Diego Sans Responds To “Tranny” Uproar: “Fuck Off And Grow Up—I Have Nothing To Apologize For”

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diegotrannyDiego Sans has recorded the below video in response to social media outrage that erupted two days ago following his use of the word “tranny.” The video is six minutes long, so if you want a summary: Diego Sans is not sorry for saying “tranny,” he won’t be deleting his tweet, and he does not feel that the word is offensive. Also, if you don’t like what he has to say on social media, go ahead and block him.

While Diego Sans was bombarded with angry messages on social media, a majority of Str8UpGayPorn commenters took his side yesterday. That said, something tells me this video is not going to appease any of the people who disagree with him.

  • V1

    Note to self: never piss off the social justice warriors. They’ll relentlessly pound you into the ground and all the while tell you it’s your fault for offending their delicate sensibilities.

    • goosegui

      Agree… But I pound back.

  • Matthias M.

    I hope he’s this aloof to prejudice when he stops being a sex worker and continues to experience the same mistreatment.
    #Karma https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/0214b8f8adee1edb82d2e05de2c2c560721f4a85c36c2f5d1dd48bd39391895b.gif

  • john

    I’m with him!! He’s right.It’s just a word,who cares,words dont hurt https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c66a83be810f3fa6afc242e274e508735fb911aa7015a28d367b32f69cfc91d9.gif

  • kireb

    not til u get back to bottoming Diego! *sharpening pitchforks and gathering an angry mob*

  • Jay

    This may not end well…

  • Quinton Jackson

    I say Tranny a lot, and wish a bish would try to correct me. My Brazilian bae did no wrong, so no need for his fine azz to apologize.

  • Qiao

    if was a different actor he would be over by now, but yall thirsty ass are totally cool with a “good looking guy” being a proud asshole

  • John

    wow I didn’t know Tranny was offensive……

  • snoopyfo

    he is just being a brat now and his excuse for using the word is ignorant, stupid and ridiculous, “oh people call me that so i will do the same”, other users in the other thread made better valid arguments than this boy
    i’m sorry but he is a popular porn figure, a public persona, and yes you will do stuff that will offend others and have to face the fact that someone that has a different opinion will call you out, will argue with you

    He doesn’t have to apologize if he doesn’t want to and if the apology won’t be sincere, but he doesn’t even want to acknowledge other peoples points of view that might be valid that’s a little childish, the whole “fuck off, please block me if you don’t like” because i am sorry that is not how the real world works
    Such a shame i do think he is hot and sexy but this was a turn off

    • CA

      “… other users in the other thread made better valid arguments than this boy…”

      “He doesn’t have to apologize if he doesn’t want to…but he doesn’t even want to acknowledge other peoples points of view that might be valid…”

      I agree completely–he’s so pretty and sooooo not bright. Ugh, I wish a lack of intelligence wasn’t such a turnoff for me.

      Maybe he’ll continue to evolve on the subject or at least learn the lesson of ‘walking in another mans shoes’.

      • Gates Ortt

        I’ve read some pretty offensive and hateful things people have said about him, but I don’t see him having a meltdown on Twitter over it. So I guess it’s okay to be offensive to one person, but not to a group, oh I see…….

        • CA

          I don’t follow what you’re trying to convey.

    • badgamer1967
      • lordgabux


      • Qiao

        he’s Brazilian and he supported the illegal impeachment of Brazil’s President… not that different.

        • Xchanahara

          Girl please…How is a corrupt government the biggest of the history of the country and a scam to trick poor people the same as Donald fucking Troll Trump? You need to cease and desist with that bullshit shenanigan.

          • Qiao

            “the biggest of the history of the country”? You need some Brazilian history classes

    • Gates Ortt

      I totally disagree. We have freedom of speech and people shouldn’t be expected to apologize for something they say just because some people are offended , too bad. People say what they feel, so an apology would pretty much just be a lie to placate someones hurt feelings.

