Corbin Fisher’s Max And Sawyer Are Fucking AGAIN, And It’s The Second Time This Month!

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010Corbin Fisher’s Sawyer just fucked Max literally three weeks ago, but the studio has paired them up again to fuck today. WTF?


Maybe Max or Sawyer was supposed to be filming with someone else who canceled, so the studio put them back together at the last minute because there were no other models available? Repeat pairings happen frequently at Corbin Fisher these days, as their model roster isn’t as big as it once was. But, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a repeat this soon, after less than a month! And yet, I don’t think I can really complain about seeing these two fuck again, given how hot they are together?

011This time, it’s Max who is fucking Sawyer, and with the roles reversed, it’s another excellent scene for these two. Max’s topping is flawless, and slutty Sawyer is at his best while bottoming for such a large cock.

013 009Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Corbin Fisher: Max Fucks Sawyer Bareback]


  • Miloš Del Rey

    Well when there’s only 5 models working for the company…

    • Sven Sebastian


  • JP

    I don’t care if they release new Mac scenes every other day. I could watch him all day every day.

    • B.C.

      Completely agree. Although, Elian fucking Max or flip-fucking would be much better.

    • David Siegel

      Here, here!

  • Kevin

    They have always had repeat pairings but in the past there was more time in between the releases.

  • marcuz86

    CF should bring back Thomas.

    • peter

      Wasn’t he the one who was the assistant to some Republican legislator and was a total MAGA jerk?

      • marcuz86

        I don’t know.

  • Joel

    Regardless, I like their chemistry, so I’m here for this pairing!

  • bo69

    It’s about time Ginger Sawyer (Calhoun of CM) ate cum at CF–I think they were trying to turn him into a pure top who didn’t like cum, which is stupid because he usually lapped it up and was bred frequently. He more than ever has succeeded to the Ginger throne abandoned by Hugh who went off to marry his BF. Wonder if Sawyer has a BF, too.

  • DaveAtom

    And they could do this over an over again with these two. Throw some other guy in between and I’ll be happy :)

  • peter

    Back in the beginning of the Tampa years, flip-flop sequences were the rule at CF The scenes were probably filmed a couple of days apart, and was probably driven by availability. Nonetheless it was hot to see how the chemistry worked in the reverse situation. They were released at about a month apart.

    Now that CF’s moved up to Reno, I’m guessing they have the same availability issues that prompted the original move to Vegas. The rumor I heard was that the move to Reno was driven by Corbin’s need to keep better tabs on the boys, which was much harder to do in Sin City. Not only were there more models hooking up bts, a lot of them were going out at night and partying, showing up to shoots hung-over or, sleeping through the scheduled shoot.

  • peter

    Does anyone know if there’s any truth to the rumor that ‘Pete’ is now working for Sean Cody? Given the quality of their recent productions, that would stand to reason.

  • Daddy Sommelier

    Y’all I still miss Connor. Now he’s out here doing straight porn, asking for a $3000 camera on Amazon and hocking his underwear on his OnlyFans.

  • Marcus Collack

    Like I said they go together…
    watch out for that couple announcement.

  • Marlz

    Even worse than their first scene *sigh*

  • T2TheB

    Max needs to hit the gym. He’s putting some padding on his abs. If you don’t know what I mean Google up a pic of Phoenix Fellington, Charles King, Dante Colle, Paddy O’Brian or Austin Wilde.

    Maybe it’s just me, but I expect Corbin Fisher (ACM) and Sean Cody models to be fit like collegiate/Olympic gymnasts, runners, swimmers and dancers, not like former gymnasts, runners, swimmers and dancers, which, IMO, is more how I view ChaosMen’s niche. And don’t get me wrong, there’s a place for the “former athlete” look, I just don’t perceive ACM and SC as that place.