Should Diego Sans Become The Next Exclusive?

Posted October 12, 2015 by with 19 comments’s “Next Exclusive” contest is in full swing now (ICYMI, details here), and the second of three scenes to help you pick a winner has been released today. Obviously, it’s with versatile Latin hunk Diego Sans, and here he is pounding the fuck out of Will Braun.


Should Diego Sans become the next exclusive? It’s entirely up to you.


FYI: Here is a look at the poll results as of right now, with Diego Sans maintaining a slight lead over Alex Mecum. Landon Mycles isn’t too far behind both of them.

diegoDon’t forget to vote in the poll below, and/or post a tweet with the hashtag of your preferred performer (#teamLandon, #teamAlex, #teamDiego). Voting runs through November 30th.

And here’s the trailer for Diego Sans and Will Braun’s fuckfest (watch full scene here):

[ Diego Sans Fucks Will Braun]

  • Xzamilloh
  • SaintMike

    He should be my boyfriend!

  • Zealot

    During Diego’s scene with Will, he goes off on how stuck-up Johnny Rapid is, to the extent that they have to subtitle it to ensure we the viewers understand that Diego had mistaken Johnny with someone else. Wonder why they kept filming, or didn’t stop and say “Um are you SURE that was JR?” So if he was going to sabotage his chances at an exclusive contract (considering the new conspiracy theories surrounding the whole voting thingy)– that might have done it. But being the true paranoid I am, I’m sure his place with is secure. I mean, if they’ll use racists and wife-beaters, what’s a slight dis between porn-buds?

    • sxg

      Oh Diego is not one to hide his feelings about certain pornstars, good or bad. Anyone remember his scene with Lance Luciano at RB? Towards one part I think in the shower he thanked Topher (DiMaggio), and everyone laughed. At the time of filming Lance and Topher had been broken up. So it was a genuine thanks and shade at the same time since Diego has been wanting to fuck Lance for a long time. On RB cam he has mentioned he did not like Topher at all and didn’t want to sleep around with lance so long as they were together. Sean Zevran also has mentioned on RB cam he didn’t like Topher either that might have changed.

      • Zealot

        So, Topher….not a popular guy among this set, huh?

      • Stanford White

        Thank you for this hot oolong tea, it was delicious!
        Knowing this information puts a whole new spin and perspective on all those Andrew Christian videos with them.

  • McM.

    A bottom who says “oh, shit” while getting his ass played with and rimmed is a turn off.

    Thought Will Braun would be a better bottom b/c he didn’t have to do any work, but he still found a way to make a scene bad.

    • Maximus

      That always makes me cringe too, and I’ve often wondered why more people aren’t bothered by it. You’d think that “shit” would be the last word that most people would want to hear during any kind of anal sexual activity.

  • darkdexter

    Diego should pair with others. Pair with Will who is suck for this scene make him risk to not be MEN exclusive.

  • bob80

    Diego Sans is a super hot gay guy who tops and bottoms. He should be welcome anywhere.

  • Maximus

    A gay porn star who’s actually gay? At… Into what kind of strange new dimension have I wandered?! Is everything reversed or opposite here?! Are there kitchen appliances that turn toast into fresh bread?!

  • I think everyone has that handful of performers who they’ll watch in anything, and that roster will change a lot over the years. Diego’s been in that handful of guys for me since he came on the scene, and if he couldn’t be taken out by a man-bun, he’s not going anywhere. Diego for the win!

  • Alan Keddie

    Diego? Hell no! Will? Yes please.

  • Stanford White

    I hope so!
    I think he deserves it, he’s been in ‘the game’ for quite a while (which says a lot, in my opinion). And he’s still is relevant and can garner interest.
    Plus is a sweetheart and a great performer.

  • The Gaywood Reporter

    I already associate him to the site so for me is like a natural move…
    And Landon was already exclusive time ago and Alex need more time in the bizz :B