Dirk Caber Raised $7,637 On GoFundMe To Buy A Piano

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Hey, if a gay porn twink can ask for $4,000 to buy a bed, a gay porn daddy can ask for $5,000 to buy a piano, right?

Dirk Caber would like some of your money so that he can buy a $15,000 piano (he’s already raked in more than half of what he needs for the “ideal” piano), and his husband Jesse Jackman started a GoFundMe for him. Excerpt:

You may be familiar with my fiancĂ© Dirk Caber’s music. A professional composer, music editor, orchestra librarian, pianist, tubist, and singer, Dirk has devoted his entire life to the arts. […] It’s very difficult for Dirk to write music without a piano. He uses one to experiment with melodies and structures, whether he’s writing for piano alone or for more complex symphonies. Sadly, he hasn’t had access to one since he moved in with me in Boston two years ago, and as a result, his creativity has suffered mightily.

Dirk and I live in an apartment and have neighbors to be considerate of, so an acoustic piano is out of the question. We’ve been looking into buying a digital piano (which can be used with headphones), but the ones that are worthy of his talents, called hybrids, are quite expensive. The ideal model retails for $15,000! There are a few models that are available for less, but they still cost thousands of dollars.

Here’s where you can help! I never ask you guys for much, but I see a piano as an absolutely vital investment in Dirk’s future as a successful composer, so I’m asking you to please make a donation to help us buy one. (Don’t worry, you’ll get something in return… see below.) I’ve set the initial goal for this campaign at $5,000. If we can reach or even surpass that, awesome! If not, Dirk and I will find some way to finance the rest.

With love as always,
Jesse “Jackman” B.W

Twinks are usually the ones starting these GoFundMe campaigns, so it’s an interesting change of pace to see a daddy asking for help. I guess there’s no such thing as being “too old” to ask people to give you free money.

Dirk Caber seems to be very talented. It’s a shame he apparently didn’t set aside any of the money he made fucking his stepsons!

  • Paulo Drussi

    Meanwhile Jeffery Hawkins, a Andrew Christian model and WeHo Host (GoGo boy?) is having trouble raising funds to travel to Nepal to help rebuild some communities.


    He went to Ethiopia last year to build houses. But pianos, beds and lasik make it rain.

    • WhimsyCotton

      Shame isn’t included in some people’s vocabularies, or lives for that matter.

    • TK

      Cole Money wants your money for his wedding: http://www.gofundme.com/hzjrc8

      My fiancĂ© and I are getting married in less then a year. I am worried I’m not going to be able to give her the wedding of her dreams. With her dad recently passing away and me getting laid off from my job I’m stressing out that were not going to save up enough money to take care of our wedding

      I think he know how he could earn that money…

      • sxg

        I thought you had to put in your real name for these gofundme accounts??? How does he get away with just putting in Mr Money? And lol the irony of someone with Money in their name needing to ask for it!

      • Todd

        Laid off ? From a job getting laid ? HUH.

    • sxg

      I think he would have been better off going through gofundme to raise his funds instead of Habitat For Humanity. Sure HFH is far more credible, but people recognize GoFundMe more.

    • buckguy

      Why do you have to send an underwear model (or some other first world person0 to do this when you can just give to a reputable charity.

  • WhimsyCotton

    Odd that other successful composers have managed with far less until they got their big break. Oh the struggles of an artiste.

  • THAT guy

    technically, he’s not asking for “free money,” he’s trying to raise enough money to buy a piano and selling CDs and other things to get that money on a GoFundMe page. If there weren’t any contributor gifts in return it would be one thing, but I personally don’t have a problem with this.

    • Todd

      Have to agree. I’ve participated in gofundme campaigns like this where your donation got you a ‘perk’ ………….to me, that is acceptable and falls outside the ‘gimme, gimme, gimme’ internet panhandling.
      If you want to help and want the perk, then go for it. Sometimes easier to organize a fundraiser that way. He *is* selling something so if people want to buy it …
      The folks that want a bed, etc ………. at least offer a ‘perk’ of a selfie of yourself in it or something.

  • sxg

    This is one of the few GoFundMe’s that don’t really bother me all that much. Like someone mentioned, you do get at least something for donating a particular amount, in this case a CD being the lowest gift. In the case of the last 2 people’s GoFundMe’s you highlighted, you don’t get shit for your donation.

    And this is Jesse and Dirk. They’re probably the most drama-free couple currently in gay porn. I’ve never once seen them say something absolutely nasty about anyone on social media, nor are they out stirring shit up. In my opinion they look like the best couple in gay porn as well. Love every video that Jesse posts of them, whether it’s something funny or something raunchy like one of their homemade stuff!

