Davey Wavey Uses His Toes To Feed Troy Accola His Own Cum

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daveytrHe’s not sucking or fucking yet, but Davey Wavey inches closer to making his gay porn debut today by performing in a foot fetish scene with Troy Accola. The duo is now live on Davey’s erotic porn studio, Himeros.tv, and in the clip you’ll see Davey massaging Troy’s face with his foot while Troy strokes his cock.


Troy eventually busts a nut, and in Davey’s most provocative moment yet, he rubs his foot on Troy’s cum-covered cock, scoops up some of the jizz in between his toes, and feeds Troy his own load by letting him suck the semen off his toes.


Davey Wavey has explained to Str8Up that his appearances in these videos will be “non-nude and generally in a supportive capacity,” and this is some very strong support! This is the best Himeros video I’ve seen so far, but I’m still hoping we get to see Davey having full blown sex with someone soon (or, at least sucking someone’s cock, since that could obviously be considered “supportive”). Until then, here he is in “Davey’s Foot Fantasy.” Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Himeros: Davey Wavey And Troy Accola]

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