      • Sean

        You really do nto understand freedom of speech. It bars the GOVERNMENT from doing anything about it. Last I checked he was NOT arrested or charged with a crime. You must have failed law school or you are too stupid to use your fucking brain. Any person who ever uses free speech as a defense in an improper way should be required to leave the country

        • Gates Ortt

          Freedom of speech means just that. I’m sure you have never said anything offensive, right? “You are too stupid”is kind of offensive, but you have the right to say it.

  • OverKill


    Go Diego. I see nothing for him to apologize for. There was nothing negative about his post. People really do need to grow up and stop being so damn sensitive.

  • lgb

    It amazes me that his excuse is “I use this word every day”. I mean to my understanding, Tranny is considered an offensive term to transgender people. Kind of like the word ‘Faggot” to us, if someone said “Faggotbathroom” and their apology was “I use this word every day, you aren’t going to tell me to stop” pretty confident we’d all be kind of insanely pissed off.

    • n24rc

      It seems like a lot of this is self-absorbed nonsense with people who have more time than know what to do with. This is all parties involved, Diego too.

      • nick

        It’s why twitter exists, and Facebook, and the other “social” media bullshit

    • Blacharrt

      i wish a muthafucker would, it’s like when white people try to call me “n*gger or n*gga” No bitch, i don’t care how close we are, that shit does not fly with me, and you may have a black card with other people but like all credit cards that shit is not accepted everywhere. He’s an asshole plain and simple and a bigot like most gay males i know.

      But these are the same bitches that talk about equality in the same breathe… i’m over little dick Diego. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c894e3d4104ba57963a597aff70134e5458290e2ca1a9c19b75447613a219006.gif

      • pangelboy

        “you may have a black card with other people but like all credit cards that shit is not accepted everywhere.”


        Considered that stolen.

      • Gates Ortt

        You don’t want to be called nigga but you can call him little dick? Oh I see the rules don’t apply to you.

    • Marcelo

      Was this consideration you mention applied to his intent?

  • DEE

    he’s a sweetie

  • SaintMike


  • danny

    He’s not going to lose any fans. He’s good looking, he’s hot, so he’ll get away with his comment. Seriously, you can be racist and get away with it! I’ve never cared for him because one of the first vids I saw of him, when he spoke he lost me.

  • Alann6

    I’m sure Diego doesn’t intend the word as a slight… always love him.

    • Sean

      If I called your mother a CUNT would you say it is ok if I didnt intend for her to be offended?

  • czer

    I’m sick and tired of all this offend sensitivity we have these days. In fact , I’m offended by all this offense people take over the most minor issues or statement. Congratulations to Diego for holding his ground and not caving into these bigoted politically correct bullies. Tell these people to grow a pair of balls and get over it.

    • Just because you’re not offended by something doesn’t mean other people don’t get to be – especially when I’d hazard a statistical guess that you’re not a trans person and therefore aren’t affected by the word either way.

      • turbo27

        Who cares. Everybody is offended by something. That’s life. Are people that insecure that something a porn performer says impacts their life? Stop it.

        • goosegui

          These are the same fucking queens that call out porn stars for everything. She got a small dick, she don’t know how to fuck, she needs to get to the gym, she needs to take a dick in her ass. These holier than thou queens need to get of the fucking cross. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c5f5df796d27b480785c1392bea64d358890a3a59fab961e7de4836f0df402fd.gif

        • It’s not because of who or what he is: people who are still hugely persecuted and devalued by society feel that language encapsulates that attitude. The reason words like faggot were and still are so offensive is because they’re attached to a time and social attitude that got us arrested/shunned in large numbers or tied to fences and stoned/beaten/burned to death for being who we are. This is the same thing. Just because we’re past much of that period in out history doesn’t mean the trans community is. So yeah, while some outrage at ‘offensive’ things might be overly sensitive, that doesn’t mean everything is.

