Diego Sans Says He’d “Rather Jump Off A Building” Than Bottom For Johnny Rapid

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Diego Sans has not bottomed in over five years (he was last fucked by Justin Owen on Randy Blue in 2013, as seen above), and based on what he said to Johnny Rapid this afternoon, it doesn’t look like he’ll ever be bottoming again.

Yesterday, Johnny Rapid suggested that he be the one to tap Diego’s ass in a “back to bottom” scene, to which Diego replied today, “I’d rather jump off a building”:


While Diego’s permanent bottoming hiatus is no laughing matter to fans who want to see him being fucked again, both his and Johnny’s tweets to each other were likely just good-natured jokes. Johnny and Diego—Men.com’s two most popular stars—have worked together before, with Diego fucking Johnny (of course) in Men.com’s Pirates parody:


Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Men.com: Diego Sans Fucks Johnny Rapid]

For Diego’s new video this week, it’s a Valentine’s Day-themed scene, and it required him to wear a Cupid costume:


It’s interesting that Diego Sans no longer wants to be seen bottoming, and yet, he agreed to be seen dressed up like this?


All kidding aside (who doesn’t love a slutty Cupid costume?), Diego is a solid and award-winning top, so it’s actually fine with me if he never bottoms again. His topping skills are on full display today, with lucky newcomer Luis Rubi.

14 15 16 17 18Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Men.com: Diego Sans Fucks Luis Rubi]

  • Quinton Jackson

    Diego then said “that he would only jump from the ’top’ of the building.”

  • Xzamilloh
  • Mr.Varric

    We all know Diego isn’t going to bottom anymore. You’d have a better chance of winning the lottery 3 times in a row with the same numbers than see Diego with his legs in the air.

  • Ceecee

    I actually am a big fan of Johnny Rapid’s occasional top performance. That scene with him and Beaux? Insanely hot.

    BUT the last man to top Diego did become an incredibly crazy born again whackjob, so maybe we’ll hold off on that scene a little while longer.

    • Paul Connolly

      Justin Owen is born again?

      • Ceecee

        Oh miss thing is a tragedy.

        If you can find his Facebook page it is literally just these daily old testament bible quotes, this whole world is going to help etc.

        • Dreadmau5

          please drop links or sceenshots

          • Ceecee

            I’m pretty sure Zach bans for that, and even if he didn’t I wouldn’t want to out him in that position.

            Consult the Google Oracle, it takes less time to find him then it does have this whole exchange.

          • Willie Starr

            “I’d like to reserve the President’s right to exert executive privilege.”

          • Dreadmau5

            found it….holy shit homegirl pulled a 180 on us….and Justin is officially post-twink

        • pilot101

          yeah. He’s really crazy now. I screamed when i read that he only listens to christian music.

        • Javier Smith

          Ugh- I found him and went back as far as I could – mid 2016. That means that he was doing his scenes at Helix while he was posting all this BS. I was kind of hoping it all started after his scene with Sean Ford so I could make a joke about how you ‘see God’ after doing Sean. I was MORE shocked to see brand new ‘Chick Tracts’ – those abominable handouts were disgusting when I was a kid back in the 70’s – I can’t believe they are still around.

          • MM

            where can I see this facebook? name?

          • Default_User

            I can’t get past the entire gallery of chick tracts. yikes.

          • holgerson

            Please, a note how I can find him at FB.

          • holgerson

            I think, “BWMEC stands for Breathing With My Eyes Closed. I plan on writing an ebook soon. LOK FOR IT!” is also original from him. Slightly strange words, its from April 2010.

        • Default_User

          Oh boy i just did and holy Jesus (in this case literally).

          • legolas

            could share just his facebook name pls?

    • Lightdagger

      This makes me so sad. He still looks real good, and I loved his work, but damn, he’s gone full X-tian.

      • J. 🍂🍃

        What is his Facebook page’s name? Kip Coffman???

        • Ceecee

          Dang, miss thing with the doxing.
          I would edit that out if I were a safe-side gal.

  • nodoubtfan

    Johnny Rapid probably reminds him too much of Justin Owen for him to bottom again.

    That being said, I want to see Diego get railed TimTales style — I don’t think anyone on MEN’s roster is up to snuff to deliver that.

    • Zachary Sire

      william seed would be pretty good at it

      • doodlebug

        Paddy would be better. Kissing, rimming, the whole nine yards.

    • J. 🍂🍃

      What don’t you like about Justin Owen?

      • nodoubtfan

        I never said I didn’t like Justin Owen, but he’s some born-again Jesus freak now, last I heard.

  • Willie Starr

    I don’t care about Diego returning to bottoming, I just wish they would get his ass eaten. I am SOO into bottoms eating the ass of their tops.

  • doodlebug

    Maybe it was a good-natured joke but I get the sense that Diego isn’t a fan of Johnny’s. A few times in the past on Twitter fans have asked Diego if he’s ever going to do another scene with Johnny and he usually posts a snarky gif that translates “no fuckin’ way.” Maybe the “Pirates” shoot wasn’t all fun and games.

  • Francis Mastro

    Haha I just died at “…and yet, he agreed to be seen dressed up like this”😂😂😂😂

  • Stiffy Stiffington

    I like Johnny. Diego only topping is tiresome. Couldn’t care less what he says.

  • Tim

    you know, if he doesn’t want to bottom, fine. but mix it up some other way. go BB or do a more fetish-friendly scene or something more than a couple minutes of poor acting followed by the same formulaic set of positions. it has been forever since we’ve seen anything more inventive than bj-ride-doggy-missionary from Diego.

    • Man in the Midst

      What, you’re not fascinated by Diego’s ever-changing hair styles? Just for this scene alone, 3 cans of hair spray and a jar of pomade (Layrite Superhold, if I’m not mistaken) were sacrificed.

      • GayhawkAZ

        I like it. Sexy, slutty, well-hung Cupid can bang me out anytime!

  • B.C.

    Well, I’ll settle with Diego finally reducing body hair. More importantly, that boy he played with is gorgeous.

    • Diego looks really hot for the first time in a long while.

  • Estelle

    Doesnt Johnny have BO?

  • Paul J

    I really don’t care what 2 g4p performers say.

    • B.C.

      One self proclaimed g4p and other whose ass is reserved only for boyfriend/director.

  • MM

    Diego looks like hes transitioning with that hair

  • Someguy2019

    Not too long ago Johnny made a post asking his fans what type of scenes they wanted to see from him. The vast majority of responses said they wanted to see him bottom bareback again. How the FUCK does that translate to him trying to top Diego Sans??? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c8a94df2b8fbf3e3bc50283b184a6517aad174a1ee614da5adac528cc7200af6.gif

  • Public_Gall

    I think he means he doesn’t want to get fucked by Johnny and I totally agree. That scene would be awful

  • DaveAtom

    Probably two of the most overrated gaybporn actors.

  • Burkeman

    Who thinks it is about time both retired from porn?

  • Cosmic

    Johnny Rapid’s face and personality make him highly punchable.

  • spartan546

    Diego’s got some damn fine hair!

  • Cognac&Conversation

    I don’t care for Johnny Rapid, but Diego Sans is the most tired played out ‘top’ in gay porn. The dude was MEANT for bottoming. Never bought him as a top. At all.

  • Jon

    Is that regarding bottoming only for Johnny Rapid or bottoming for anyone?

    If it’s the former, I can relate as I too would rather jump off a building than even watch a Johnny Rapid scene. Also, Diego Sans is not even remotely good enough of a top to excuse him not bottoming.

  • Sam Wheat

    girl needs to come over so I can give him an haircut.

  • nick

    That hair