Falcon Has Now Filmed 80 Billion Gay Porn Stars Fucking By That Pool

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OK, how many people are going to fuck beside that swimming pool in Falcon’s literally endless gay porn swimming pool saga, Poolside? This isn’t a complaint, as almost all of the scenes have been very good and very hot, but they have seriously been releasing scenes from this movie for like six months?

It started in January (so I guess it’s been four months) with Brent Corrigan and Darius Ferdynand. Remember?

55787_14Since then, Ryan Rose has had sex by the pool (twice, actually), as have Andrew Stark, Josh Conners, Brenner Bolton, Lucas Knight, and Anthony Verusso. And this week, Darius Ferdynand is back at the pool again, and this time he’s flip-fucking with Derek Atlas:

derek atlas darius ferdynand57808_11 57808_15Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Falcon: Darius Ferdynand And Derek Atlas Flip-Fuck]

But wait—there’s more!

A couple days ago, Falcon released another scene from Poolside. It’s Colt Rivers and Jack King’s turn to fuck by the pool:

57729_0657729_0257729_12Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Falcon Studios: Jack King Fucks Colt Rivers]

I swear to God I’m not joking, but we’re not done yet! Just today, Falcon released another scene featuring two more gay porn stars having gay sex by that pool. And, surprise, it’s Darius Ferdynand’s THIRD trip to the pool, but this time it’s an oral only scene. His co-star? Anthony Verusso, in his second scene at the pool:

57731_0657731_0357731_08Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Falcon: Darius Ferdynand And Anthony Verusso Suck Each Other’s Cocks]


  • pje821

    And may they film 80 million more. Beautiful tanned skin, particularly tattoo-less skin, looks glorious next to shimmering “blue” water or against a blue sky. Any talented art director or videographer knows that. And wet, muscular men emerging from a pool…well, you get the picture.

  • David1983

    Not gonna complain about this, love the bare bodies and the pool sex…

  • McM.

    Whenever I see pool scenes I think of Hot House’s Trunks series.

    Remember Trunks 4? That scene with Dak Ramsay and Ty LeBeouf is still one of my all-time favorites!

  • sxg

    Well Poolside is a 2-part movie series and they have 4 scenes eat, for a minimum of 8 scenes. They stretch the hell out of their movies now and release scenes from about 5 of them at a time. I kind of find that annoying but meh.

    Pool scenes have been a staple at Falcon for decades and I don’t see them going anywhere, nor do I think they should because they still manage to do a great job at filming them. What does make it “worse” is now that they own Hot House, there’s almost twice as many pool scenes because they also have their own annual pool movies and the 2 years they’ve released a backyard film each year that are just pool adjacent. So yea, it does seem a bit much, but as long as the sex is great the setting doesn’t matter, as was the case at Sean Cody until recently.

  • Alan Keddie

    Wait! What? Only 80 million?!

    • Mike Julius

      Billion. With a “b.” :p

  • Russell47

    No complaints here. Pool scenes usually = no shitty looking sneakers

    Some of Falcon most iconic scenes were pool shoots. Jim Bentley, John Rocklin, Eric Manchester, cum to mind.

  • andrew

    I must have missed seeing the pool.

  • lordgabux

    I’m just waiting for Derek and Darius. Those two are stupidly hot!!! I’m shipping De-rius! More of them, pretty please!!!!