          • So a pic of a porn star and use of the words Tranny bathroom are going to ruin someone’s life?!? If that’s going to ruin someone’s life, they have bigger problems. —- Until more recently, the word Tranny was used throughout the gay community to cover a wide range of things. The word itself isn’t offensive cause more or less, it’s about bending genders. It’s what other people have done to trans people that is the offense.

            Also, you have to look at intent. Did the porn star mean to make a hateful statement towards a sub-section of people? The obvious answer is NO! So, yes, the porn star is right and others are being too overtly sensitive and need to grow a thicker skin.

          • *the word itself isn’t offensive TO YOU

          • By your logic, if someone said the word “THE” was offensive to them, then there should be a big uproar over it.

          • The uproar isn’t over one person being offended by it. The uproar is because loads of people were offended by it. Your kind of reductive argument is the exact same style as “if we let them get married, what’s to stop me marrying my dog?” Not helpful.

          • One of the things that has shaped society is the idea of “INTENT”. And before you try to say it isn’t, look at how much of the law revolves around the idea of intent and of being of mind. W/ the Twitter post, was the intent behind it to offend a sub-set of people? More and likely NO. They’re directing an uproar against the wrong person. Why not direct that uproar (and energy) somewhere more productive such as a state like North Carolina?!?

            And w/ gay marriage and marrying dogs, two totally different things. One involved a group of people being discriminated against simply based on their gender (which is illegal). So that counter acted an illegal law. The other involves an animal that isn’t of mind to consent to marrying a person.

          • Sean

            That is just stupid. If I called somebody the N word, but my intent was ok it makes it not offensive? If I whip my dick out and a child sees it but my INTENT wasnt that they see it, I am STILL a criminal. If I drive drunk and kill somebody, I can not claim it was not a rime since there was no INTENT for me to kill them.

          • Your response is incredibly illogical and shows only an understanding of simplistic thought (much like the people you vilify w/ the dog comment). In regards to the drunk driver, they would have been engaged in an illegal act and should foresee that their illegal actions could result in other illegal things happening. So, they are guilty of a crime. — Same thing w/ the dick thing. Having your dick out in public is illegal (as far as I’m aware). — As far as the N word, if you walk up to a black person and called them that, you know the word is offensive to them. So, intent is there. — As far as words like Queer or Tranny, they’ve been used in so many different ways in the LGBT world and mean so many different things to different people that you have to look at the context (or intent) of how it was used.

          • Gates Ortt

            Exactly. He used a word commonly used and not in an offensive way. It is just a friggin word people! Pretty soon we won’t be able to speak at all without some overly sensitive SJW getting offended and inciting a riot on Twitter. People are so gay!

          • Sean

            Ok so if I called your mother or sister the C word you would say its just a word. Maybe you can head to the south side of Chicago and start screaming the N word and tell the people “it’s just a word”/
            Nobody said it “ruined” their life. They are pointing out it IS offensive to call somebody wiith certain words.
            Oh and for you fuck heads who say they are only words. Well guess what, LAWS are only words. The constitution is only words. contracts are only words. WORDS MATTER

          • Gates Ortt

            Well actually they are just words. C and N are meant to hurt, but I have heard many trans people call another tranny. It seems the hurtfulness of the word is judged by who says it. It’s either bad or not, we can’t pick and choose.

          • Again, those words are commonly associated w/ hate. The intent is different. The word tranny has often been used as a term of endearment. Also, going off what you said, in your examples, those terms are directly approached towards a person in a hateful way. — In this instance, it’s a picture of a person making reference to an object. Two totally different things.

          • Wickbaby


      • And by your same logic, just because you’re personally offended by something, doesn’t mean you have the right to regulate what other people can say.

        • Actually, it does. Free speech works that way. Just as he has the right to say the word, other people have the right to openly and vocally contest its use. No one’s saying he can’t use it, they’re expressing their opinion that he *shouldn’t* use it.

