Corbin Fisher’s Latest Max Scene Is Not Good, And It’s Barely 15 Minutes Long

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006All of Max’s Corbin Fisher’s scenes have been great since he debuted late last year, but there was bound to be a bad one sooner or later. Today, that bad one is here, and it features Max fucking Dane. As bad as it is, at least it’s only 15 minutes long, so if you do watch, you won’t be wasting too much time.

001The scene opens abruptly with Dane doing a so-so job of sucking Max’s cock (a cock as great as this should be worshiped and deep-throated, but Dane can barely suck half of it without starting to choke) for a couple minutes, and then Max doing a slightly better job sucking Dane. After less than five minutes, the scene abruptly cuts to the fucking.

009Max’s topping is decent (if not unremarkable) and Dane stays hard some of the time, but something about this is off. Maybe it was too rushed or there were technical issues? They fuck in a few standard positions for about eight minutes, and then it abruptly ends less than ten seconds after Dane swallows Max’s cum. “Abrupt” is the theme of this scene.

007 Given Max and Dane’s extreme hotness, this is probably worth watching once, I guess. But, after the last three exceptional Max scenes, this is ultimately a disappointment that doesn’t measure up. Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Corbin Fisher: Max Fucks Dane Bareback]

  • Cheshire

    I don’t know that I’m a fan of Dane. None of his other scenes come to mind. I’ll stick to Max and Dave for my fix. Would love to see Quinn paired with him.

    • peter

      I’m assuming you mean Max and Quinn, since Dane recently did a very hot scene with Quinn

      • Cheshire

        Yeah Max and Quinn.

  • Phresh

    I mean, didn’t I already speak on this ? They put this scene out, only because Max is in it, and knows he has a large following, and Dane is pretty popular himself. They knew with these two in it, the mediocreness of the scene would be looked over and not noticed, as it was with Max and Colt.

    Go to their website, and look at their scenes for the past 2 in half months and tell me what exactly is different besides the models ? Its just a rinse and repeat. Same couch, same positions, same camera angles. Yet goes unnoticed and not talked about because Max is in it, Barron is in it, Beau is in it, Dave is in it. Same Script, Different cast.

  • John

    They are both gorgeous I didn’t mind the scene too much.. Dane is so sexy and reminds me of my boyfriend.Even he sees it. I can overlook Dane doing a bad job sucking dick as almost everyone does a bad job of sucking dick, except for the gay4pay 11″ cocked Matt Hughes, who has retired from gay porn to do do only pussy porn. Only about 4% of cocksuckers know how to suck properly, jacking while you suck for maximum stimulation. Just oral is not enough. You can tell because 98% of guys cannot cum from oral sex and must jack off to cum.

    • peter

      Most gays do a bad job at sucking dick!

  • Scrapple

    I wanted to like it but it left a lot to be desired. Like desire. Max was in puppy mode, hammering away and mostly ignoring the fact Dane was in dire straights (sorry, couldn’t help myself). By the end you can see Dane has had it. Officially.

    And I’m going to keep saying this until 2018 gay porn gets the message: LUBE!! You spent all those years smearing lube on condomed dicks, but you’re not doing the same to bare ones? What sense does that make? Max was a little greased up here, but a dick like that needs to be lathered and slathered. I know the money the studios saved on condoms is probably (and hopefully) being eaten up by STI testing, but still, stop being so cheap. Especially you, CF. I’m sure you have tons of that unsold CF lube gathering dust in Jason’s mudroom.

  • Dana Rimons

    Hmm. I guess I’ll be in the minority but I loved this? Dane gagging on Max’s thick long dick make me hard. Dane being rock hard while riding Max continued to keep ny boner going. And Dane getting a mouth full of cum made me get there. So… i am pleased.

    • peter

      I wasn’t bothered by the gagging since it seemed like a nice note of ‘real’. Dane is better than most out gay models at staying hard while getting pounded

  • Ty Huber

    Dane: Looks 10, Performance 4. So much potential, but so far he’s just not into it. My favorite scene of his is on the Coed side where he’s with Bailey and eats her pussy and her ass; points for originality, anyway.

  • Schnitzel

    Oh Max, you are so much better than this! Please don’t let them set you up with Kenny or you’re done there!

  • peter

    Okay, that Corbin Fisher header of Dane and Max has been floating around ever since Max first showed up, which makes me think that this current release is patched together from the remnants of Max’ first stab at an action scene. I’m always suspicious when a scene starts off mid-action without any interview or back story and has lots of abrupt cuts.