    My only issue with the thing is that Dirk also escorts. And he’s a pornstar with no contract, therefore he has a whole lot of options to do scenes compared to Jesse. So Dirk maybe should have considered increasing his escorting gigs to help raise most of the funds himself.

    • GN

      I agree. for some reason, I find this much less offensive than guys who ask for a bed, a lap top, a plain ticket to see their girlfriends, etc…The only one more valid than this one was the porn star who was going blind and needed surgery.

      • sxg

        Which one? Adam Bryant or Ricky Martinez?

        • GN

          I forgot there was two.

    • THAT guy

      He’s a porn star without a contact, but it’s not like he can make 5 more porn scenes per month on top of the ones he’s already doing. Even Men.com has moved on to Adam Herst as their new “go-to dad” for their incest movies.

      All of that is beside the point that he’s not just “asking for free money” and instead trying to raise money by selling CDs and even offering to compose music for supporters. I don’t have any problem with this. I wish all porn stars would be so principled as to offer something in return for support. Besides, clearly he has enough supporters who want to help. If I really wanted help buying something to better myself and there were a hundred people willing to help, I might ask for it, too.

      OH and this is different from a bed or a vacation. He’s actually going to be using this piano to do something productive and good.

  • Zealot

    I’m picturing evenings of melodious duets between Dirk and folks like Colton Ford wafting from the Jackman manse while Jesse looks on sipping a smart cocktail.

    • Zachary Sire


    • sxg

      You know it wouldn’t be such a bad idea if Dirk and Jesse opened up their own gay piano bar in NY. I mean if there are gay sports bars (3 of them) doing so well in NYC then there’s bound to be a need for a gay piano bar!

      • Zachary Sire

        shit…maybe Dominic Ford can join them and tickle the ivories, too. ugh.

      • JJ

        Gay sports bars? AND YOU JUST HAD TO KNOW THAT!

  • Super Marco Manuel

    Gay men have a lot of money to waste.Pathetic!

    Go Fund Me is 1 of the worst invention of the 2010s

    Go Fund Me makes people lazy and they thinks they only have to rely on it when they needs money.

    People who gives money to desperate people are even worst than those who ask for money.

  • Nickolas

    I have no problem with Dirk Caber and his desperate cry for money to buy a piano, but Jesse Jackman is literally the most annoying person in all of gay porn, even surpassing that of Brent C*rrigan. Remember when he was writing those awful op-ed pieces for The Huffington Post because he felt he was being marginalized by facebook for taking down pictures of him making out with dudes while he was getting fucked? Awful and embarrassing, kinda like his topping skills.

    • Todd

      Ha ……..see the link in this thread about the Facebook war that started over this GFM campaign. Jackman comments about capturing it for THE HUFFPOST OP/ED ARTICLE HE IS WRITING ABOUT IT ………snort.

  • DPS

    HA! The guy in the background of the video has a look like “are you fucking finished already?”. My appreciation for Dirk just bled out of me with this “fundrazor”.

  • disqus_9xayOTnP13

    Why new? Pianos are worse than cars when it comes to depreciation. Find a good hybrid on Ebay for about 3k delivered to your door. Hell watch Craig’s List at the end of the month when aspiring composers need to make rent.

    Although the other posters do have a point that this is different, in that, we know, contributes are getting something in return, rather then speculating about money laundering.

    • Anon

      i can’t find a used hybrid anywhere on line, nothing on ebay, amazon, craigslist

  • TK

    Have you guys ever taken a peek at any of the porn boy’s Amazon Wishlists? $5000 for a piano is nothing compared to what lots of these guys ask for AND GET! Thousand dollar watches, gaming systems, cameras, weight machines, protein supplements, Ryan Rose wants $1,200 jewel encrusted toothpicks.

    Hell, chances are if Amazon sells this and Dirk had put it on his wishlist some rich queen would have just bought it for him.


    • sxg

      I think Amazon Wishlists are far worse, specifically from cunts like Ryan Rose who put the most ridiculous shit on there. Now the people who would buy the nonsense shit on those lists are FAR more pathetic than GoFundMe guys.

  • TK

    Hmmm, seems like there’s a little dust up about it.


    • Paulo Drussi

      The comments are hilarious, they really support their guy. Porn fans are as loyal as Cub fans.

  • Cosmic

    How long till he films an incest themed gangbang on it in a video?