Daniel Evans Makes ColbyKnox Debut In “Meet Daniel Evans,” And I Think I Might Pass Out

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Daniel Evans is making his ColbyKnox debut today, and while his cum-facial fuckfest with Mickey Knox is among the studio’s best videos of 2024, I feel like I’m gonna pass out/melt/hyperventilate/self-combust/drool to death just by looking at the photos of Dan that the studio released to accompany his duo scene.

If you can handle it, some of those photos are below. I’ll be in the corner breathing into a paper bag while you savor a god-like Daniel Evans in these stunning images:

If you’re still alive, congratulations.

The hotness continues in Dan’s first sex scene at the studio, and it’s with voracious powerbottom Mickey Knox:

If Mickey Knox’s husband Colby Chambers is the creampie king of North America, then Mickey is the cum facial king.


As you know by now, Mickey can never resist swallowing his tops’ loads, and today is obviously no exception.


Trailer for the superb fuckest, and when you watch the entire video, you’ll get to see a great interview with Dan after the sex (watch full scene here):

[ColbyKnox: Daniel Evans Fucks Mickey Knox Bareback]

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