solos are legit updates too and the old scenes bother me less because they’re new to those of us who didn’t buy them as CFSelects or DVDs, but I WOULD feel cheated if I had already paid for them. Each of us decides for ourselves if the site is worth subscribing to.

  • B.C.

    It’s Elian, once you taste him you want more. CF doesn’t have a big pool to choose from which means he is featured frequentely. I can certainly live with that until the day Elian leaves to work for a better porn company.

  • Shawn

    normally i’m not a fan of repeat pairings unless they’re switching up positions or something

    but i could watch Dane all day every day

  • Daniel Adam Hayes

    It’s no secret that CF doesn’t have a lot of good models. I think we should expect more scenes like that. They’re using the same models not only for gay scenes but for straight scenes, too. They definitely have to change something, because it’s gonna get boring.

  • emercycrite

    Dane is a lucky sonofabitch.

    • JohnnyVooDoo

      And none of them really appreciate it.
      No matter what story they try to sale you.
      That is what makes gay porn sooo tragic.

      • peter

        It’s been suggested that few porn performers really appreciate it, even when they’re paired with a partner to whom they are genuinely attracted. It’s a job.

        Elian did say he’d been spit-roasted in the past, and at his own request! Unless there were strap-ons involved, that should put to rest any speculation about what he really likes! So take sollice in that!

        While probably straight, it’s impressive how Dane remains hard throughout (caverject?) While probably straight, too, Beauner remains more of a question-mark. He precums, which is a sign of genuine arousal.

        • Burkeman

          Beau told me he was bisexual, and actually laughed when I asked him if CorbinFisher was the first place he had had sex with men. He then told me it definitely was not.

        • youbitchesneedscience

          Caverject? There’s an obscure blast from the past… Do you remember Muse? It was also alprostadil (same as Caverject) only instead of a penile injection, it came in a sort of waxy pellet with a miniature turkey baster used to insert it an inch or two into the urethra. The user then had to roll his penis between his hands for 3-4 minutes in order to melt the pellet so that it could then be absorbed. It also had the misfortune of launching a few months prior to Viagra. Needless to say – it didn’t catch on…

  • PaulieP

    in other words they are dating.

  • Joel

    Dane and Elian are hot together. Yes, moving to Las Vegas fucked them up, but they’re still heaps better than their competition. I’ve loved them since Day One and will continue to love them!

    • peter

      The move to Vegas was probably done because it’s a hub with lots of cheap flights (I’ll be that was a consideration in Helix’ recent move, too), which could help grow the pool of available models. However as the Quinn business indicated they were having trouble keeping tabs on the boys in Sin City. By heading up to Reno, CF have returned to a Tampa situation. Does anyone remember how everyone groaned when Dawson (who lived in the house where the scenes were shot) was in several scenes per month?

  • Hmm. I personally never cared for Corbin Fisher. Looks like I need to start doing so.

  • Kanaka

    Is Thomas gone? I fancy him.

    • some charge

      And his Trumpster alter-ego Conrad is gone too…

  • CamCam

    They’re CLEARLY out of men to have in scenes for these two to keep on doing scenes together and probably lame ones too. This is a site that needs to be put out of its misery.

  • RBLover

    Wow Elian looks fantastic here. I love those shorts on him. There’s a market for those used items… :-)

  • Jbj

    Ummmm…as fine as Dane and Elian are, I could watch them fuck everyday! And, to pull beau in as a third makes it all the more hot. 😍🔥🙌

  • Right now, I’d say Beau is one of the best things in the business, never mind CF, so I’m not sure there’s an argument against using him, except overexposure… but he’s delivering great content each time, so that seems beside the point. The other 2 may be overused a bit, but both seem exactly on brand for the CF viewer. As long as the guys like the money and the exposure, I’m not sure where the problem is.

  • Julio Grandeur

    Is corbinfisher out of models or something?