Diesel Drags Nica: “You Sleep With Models Who Work For You”

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dwnnIn case you were wondering what kind of day Nica Noelle is having—it’s not good.

Diesel Washington—who’s been in a long running feud with the Icon Male director after a proposal for them to work together fell through—dropped several bombs on the perpetually topless and embattled straight porn reject, among them the long-standing rumor that Nica Noelle has sex with her models.

Long story short, never pick a fight with Diesel Washington:

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Just when you think it can’t get worse for Nica Noelle, performer Jessie Colter (who had his own nightmare working with Icon Male and Nica Noelle) made this bombshell revelation:


While there have been rumors of lawsuits against Icon Male/Nica Noelle for filming gay porn on Martha’s Vineyard (she’s since moved production out of that house), Str8UpGayPorn has not been able to confirm if any of those suits have been filed. If you have any info, please get in touch.

  • Silver64

    Well, that explains why Billy Santoro and Kory Houston are crying in their scene…

    • John

      Damn they all have to fuck her, part of the job…..lol they does explain the tears…..

  • V Smith

    Ricky Larkin had sex with her? ick. Poor Ricky.

  • sxg

    I wonder if Jaxton Wheeler slept with her. I’m sure his wife and kids would be so proud of daddy if he did!

    • sanfv

      I thought they broke up? Her demands were that he not do straight porn? He’s tricking with some gal all over Twitter.

      Any insights?

      • sxg

        Maybe they did break up. Probably explains why I can’t find his personal stuff on IG anymore.

    • Ben

      He has a wiife and kids? WHAT? I know he’s straight but still. His scene with Taylor on CM is my fav.. but I don’t think I can see that scene again knowing his dick has been inside Nica.. uggh

      • Xavier

        He’s not straight, He’s bisexual, he told me so

        • Ben

          He did say he’s buy but he also said he doesnt hook up with guys until they pay him.

          • Xavier

            I just looked up the interview where he said that. Does he thinks we are beneath him and that heterosexual women are better than us or something? When he told me he was bi it was because I left a comment on his IG saying i wish there were more gay guys with long hair, his response was “well to be fair I’d identify as bisexual, but I feel a person can be attractive and beautiful regardless of their personal sexual preference”. I hope he wasent saying that to snow me over, he dosent strike me as the bullshitting type that would care about other peoples opinion enough to lie.

        • sxg

          lol these whores say anything to get you to like them and spend money on them.

          • Xavier

            I sure hope that’s not the case. It’d be a shame if he was another bisexual guy who views gays as “less than”. I thought he was honest or… i donno

    • Benton Fraser

      When did he get married and start a family? All of his social media postings show him living in a one bedroom place in Las Vegas.

  • AJ2

    Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Jeez

  • jimboivyo


    • Liana Tess

      where is this meme from?

  • Todd
  • Todd

    Can you PLEASE add a DONATE button to your site so we can pay you to stop with the Nica Nudies ?


  • sanfv

    How about to feed the models Nica starves?

  • Jer

    I live near the Icon Male house she uses now (I’m in a next door state) so I’m probably about an hours’ drive away. If any gay porn models get screwed over by her and need a place to stay and they aren’t raging sociopaths, they can crash on my house. My terms are the opposite of hers, though: please do not touch me, even with a ten foot pole. I don’t need hetero-slept-with-Nica-germs infesting me.

    • sanfv

      Don’t put that out in the air darling! Billy Santorum will be looking for you to breed him for his website, Vadim Black will rob at the drop of hat and Jaxton Wheeler will work tricks from the comfort of your own home 😉

      • Jer

        Oh true. Well, there goes my plan for my Home for Wayward Faux-Mos.

      • Benton Fraser

        This is the first I have heard Jaxton brought in to this drama. What is his issue?

  • pepperoni nipples

  • dqh257

    To be honest, if she fucks her models, then good for her. I know a lot of people hate her, but I can’t hate on the casting couch.

  • OverKill
  • Swifty

    They both extra as hell so…

  • McM.

    “I read that garbage u call a script…all 60 pages of it..”

    This where where I lost it!

  • Dale Bergman


    Wow, Terrance needs to chill out! Delete and block.

  • Maximus


    Diesel Washington went in on that bitch (figuratively)!


    Ricky Larkin went in on that bitch (literally)!

  • Dale Bergman

    Perhaps there’s an underlying this this…

  • Zealot

    Hey WAIT! Who you callin’ “Pepperoni Nipples”????

  • sans

    Oooh shit Diesel you beast!

  • Ben

    I don’t like both of them. Nica is batshit crazy. So is Diesel. I don’t care who wins or loses. All I know is I’m enjoying this.

  • Pertinax

    Nica. darling: ” To have a friend, be a friend. “

  • Stuart

    “You old Dusty Bitch with sagging Tits”
    I fucking love Diesel for that comment :)

  • R.A.M.J

    All i see is pettiness on both sides. How anyone agrees to work with either one of them is beyond me. Even in porn, shouldn’t there be SOME kind of professionalism?

    • sanfv

      That’s like saying “Dont Scam your fans Vadim Black!” Bitch just ain’t gonna do it. Tell him the word professional and he’d need a dictionary. There are other VB types out there too :(

      Yes hypothetically they could get pounded and call it day and be cordial, but sometimes you just need to call someone out on their bullshit. I’m not advocating slut shaming or anything similar but Nica is a loon and when tea gets spilled it’s very hot 😉

      Imagine the copious amounts of money VB would’ve gotten if Zach didn’t report on his scams? He was making bank before and now that operation is pretty much shut down.

      But I do agree that there needs to be “some” professionalism in porn. Idk what that entails but I’m open for discussion :)

      • R.A.M.J

        I feel anyone who gives money or gifts to a celeb, who doesnt’ personally know them is dumb as fuck anyway. But this isn’t about vadim. Its about two petty bitches acting like children on twitter.
        All DW does is talk shit about other models who are far more popular than he seems to be right now. He talks shit about studios and bareback, etc. He’s petty as fuck too. We. Know she’s bat shit crazy. Even without the blog post on her you can Read her tweets and see The bitch is Psychotic.
        As far as professionalism, how about don’t talk shit about others in the industry. Not publicaly anyway. State your opinions but don’t go attacking people publiclicy. Leave that for the blogs to do. As for her, don’t go posting personal emails, treat your models right etc. I wouldn’t hire either of them because all they both do but start drama. You can’t have someone on your set filiming who may go out and start talking shit about the person they worked with.
        The whole fight was juvenile “pepperoni nipple”? REALLY? Starting to talk about someone Mother REALLY? He didn’t spill any tea, they spilled capri suns like other 5 years olds do.

  • Badbike

    “maybe you needed that butt smell on his dick…to get you worked up in having sex”

  • CMn702

    • CMn702


  • JUST. WOW!

  • Pinko of the Grange

    i don’t even have a FB page so would some one take a moment and explain why some people feel the need to have a yelling match not worthy of a middle school girl that people can follow while on the head?