    Twice in the past Corbin Fisher has had great scenes that ‘started’ before the cameras were rolling. The first was Trey and Quinn, who ‘couldn’t keep their hand off each other’, as per the write-up. Worked for me. The other was Smith chowing down on Harper’s ass.

    I have a soft-spot for Dane because he reminds me a little of me in college. But he definitely needs an assertive partner to coax out his inner hoe. At the end of their recent scene Quinn said “you’re so fuckin’ sexy!” and in that scene he certainly was. But not here. He’d have been a great bottom for Travis, Trey, or Chandler. He’d also work as a ‘son’ on Family Dick (which ain’t a compliment).

    From a production standpoint, the best recent Corbin Fisher scene was Quinn and Baker. It had a good intro with a bit of a back-story. The sex was fluid, with no jarring cuts between positions (which used to be Corbin Fisher’s forte). It was also directed by Jason Gibson, who needs to get behind the camera more often to keep his site on point. Just look what’s happened to Sean Cody absent Sean!

  • robertdude

    I know I am in the minority when I say that Max just doesn’t do much for me, never does, don’t know why. Would rather see Baker, Barron, Beau, Calan and Rocky in my scenes, and bring back Weston, hot dude did 2 scenes with Hugh, one top, one bottom, and then he’s gone. Sigh….

    • peter

      While Max is pretty much the bullseye of ‘my type’, I can commiserate with you because there are several models over the years who everybody seemed to love except for me. Sean on Sean Cody. Just don’t get him. Yeah, he’s got a big dick but not much else. On CF, Tom and going back Jared don’t do anything for me.

  • Ninja0980

    Shouldn’t be a shocker at this point that Corbin Fisher puts out bad scenes.
    They have fallen a long, long way from what they were.

    • peter

      Just like every other site Corbin Fisher has been releasing dogs since they first started. Sometimes things just don’t click or the viagra doesn’t kick in. You do the best with what you’re working with. Even a so-so scene with guys who look like these two will have some redeeming features.

      • nbtx27

        Agree about the guys, but the scene should be so much better

  • B.C.

    Oh, It’s the usual day in Fisher’s factory. I am surprised when CF gets me going. Anyway, it takes two to tango, and while Max is fairly satisfactory in his role, other guy obviously couldn’t rise up to the challenge.
    There is nothing wrong with 15 minutes scene when beautiful men are horny and eager ( e.g. Ollie fucks Justin Matthews, just had a rewatch and it was riveting).

  • Jon

    Said it before, Max has everything and I should be dripping, but idk what it is, he just seems a bit…sterile. It’s like Jakob from SC.

  • Estelle

    They’ve been running on fumes for quite some time, I have to wonder if they are wanting to sell. The quality is getting worse and none of their better looking models come back. I think their retention rate after a solo/straight scene is hovering at 30%.

    The catalog is solid for sale and dealing with piracy and don burns types that pluck your models away has to be taxing and getting closer to the “its not worth it” feeling.

    Is it closing in on a decade since they had a black model work for them regularly.

  • Zealot

    Max is a hot guy with a big dick but maybe he and Dane didn’t get very good direction in this scene. I’m not sure how much they do what they want, or how much is mapped out in advance. I would imagine it’s more the latter. Maybe it would be good to let the guys decide how they fit and what they want to do and see how it turns out. It couldn’t be worse than what came our of this pairing. I like both models a lot and while it’s ok overall, it could have been much better. I too think there is an element of “spark” or sense of playful discovery between these models that seems non-existent IMHO. I think just putting them together and capturing their interplay (verbal as well) and not make these scenes so catalogue-like might be something worth exploring.

  • Devin

    You know it’s bad when you fast forward through the trailer

  • Pinko of the Grange

    In the real old days I would say the film wasn’t exposed properly, or the tape broke, and they put together what they had from the other camera. Maybe a file got corrupted.
    But to be honest I don’t see any great deviation from the CF norm.

  • nbtx27

    No reason for short scenes–especailly with one of CF’s top guys, Max. PRoblems begin immediately, begins in progress, why? What is the fucking rush? Especially after 45 seconds of unnecessary credits.
    Cf has some hot guys now, they need to edit much better, film much better- back up, let’s see the bodies, instead of extreme close-ups. And the sex positions are a joke– What are they doing. CF has had a couple of much better produced scenes lately, it must be a different cameraman and editor because they were so much better.
    This scene is not one of the better scenes– disappointing, not Max or Dane’s fault though.

  • Sebastian S

    I love Max and I want to have his babies but after watching this I have to agree. There was no chemistry.

  • Alex Tham

    Also not a fan of Max’s hair.