          • Travis

            Darkflame, people like you are part of the problem not the solution. You look for the bad & you find it. You can take the most open-minded accepting person & they can use an un-PC term & idiots like yourself go after them. A pastor doesn’t need to use words like faggot & tranny to spread hate.
            It’s called THE BIG PICTURE. Look for it.

          • I didn’t actually say at any point that I agree with the uproar, I just respect other people’s right to say when they’re offended by something. If we all stopped doing that, we’d still be using the N word, we’d still have guys calling us faggot whenever they want, and that lack of respect for other people is always, always tied to persecution. So if you feel that your maligned minority (or one you’ve allied with) is being disrespected, you should be allowed to say so, without it being dismissed as “political correctness” by people who have enough privilege not to give a shit anymore.

          • Fair point!

          • Preston

            No People that Think they are offended are really the problem. I bet they just love the word Queer.. That is more offensive than Tranny. They need to understand the word has been a part of the gay world forever and it is also used as an endearment term. Its mostly the younger dykes ( opps ) that hate the word and the younger crowd that has been told people are offended by it that want to change it instead of learning its an internal word. They have way more freedom then we ever did and they are not part of a tribe like the older gay folks are. The internet has opened the door as well as mobile phone App’s. The Gay Bar was the way most gay folks got-together. It was there tribe. The MC’s and DJ’s and Drag shows all used words that we had taken back and Tranny was a well used word. The crowds would go wild but they also knew there was no hate be hide the word. ( well maybe while being read, no tea no shade) But you just can not attack someone like these online trolls have over a word they know nothing about. I’m 47 and will use Tranny, Fag Hag, and any other old school words that are part of my gay world. So just because your offended does not mean your Right.!

          • I know all of that, but that’s not the way things work anymore. Many people don’t grow up in that environment anymore, so the endearment thing isn’t what they associate it with. I’m not saying the word is offensive, I’m just defending their right to be offended and say so.

          • No. It’s not the way things work w/ a few younger people who like to make an uproar on the internet. I grew up in a town in the middle of nowhere w/ no visible gay people. Even as a teen, I knew of the idea of how words like Queer or Tranny were used by gay men as a way to take back the meaning of the word. And that’s growing up far removed from other gay people!

            For some reason, our own culture likes to attack other people in our own community. This is such a case where they’re trying to make an example and take something out of context, What good does it do?!?

            You know what affect it has? It makes us look divided & hateful. We should be uniting instead to take on those that are trying to repress us, instead of attacking someone in our own culture over nothing.

        • Sean

          Who is REGULATING anything? They are pointing out if you use certain words you are an ASSHOLE.
          Oh and if I walk up to somebody and say I am going to kill them, it is ALREADy regulated. Wouldl you scream free speech or dont be offended if you cant handle a threat.

          • You kind of contradicted yourself there. Also, threats of violence are in a different class of speech and are handled as such, but I’m sure I don’t need to explain this to you. At least I hope I don’t.

            And by the way, I totally think Sans comes across as an arrogant asshole in this video.

    • DumDumBonerMaker

      Take your own advice:
      Grow a pair and get over it.

      • moondoggy


      • czer

        Awwww, poor queen got offended.

    • badgamer1967

      Since when did this word become a negative for fucks sake, I am 48 and back in the day, the 80’s and 90’s the girls down in oxford street in good ol sydney Australia used it all the time, they owned it, took pride in it. Now SJW’s say we should be ashamed to use it, piss off. On a side note, never pay much attention to this young mans vids but he reminds me of this guy … https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/841878ce41a0db7d103f9775aac362c2ee82bdaace7b5f54d8e8739ffa3be83e.gif

    • YoungAD

      “Congratulations to Diego for holding his ground…”

      When Diego Sans does something with his life other than have sex on camera, and actually has something to say that takes more than two or three neurons, then I’ll give a damn.

