Dolf Dietrich Asks Twitter Followers To Send Him 200 Test Tubes Full Of Frozen Semen For Him To Inject Into His Asshole

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olf44While porn star Dolf Dietrich is more known for having Twitter wars with gay porn stars than he is for actually being in any gay porn, he’s finally using his Twitter account for something other than launching hostile attacks. Instead of fighting with people, Dolf now just wants people to send him test tubes full of their frozen semen.

dolf1Dolf instructed his followers that the frozen cum would need to be sent overnight from inside the United States. This means followers will have to spend around $25 to get guaranteed overnight shipping from the U.S. postal service.

dolf2While Dolf is aiming to receive 100 loads “or more” from his followers, there’s of course no way to know exactly how many loads he’d be inserting into his asshole. For example, someone sending their frozen cum to Dolf could claim that a test tube contained ten loads, when really they only ejaculated seven times into the test tube.

dolf3After first saying he wanted 100 loads, Dolf changed his mind a day later, telling another follower that he actually wants 200 loads. Specifically, he wants 10 men to give him 20 loads each:

dolf4The next day, Dolf gave his project a name, the “Dolf Dietrich Cum Challenge,” and again stipulated that he wanted at least 20 frozen loads per plastic test tube:

dolf5Dolf’s promotion continued over the weekend, although it’s unclear where (if anywhere) the “legendary scene” will be released for viewing. Treasure Island Media and one of those amateur clip sites have been floated as possible distributors.

dolf6One of Dolf’s followers, “MarXXX Jackson,” has been sharing videos of the loads he says he’s shooting and having frozen for Dolf:


For anyone concerned about Dolf Dietrich’s health or the risk of him becoming infected with an STD after injecting himself with semen from multiple unknown men, there’s actually very little risk. Once exposed to air and released from the human body, STDs don’t survive for more than a few seconds, so there’s almost no chance that Dolf could be infected with any STDs from any of the frozen cum.

dolf8While injecting yourself with thawed out cum is not dangerous to one’s health, it’s also not even remotely sexy, since cum is only hot when it’s being shot out of a cock directly into an ass, mouth, or some other body part. What makes cum hot is where it’s coming from, who it’s coming from, and the stroking or fucking or sucking that helped produce the cum in the moments leading up to its release. Days old, after-the-fact cum from someone you don’t know that’s been put into a Ziploc bag, tossed around a post office, traveled across state lines, carried around by a mailman, and melting into gelatinous sludge? That is not hot, both literally and figuratively.

Still interested in donating, but don’t have baggies or test tubes? Just use an old pill bottle. Dolf is hoping to have the frozen loads slide out of them like “popsicles”:

dolf10dolf11Things got very specific this morning, with Dolf giving directions on exactly how to freeze the loads:


Here’s the full text of Dolf’s directions, which now includes new information that another porn star will be fucking the loads into him, and Dolf won’t be doing the insemination himself:

dolf13Best of luck to Dolf Dietrich.

  • Geo Mendez

    Girl no… uh, uh….I can’t even…. :-(

  • FrenchBug

    After many years of reading Zach, I think we need to start working on a pornstar mental health problem scale.
    We’d go from:
    – personality disorder mental health issues (the Michael Lucas)
    – mildly amusing mental health issues (the Diesel Washington)
    – harmless but irritating mental health issues (the Tegan Zayne)
    – irritating and not harmless mental health issues (the Nica Noelle)
    – drug-related mental health issues (the Killian James)
    – the get-this-guy-to-a-shrink-now mental health issues (the Spencer Fox)
    – the genuinely horrifying mental health issues (the Dolf Dietrich)
    – the get-this-guy-to-jail mental health issues (the Sebastian Young)
    – the actually sad mental health issues (the Jonathan Agassi)

    What nuance am I forgetting?

    • Default_User

      the deranged twink (Jake Lyons)
      the anger issue (Clark Parker)

      • danny

        Clark Parker is an arrogant asshole.

    • pilot101

      some of them don’t have any issues. They are just assholes and deserve to be dragged to hell. That “oh sorry my behaviour i have some mental issues” excuse is bullshit.

      • FrenchBug

        You know, with hindsight, I think this indeed amounts to nothing more than DD’s usual “pay-attention-to-me” routine. Picking random Twitter fights was so yesterday. And it worked, right? Here we are talking about this piece of trash again.

    • Casey Scott

      Which nuance would Mason Wyler, who faked his own sexual assault, be?

