Dirk Caber Raised $7,637 On GoFundMe To Buy A Piano

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Hey, if a gay porn twink can ask for $4,000 to buy a bed, a gay porn daddy can ask for $5,000 to buy a piano, right?

Dirk Caber would like some of your money so that he can buy a $15,000 piano (he’s already raked in more than half of what he needs for the “ideal” piano), and his husband Jesse Jackman started a GoFundMe for him. Excerpt:

You may be familiar with my fiancĂ© Dirk Caber’s music. A professional composer, music editor, orchestra librarian, pianist, tubist, and singer, Dirk has devoted his entire life to the arts. […] It’s very difficult for Dirk to write music without a piano. He uses one to experiment with melodies and structures, whether he’s writing for piano alone or for more complex symphonies. Sadly, he hasn’t had access to one since he moved in with me in Boston two years ago, and as a result, his creativity has suffered mightily.

Dirk and I live in an apartment and have neighbors to be considerate of, so an acoustic piano is out of the question. We’ve been looking into buying a digital piano (which can be used with headphones), but the ones that are worthy of his talents, called hybrids, are quite expensive. The ideal model retails for $15,000! There are a few models that are available for less, but they still cost thousands of dollars.

Here’s where you can help! I never ask you guys for much, but I see a piano as an absolutely vital investment in Dirk’s future as a successful composer, so I’m asking you to please make a donation to help us buy one. (Don’t worry, you’ll get something in return… see below.) I’ve set the initial goal for this campaign at $5,000. If we can reach or even surpass that, awesome! If not, Dirk and I will find some way to finance the rest.

With love as always,
Jesse “Jackman” B.W

Twinks are usually the ones starting these GoFundMe campaigns, so it’s an interesting change of pace to see a daddy asking for help. I guess there’s no such thing as being “too old” to ask people to give you free money.

Dirk Caber seems to be very talented. It’s a shame he apparently didn’t set aside any of the money he made fucking his stepsons!

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