  • pangelboy

    So, let me get this “str8,” using transphobic language and refusing to display empathy and respect for others is a sign of maturity now? It won’t be hard for me to avoid him since I don’t watch MEN and I don’t watch his scenes. Moving on…


    • R.A.M.J

      oh please!

  • R.A.M.J

    I think I like him. Lol

  • C3xxx

    Ook, time for some Steve Hughes

  • Pertinax

    I found this pic and didn’t know what do with it so I decided to post it here accompanied with a president John F. Kennedy’s quotation slightly modified to fit the ocasion… https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e35b1d8c2685f7e67bd90eadbb64b65ffa75af1a24fd365c51e16869bad7e686.jpg ” Don’t ask what trannies can do for you, but what you can do for trannies ” …Have a nice weekend.

  • TheThom

    Why all the faggots in an uproar over him saying tranny.

  • sans

    Holy shit these comments are pure Cancer!
    Who gives a shit if he was doing it intentionally or not. If you were offended by his comment please GTFO and go back to Tumblr you SJW crybabies.

    • Marco Sartori

      what’s SJW?

      • Andrew S.

        it’s a dismissive term for someone refusing to be disrespected when it comes to things that marginalize them, nothing more or less.

      • Xzamilloh

        Someone who thinks their delicate sensibilities should be catered to and that they should be coddled by the real world with “safe spaces”… people who move the goalpost with words like “racist” and “sexist” and “homophobic” and “transphobic” to the point where not only do the words lose their effect, people roll their eyes at real instances of these things.

        Or better…. THIS is an SJW (Social Justice Warrior):


      • ShyGuy

        A term that the conservatives and Alt-right use to belittle people that confront them about their bigoted statements.

  • Marik Ishtar

    “When someone shows you who they are believe them.”

    It would have been so simple of him to say ‘My bad, I didn’t mean it that way’.
    When i saw the post I was not offended, but that doesn’t mean I would marginalize people who did. This arrogance precedes discrimination and hatred. People have grown so accustomed to their prejudices they believe themselves entitled to them.
    If you love and respect transgenders then why would you use a word that you are aware hurts them? Why live your life grieving others simply because you can?
    You want to see the world be a more happy and open place then stand up and be a better man.

    • snoopyfo

      very very well said!!! this is exactly my point

    • moondoggy

      “When someone shows you who they are believe them.”

      This is the tattoo I would get if I did such things.

    • turbo27

      Why? it’s just a word.

      • a b

        Words express thoughts, in this case it’s transphobia

    • Marcelo

      His intent showed no malice.

  • Eric AS

    Just to be clear this isn’t a trigger. This is a man famous for his good looks being a douche, imagine that.


      Eric it seems 2016 is the year of the douche just look at Donald Trump

    • turbo27

      “trigger” is the bullshit word of the year. People need to grow up.

  • Jean-François Martel

    he has the right to say this shit, and i have the right to stay the fuck away from whatever he puts out.

    • turbo27

      I’m not even offended , but I stay far away from his crappy scenes anyway.

  • Brian Odom

    Sorry but I have nothing against this at all. I don’t see where or why people get offended by somebody saying “tranny”. I have many friends that don’t feel bad when that word is used. It’s not something that is said to hurt feelings or whatever. Some people need to stop being so thin skinned! Go Diego for standing up and not bowing down to screaming mimi’s!

    Out of all my years working in & out of the gay nightlife scene here in NYC, not once did I see or hear somebody get upset or mad when they were called “tranny”. NOT ONCE!

  • RaJ
  • Andrew S.

    Unless he’s coming out as trans I don’t think it’s his right to have a position about the word at all? Even if it’s used towards him he knows it’s a slur and if transgender people take offense to that then he can’t turn around and get all huffy about it. Freedom of speech means he can say and do whatever he wants but it also means he can be called out on his offensiveness just as often.

