Corbin Fisher’s Latest Max Scene Is Not Good, And It’s Barely 15 Minutes Long

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006All of Max’s Corbin Fisher’s scenes have been great since he debuted late last year, but there was bound to be a bad one sooner or later. Today, that bad one is here, and it features Max fucking Dane. As bad as it is, at least it’s only 15 minutes long, so if you do watch, you won’t be wasting too much time.

001The scene opens abruptly with Dane doing a so-so job of sucking Max’s cock (a cock as great as this should be worshiped and deep-throated, but Dane can barely suck half of it without starting to choke) for a couple minutes, and then Max doing a slightly better job sucking Dane. After less than five minutes, the scene abruptly cuts to the fucking.

009Max’s topping is decent (if not unremarkable) and Dane stays hard some of the time, but something about this is off. Maybe it was too rushed or there were technical issues? They fuck in a few standard positions for about eight minutes, and then it abruptly ends less than ten seconds after Dane swallows Max’s cum. “Abrupt” is the theme of this scene.

007 Given Max and Dane’s extreme hotness, this is probably worth watching once, I guess. But, after the last three exceptional Max scenes, this is ultimately a disappointment that doesn’t measure up. Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Corbin Fisher: Max Fucks Dane Bareback]

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