Corbin Fisher’s Elian Is Back For His First Scene, And He’s Fucking Dane Bareback

Posted January 20, 2018 by with 26 comments

002Dane is arguably the luckiest bottom on the Corbin Fisher roster, having been fucked by Max earlier this month, and now newcomer Elian today. And, the good news is that this scene is much better than the disappointing Dane/Max duo.

006Only small complaint is that you can tell Elian is a newcomer, and his performance is a little stiff at times. But, he’ll likely improve as he continues to fuck more guys.

010 014Dane does a nice job here, doing some cock riding, then cumming while being fucked, and then taking a messy cum facial that splashes all over the place.

012 017 018Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Corbin Fisher: Elian Fucks Dane Bareback]

  • Schnitzel

    So excited that Elian is back and DTF!

  • Jbj

    Oh wow – Elian is fucking gorgeous…look forward to seeing more of him!

  • John

    I hope the video is clearer than those hot images were. They look cheaply produced.

    • peter

      It’s been several years since CF employed Cameron Frost, who took such incredibly erotic stills. They’re just using caps now, so the quality is going to be sub-par.

  • sam my

    In the same 3 positions. CF, when I said never change, I didn’t mean literally.

    On a pos note, least they got over the infatuations of couches.

    • B.C.

      Exactly like Max/Warren scene few days ago, even the same tired looking yellow pillows. Cheap motel room vibe, but Elian has that ” je ne sais quoi” feel about him, wasted opportunity if he is only going to be performing for CF.

    • CA
    • peter

      How many positions do you go through in your average trick? I’m lucky if I get to two before I bust.

      I just wish they’d show the transition between positions like they did in the past. The recent Quinn-Baker scene (dir. Corbin) did, so it’s not like it can’t be done.

  • robertdude

    Just saw the scene, this kid’s a winner. CF got one right, Elian did everything a good top does, nice scene.

  • Will Cobb

    All this barebacking, going to make condoms like blockbuster video~ a thing of the past lol.

    • EV3

      Going to? Already has.

    • Ty Huber

      I’ve gone to the dark side myself with respect to porn and MUCH prefer bareback, especially when the production quality is superb (eg. Bel Ami, Helix, and to a lesser extent CF and SC). It’s why I’m no longer a huge fan of Cocky Boys, especially since so many of their recent stunning models have performed raw on other sites.

  • Zealot

    Dane: The Luckiest Bottom in the Whole World

    sounds like a porn fairy tale…one I’d like to own!

  • Scrapple

    Elian? More like Hellion. He’s a little spitfire. And that dick had Miss Dane Pittman telling her whole life story.

    • Me2

      And we didn’t have to wait long for Miss Pittman to drink from the fountain. Hallelujah!

  • emercycrite

    Dane is a total boner killer

    • Ty Huber

      His body type and cute face get me all worked up and then I watch him in action and am so bored. So very, very GFP. I do enjoy watching him fuck the girl on the M/F side of Corbin F–seems much more his cup of tea.

  • Dana Rimons

    pair up elian and max. now!

    • B.C.

      Now that would be a logical next step, but I hope they’ll fuck in a better looking bedroom, all those shades of beige are abomination.

  • pje821

    Elian is hot, but he needs to save up his cum. If you blink you miss his load. Disappointing.

    • robertdude

      uh no, you need better glasses. It was thin, watery, and multiple shots, the best to swallow down :)

      • pje821

        My dead grandmother could’ve shot more cum.

    • peter

      Connor never shot big loads. If you blinked you’d miss it.

  • Zombieking

    Wanna see Elian bottoms for Colt & Rocky

  • peter

    On the whole, this was a really good scene. Cute-as-fuck Dane sure can take a big dick! Elian has the potential to be the next Cain.

  • Premananda

    I love Dane. I don’t exactly know why but to me he’s a great bottom.