    I’ve got porn to delete…..

  • Eric

    Good for him. I have been criticized for referring to someone in the PC way because a gentleman preferred to be referred to in another term. You can’t please everybody…it was not meant derogatorily…those who were offended should get a thicker skin.

  • AJ’s Black Widow

    All he had to do was delete the tweet and it would have been over, he’s just dragging this out for attention.

    • Why should he have to delete the tweet? Also how he is dragging this out for attention..? I’m not even a fan of him but https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/73977820c6dd8e3a9ce5f305ec2fdc324796e496d18915829b69bdeadb6cc181.gif Gurl please, bye.

      • AJ’s Black Widow

        All he had to do was delete the tweet and move on, but yet he chose to reply and drag this out, get real.

        • Xzamilloh

          OR… he could leave the tweet up and others can move on with their lives and worry about real shit. Besides, he’s in the perfect industry to not give a fuck about people being offended

          • AJ’s Black Widow

            Or he could’ve deleted it and moved on.

          • Xzamilloh

            Nah… not when the ones offended can unfollow, block, log off and/or cry about it. He should leave it up. And then years down the line if he’s had a change of heart, he can see how he’s progressed over the years. In short, fuck your feelings. It’s the internet. Be a big girl and just ignore things you don’t iike. It’s really easy to do so, especially on the Internet. Or tell them why you don’t like it. But you don’t get to control how others think or what they do. Sorry bout it.

          • AJ’s Black Widow

            Like I said, or he can delete and forget about it. Either way I could care less. Bye✌

          • Xzamilloh

            Yeah, you could stand to care a little less. I, on the other hand, couldn’t care less.


          • Christian

            You know you’re not a girl right? Doesn’t matter how many dicks you take!

          • Xzamilloh

            Wow. I never heard it like that. I used to think I had the answers to everything. But now I know that life doesn’t always go my way….yeah? Gosh, it feel like I’m caught in the middle. That’s when I reaaliiiiiiiiiize



      • erexshawn

        an appropriate response when one or a number of people say “what you said/texted offends me” is to take responsibility for it, make amends and move on. not taking it down is just being an asshole

  • Are you fucking serious? There are people who are offended? People actually made articles about this. He made a lot of good points in his response video. Like ‘She-Mail’ being taken out of RuPaul’s Drag Race. He’s in the LGBT Community for one, Also he said it from a good place. Lol I’m mind blown at people blocking/deleting him for being happy that he visited a place that actually had a gender neutral bathroom. I’m not even a big fan of his porn at all. All of my transgender friends are laughing at this, you people who are offended look like a joke to them! As someone who jokes around with my transgender friends we have a mutual respect. We know that our jokes come from a good place. Just like if one of my ‘tranny friends’ were to call me a faggot, we’re just joking around xD loosen up easily offended human ‘beans’. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2a4243190a6fc09d8067fdb3014213f72be379acced2cc9e27e91fea7f27ffdd.gif

  • Trepakprince

    All of these whiny bitches should fill this form out and call it a day.


  • n24rc

    Nobody is above criticism. If he feels unjustly persecuted then he shouldn’t be in public at all.

  • Todd B

    Could not agree with him more. People need to put their adult panties back on and stop being so uptight and offended by everything. #GrowTheFuckUp

  • nodoubtfan

    Anyone that remembers Diego from his old camming days with Randy Blue know this is just how he is — he’s always had that don’t-give-a-fuck-about-anybody-honey attitude.

    That’s not to excuse what he said (or the resulting backlash), but….this ain’t nothing new from him.

  • KingCrazy

    People should consider the audience his comment was exposed to, and the person who actually delivered the comment. Context, people. Diego Sans is an openly gay man, using the term “tranny bathroom” in a bathroom selfie — to his twitter followers, almost 100% of whom are guaranteed to be part of the LGBT community.

