Corbin Fisher Responds To Former Model Quinn’s Departure: “We Wish Him The Best”

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quinn1As reported last night, former Corbin Fisher model Quinn—now known as Quin Quire—took to Twitter to tell followers that he had been fired from Corbin Fisher. According to Quin, Corbin Fisher fired him because of “fraternization.” That fraternizing allegedly occurred when Quin met up with fellow model Kellan for a beer. As Quin wrote last night:

[Corbin Fisher] fired me. After 5 years with them they fired me over text for taking Kellen out for a beer back in October. Sited “Fraternization.” Their mistake, I am much happier now having my own control of my career anyway. I’m still on the Dean’s list but I saw they removed all my webcam content from Flirt4Free. I personally don’t care what petty shit they want to pull to try and forget what an asset I was to them. Anything like that would do is going to backfire on them, and help me.

And, just this afternoon, Quin Quire added more to the story. In the below tweet, he shares more details, and he’s included a photo from the night he met with Kellan that led to his firing:

quinf4Str8UpGayPorn has asked Corbin Fisher if Quin Quire was in fact fired for spending time with Kellan, but they declined to confirm any of the details that led to his departure. Instead, Corbin Fisher states that they were “unable to maintain a working relationship with [Quinn] for a variety of reasons.”

Here’s the full Corbin Fisher statement, which goes into the company’s stance on responding to model’s tweets, general problems that can lead to a model being let go, and other issues not specific to Quin Quire’s situation. They do touch on Quin towards the end of the statement, and they say they “wish him the best”:

I know it puts us at a disadvantage when it comes to stuff like this – models can and often do choose to publicly say this and that, while we prefer not to engage in these kinds of back and forth exchanges or public grievances. What I will say is that it’s occasionally been the case a model has violated a particular policy or rule, put other performers at risk, disrupted a shoot or shoots, and so on, and we had to make the call to end the working relationship. In general and without specific regard to Quinn, there’s been times a performer has attempted to bring drugs to a shoot; has behaved erratically or in a manner that was cause for concern; has repeatedly missed flights or flaked out on shoots without notice; has had irreconcilable differences with other models or staff; has simply chosen to go work for someone else. Whatever the case may be, I understand that we essentially give them free reign to the twitter-sphere by not airing dirty laundry publicly. We regularly have to make calls when it comes to our working relationship with particular performers, and weigh whether or not accommodating them interferes with our ability to manage production and the overall model roster well. Having said all that, I think we can all agree Quinn had some stellar performances under his belt while at CF and we greatly appreciate having had the opportunity to work with him over the years and introduce him to an audience. While we found ourselves unable to maintain a working relationship with him for a variety of reasons, we wish him the best and know he’ll continue to impress people with his on screen talents and performances.

More specific to this instance I think we filmed Quinn in 100+ episodes over 5 some years and occasionally it’s simply time for both sides to move on when weighing all circumstances. All our performers are independent contractors so no one is ever really fired per se (just as a model doesn’t necessarily quit if they go work for someone else). And texting is how 99.9% of all correspondence takes place – I doubt any performer would answer a phone call even if I tried to make one haha. I’m sure Quin(n) will do well with whomever he ends up filming!

Quin Quire has told followers that he’ll be shooting his first post-Corbin Fisher scene at Falcon next week. Meanwhile, all of Quinn’s Corbin Fisher scenes (and there appear to be about 80 of them on the site now) are here, where’s he listed as a “Dean’s List” model.

Here’s a flashback to Quinn’s work with Connor, who himself left Corbin Fisher a couple of years ago:

004 007 011 015Trailer (watch full scene here):

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