      • FrenchBug

        Well, if I move past the “horrifying” monicker I used above to tie this in with the current story, I’d say Dolf and him are roughly in the same attention-seeking category, wouldn’t you say?

  • Pinko of the Grange

    I thought noting could ever get near “bug chasing” as just frickin’ odd,
    I was wrong.

  • B.C.

    After initial shock I carefully started to read this…got a little lost with load mathematics, then started thinking what kind of person would actually send his frozen juice to Dolf…but what really got me pondering was who is the unfortunate “yet to be determined” pornstar who will have the immense honour of planting frosty sperm into Dolf. Yuck!

  • Xzamilloh
  • Cosmic

    Is this porn or fucking Fear Factor?!

  • C3xxx

    What a vial (sic) human being

  • stephen

    all these guys family members and roommates going into their freezer to throw some ice in their drink are in for a shock

    • Scrapple


  • This is too gay for me.

    • Jason

      Me too, gurl. Me too.

  • Scrapple

    I can’t believe people are really this bored and this stupid and this thirsty. All the time he spent mapping all this out he could’ve got fucked and chilled the loads fresh himself. Anyone who sends him frozen sperm is an idiot for intentionally violating post office mailing procedures and for believing Dolf is actually going to do this. He’ll probably hit up a warehouse club (BJ’s would be the obvious choice) and grab a few packages of Greek yogurt (probably Fage, given the convenient spelling) and bam, what looks like a cumsicle is really a probiotic pop. Don’t fall for this scam, people. I’m sure there are needy men within your own community who could use a sperm donation. Give it to them, not this lazy, tired whore.

    • c_find

      jlube mixed with cum lube is a much more convincing as fake lube. Of so I’ve been told LOL

  • Eric

    #lifegoals #mamawouldbeproud

  • McM.

    Treasure Island already did the “1,000 Load Fuck”. Not sure why they’d want to take a step backwards with 200 loads.

  • GN
  • Jason


    And “virtually no chance he will catch any NEW STD” – ftfy

  • nick

    Some people have too much time on their hands and need to get a regular person job.

  • RaJ
  • Jace
  • sxg

    Where’s Trenton Ducati when you need him?!?!?

  • M__M

    I don’t think USPS will allow that much cum through their routes.

  • maccal
  • Marko

    Dolf has fans?

  • Josh in OR

    Uh…cool? *gag* I mean, whatever *dry heave* floats your, uh…boat, right? *holds up a finger as I turn and vomit* No judgement here, man!

  • PaulieP

    That is f’ed up. It’s gonna be 75 degrees in NYC today and he has no doorman. I hope those packages don’t de frost while waiting for him to pick em up…..

  • carlsays

    Anyone that would do that is nuts, just what they need is peoples DNA at a crime scene , Never know what could happen in this crazy world

  • Kanaka

    Baby batter?! Ew.

  • Alex Lawson
  • More

    fucking gross bastard ass bastard🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤔

  • More

    come on lets go

  • W Murphy

    He’s just like Ace Era – hot looking guy but disgusting personality. I’ve never heard of something so off-putting! YUCK

    • What about Ace Era’s personality is so disgusting?

      • FrenchBug

        I don’t know what W Murphy is referring to but someone who tattoos “Fuck Me” on his butt is … not all there.

        • He prefers to let it be quite apparent he is a bottom I guess. I wouldn’t get that tattoo either but I don’t think it is a sign of mental illness. Lots of people get weird stuff tattooed on their bodies. I would say the Fuck Me is better than a racist tattoo anywhere on ones body.

          • FrenchBug

            W Murphy said nothing about mental illness. He said he had a disgusting personality and I think the tattoo illustrates what he was referring to – per your question.
            “not all there” on my part wasn’t meant to refer to mental illness as much as poor judgement and trashiness.

  • von schlomo

    She wants it as long as it hasn’t thawed out or smells foul! Because THAT would be nasty.

  • TB

    This bitch needs therapy not overnight postage!

  • GuruMike

    Good lord, isn’t he afraid of getting a big ole load of frozen ricin in liquid?

  • Casey Scott

    It’s like the porn industry and the people within it are trying so hard to one-up each other they’ve completely lost sight of what they’re supposed to be doing. You usually should just KISS: Keep It Simple, Stupid. Two hot guys having quality sex, anal or oral, with or without condoms, is a trued-and-true formula that will never go out of style. What the fuck is this ridiculous load-shoving nonsense? I’m with Xzamilloh, blow it all up and start over again from the basics.