    He is not the enemy. His comment was not meant to be offensive, nor WAS it particularly offensive IMO. This is akin to a gay man calling another gay man “girl,” or “faggot.” While it might not be to your taste, it was not meant to be harmful, which should be taken into consideration. Of all the things going on in the world, and all the things being said about the LGBT community, it is amazing to me that THIS is what the social justice warriors choose to concentrate on. For shame.

    That said, he could have at least expressed that he understands where people are coming from, although I agree with his overall sentiment.

    • Being a gay man doesn’t make you an automatic ally of the trans community. I know a shitload of transphobic gay men. That’s like saying Asian Americans can use whatever words they like to describe African Americans because they’re both ethnic minorities.

    • a b

      *LGB community
      He is not trans, he have absolutely never been called a tranny. If you want to make paralels, imagine a straight guy saying “faggot”

    • Andrew Simpson

      King Crazy is 100% correct the CONTEXT Diego Sans an openly gay man used the word needs to be taken jaccount. Diego is gay his audience is predominately gay men he probably has a lot of straight female followers who might of been offended by the language. But people getting mad need to understand language has literal meaning BUT the context is also important. Diego did NOT use the word to slur trans people.

  • gnormie
  • Caleb Exhem

    ugh who cares ? We have other shit to worry bout

  • brock

    If a g4p porn star had said faggot, I doubt everyone here would be like “i’m so tired of politically correct SJW being offended by everything, get over this.” In fact, numerous articles on this blog have been about that exact same thing, and those g4p stars have been dragged.

    Straight people don’t get to decide that they can say “faggot” without being offensive, why should cis people get to decide that they can say “tranny” without being offensive?

    Basically, you’re entitled and you want something that you’re not willing to give to other people. You want the right to tell people they’re being offensive and bigoted when they offend you, but you want to deny that to people who aren’t like you. The LGBT community has enough issues with inclusivity. Let’s stand up for our trans members.

    • Andrew Simpson

      But that is the point Diego Sans IS A GAY MAN in real life he is someone from within the gay community. He has heard the word tranny a million times in gay culture and he did NOT use the word as a slur. Stop trying to make it sound he is against transgender people.

      • a b

        Gay men are not transgender.

    • Gates Ortt

      People an say whatever the hell they want to. If you don’t like it fine, but don’t have a stroke over it. It’s just a word for heavens sake.

    • Binary Busting Boo Boo Kitty

      *praise* I can’t believe this is such a difficult concept for so many people here. Gay men really are some of the worst bigots lately.

  • Maximus

    Good for him. It is a grave mistake to allow any one word—faggot, dyke, tranny, cunt, queer—to possess so much power over us. We are stronger and less easily oppressed when we are able to judge language based upon intent and context instead of reflexively responding with sanctimonious online outrage.

    If people want to get up in arms about something, I would suggest that they focus on the fact that the U.S. has no federal legislation protecting sexual/gender minorities from discrimination in housing, employment, health care, or education. Needless attacks upon our allies will do nothing to achieve substantive social change.


    • a b

      Lol, didn’t know that when bullies at my school used the word “fag” they were helping gay people by not giving power to those words. Guess we should all thank them…

      • Maximus

        No, they were just bullies. Reread the part of my post where I mention “context” and “intent.”

        • a b

          Context: he’s not trangender.
          Intent: being edgy.

          • Maximus

            Being edgy? I didn’t get that from the tweet. It seemed to me that he wanted to highlight social progress in regard to the trans bathroom issue.

    • sanfv

      Girl, let us retreat into our places of academia and beauty.

      I wrote you a poem

      Let the wind blow your hair when October howls\icy and cold
      You’ve seen the belt of Orion\in the mind
      We erect your image as Venus\your place is besides her

    • Marcelo

      Excellent post. Thank you for sharing.

  • Jon A

    I wonder what the reaction would have been if it wasn’t an actor that the website thirsts so much over that had said that.

