Diego Sans Has Won Men.com’s “Next Men.com Exclusive” Contest

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9Congratulations to Diego Sans, the winner of Men.com’s “Next Men.com Exclusive” contest. With nearly 40% of the vote via Str8UpGayPorn’s long-running poll and the majority of hashtag votes via Men’s Twitter campaign, Diego was the clear winner. Alex Mecum came in second place, while Landon Mycles brought up the rear in third place.



Diego Sans was offered and accepted the new exclusive contract, which means he’ll be appearing in Men.com scenes through next year. He responded this afternoon on Twitter, thanking everyone who voted for him and singling out director Marc MacNamara for making him look good (which can’t be that hard of a job):


Diego Sans’ first scene as an official exclusive (which was obviously filmed months ago) comes out tomorrow, and it’s with Jordan Boss (a.k.a. Sean Cody’s Jordan).

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Jordan Boss doesn’t look as clean cut or as fresh-faced as he did during his SC days, but Diego looks great as usual. Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Men.com: Diego Sans Fucks Jordan Boss]


  • EJ

    The only one of the 3 who didn’t bottom during any of the scenes leading up the announcement. I’m bored already — the winner should at least be versatile.

  • FooFight

    Now do your Kylie dance to celebrate, Diego!

  • n24rc

    shocker. I mean who could have guessed, right? lol.

  • andrew

    YES. I like everything about Diego: handsome face, scruff, perfectly muscled body and great cock. He’s a total hottie.

  • john

    Congrats! He must be so proud…

  • Jesus

    I do like Diego Sans but who really is surprised? Too bad Men.com scenes can be so boring. Also if he ends up fucking Johnny Rapid, I will cry.

  • MrBrightMK2

    So he won a place in one of the worst gay porn sites ? Where’s nelson to do the HA HA

  • Alan

    Well I voted for him because of those three, it was Diego I wanted exclusive to a boring porn site, which I rarely watch… So ‘congratulations’ to Diego and I hope Alex and Landon will have the opportunity to work often for a variety of studios that will better showcase their talents!

  • So much for rigging this contest so we could have Diego and Alex not win so they could be free to work for other companies!

    • sxg

      Diego hasn’t even worked at any other studio but Men since he left Randy Blue. If he hasn’t filmed anywhere else in the time that he left to the time this contest started, either it’s because he doesn’t want to work at various studios or no one else wanted him.

      I think it’s the former, since he did say that he doesn’t like to travel very often and most Men scenes are filmed on the east coach, which is where he lives.

  • Xzamilloh
  • Zealot

    (sob) I want to thank those who tweeted and hash-tagged for me, and all of the people who I’ve fucked…all the little people…..who helped make me who I am today– literally…I mean, that pyramid you little guys formed so that I could stand on top was awesome! And I promise that I will work diligently to overcome the horrors of black fuzzy tongue disease, which plagues young people everywhere. And I promise that I will stay extremely erect and limit use of fake fucking and over use of tired cliches like dirty uncles and leering locker room coaches perving on hot young men in jockstraps. And as God as my witness…..neither me, nor my folk will ever go hungry again (cue music).

  • Todd
  • David Bolton

    He manages to be cute and have zero sex appeal.

  • Maximus

    THANK GOD. Y’alls bitches was gonna see some very unladylike behavior from me if Diego had lost. He’s openly gay, he’s in impeccably good shape, he’s a man of color, and he isn’t a criminal. I see this as a refreshing change for Men.com and for the gay porn industry in general.


  • sxg

    Well fucking deserved! He’s THE hottest and the best performer among the 3 of them!

    And to all of you sadass skanks bitching about Diego not bottoming, the gay porn industry is already littered with too many bottoms! There’s not enough good tops to fill their voids! Alex Mecum and Landon Mycles sure as fuck can’t top anywhere near as good as Diego! And they’re barely passable bottoms!

    • jimboivyo

      “And to all of you sadass skanks!”

      Love the judgement!

    • Maximus

      You really think so? I’ve always felt like the opposite is true: Nearly all men enjoy sticking their dicks in holes, but relatively few also enjoy getting stuck. Just how often do you see a bottom in porn who A) stays hard, B) doesn’t constantly wince/grimace, C) doesn’t look like he’d rather be anywhere else but there, and D) can orgasm while getting fucked?

  • pangelboy

    I don’t know if hallmark makes a card for such an occasion, so I’ll just say congrats Diego Sans…

    Jordan Boss? That was more of a surprise than Diego winning.

    • Al

      That’s what I thought when I saw Jordan. I liked him over at SC as a cum guzzler. Can’t wait to see how he does over at Men.com now.

  • sxg

    Wow it was a lot closer than I thought it would be! For some reason I thought Diego would get closer to half the votes.

  • WhimsyCotton

    About as surprising as the sun coming up in the morning.

  • Stanford White

    Good for him, he deserves it! :)

  • bo69

    I prefer Jordan, thank you. He was a major cum eater at SC and nice to see he’s continuing his protein diet here.

  • John

    He should be required to line up the other two and bang them both out…

    • Russell47

      Uh, he did bang both Alex & Landon already

  • Persevere

    poor jordan…that acne sure hasn’t improved….

  • Badger

    He’s very hot, I’ll give you that but being an exclusive on one of the most dull sites in the industry is not necessarily a good thing career-wise. Then again, from Men.com he can only go up.

  • Bradster

    maybe they’ll throw in some singing fees so he can get rid of that stupid neck tattoo