    Would have loved to see the comments if a Ryan Rose had said it instead, I’m sure he’d be getting crucified more.

    • Dale Bergman

      Yes, Ryan Rose and Vadim Black would have been destroyed on this board if they stated this. Diego Sans is an arrogant asshole. He was also arrested for domestic violence like Ryan Rose (but Diego gets a free pass).


    • R.A.M.J

      I cant stand Ryan Rose, and still would not have cared.

  • Christian

    He has gay voice.

    • Rob36

      that’s not a bad thing

  • AussieB

    Not watching the video & couldn’t care less what he thinks but he sounds like a conceited, pompous jerk which is not surprising

  • robirob

    Jokes on social media will most surely piss off some people with internet access. What is funny to some is offensive or not funny at all to others. That’s life. You click with some people and with others you just don’t. Again, that’s life.

  • turbo27

    Diego, You are absolutely right.

  • sammy1023

    People, especially those at the liberal college level, need to grow the fuck up and stop expecting everyone to be “nice” and “politically correct” all the time so they can feel good. Plus half are hypocrites anyway. Do mommy and daddy keep wiping everyone’s ass in the real world? Grow a pair and grow up!

    • Binary Busting Boo Boo Kitty

      kill yourself.

  • Christian

    For Diego!

  • Christian
  • Stacy

    As a fat gay guy in his 40s in the gay community I have never been insulted by other homosexuals. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/72bf345a1813213bd0373567a279982e83f985240133c2bdf92620d487115c13.jpg

    • Awe

      Dead! haha

  • Parker Lewis
  • Orlando Chan

    America has become to pc.

  • Andrew Simpson

    I agree with Diego he did not say he wanted transgender people to be killed or harmed. Most of the comments on Diego posy were by FEMALE not gay men. Diego is a gay man in real life and in gay male culture plenty of gay men call each other bitch, girl, queen, Tranny ect. I commend Diego gay men should NOT allow WOMEN to dictate how we speak.

  • Ricky

    Wow, all this time I thought Diego was gay but seeing him outside of gay porn and listening to him talk I did not realize he was straight – or is he bisexual?

  • Andrew Simpson

    Everyone knows Diego is a gay man he is of course heard the word tranny in the gay community. It is true many gay men use the word tranny, girl, bitch, ect. The gay community is different than the straight community. Diego CONTEXT it is important he did not use the word as a slur or trying to demean transgender people.

  • The online trans community seems to focus on things like attacking someone who uses the term tranny, instead of spending that time doing more important things like sharing their stories and educating others which would help to bring them greater acceptance. Getting angry and attacking a person cause he used the term tranny makes them look like a bunch of politically correct bullies.

  • lordgabux

    I understand that words might hurt…
    but we need to own what we allow to hurt us mentally.
    Gay and Queer were offensive words and the homosexual community took control of them.
    Now because transgender individuals are more visible, a word like tranny, which has been around since forever not meaning anything but a woman with a dick, now is offensive?
    WE want labels just to be offended by them later?
    I’m not going to watch Diego’s video, I really don’t care what he has to say. There’s no point if people are going to be always offended by something instead of trying to do something about it. He just made a joke, but now we cannot even joke about anything without people getting their feelings hurt. WE live in a sad, sad world.

  • It is too easy for those who don’t fight the real battles to throw shit. Nigger, Faggot, Kike, Cunt, and yes Tranny are negative slurs. This Oreo Cookie has no sympathy for those who support using negative language. Thin skin or not. I have a pair of balls and am never afraid to use them.

  • Travis

    I use the term “tranny” & I’m hardly trans-phobic. I also use the term “faghag”. Big deal. There are way bigger fish to fry, people!
    SJW’s are just like religious fanatics in that neither can see the forest for the trees…

  • Jaywithwords

    He can say whatever he wants, but when the studio he works for gets enough complaints, I’m sure we’ll see another video with a different message.