Donald Burns Is Selling His Palm Beach Brothel For $29 Million

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don orgy

Ever wanted to sleep in the same room where people like Sean Cody’s Taylor, Ashton, Willis, and Jarek had wild gay sex orgies with extorted Republican Donald Burns? Now you can, for the low, low price of $28,750,000!

burns house

According to Corcoran Group Real Estate, disgraced Republican multimillionaire Donald Burns is selling his infamous Palm Beach brothel, where he handed out envelopes of cash to multiple gay porn stars and prostitutes every 3-6 weeks after having group sex orgies all over the oceanfront property.

Architecturally distinct with glorious and ample living spaces including sunlit living room with open beamed ceiling, exquisite formal dining room, pecky cypress library, and more, you can entertain your family and friends in true Palm Beach style.

“Entertain” is certainly one way to put what went on at big Don’s house! The 9,427 sq. foot home has 6 bedrooms and a whopping 8.5 bathrooms (the same number of inches in Ashton’s cock!). Which one of these tacky rooms do you think Don, Jarek, Willis, Ashton, Arthur, Taylor, et al. fucked in the most?

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Donald Burns might have great taste in Sean Cody models, but his taste in furniture is absolutely horrendous!


My guess is that many of the gay fuckfests took place in and around the picturesque swimming pool. It almost looks like a Sean Cody set!

1909975703 17 05(FYI: The above three photos are not actual photos of Donald Burns’ house, but you get the idea.)

The Palm Beach brothel was listed in mid-April, shortly after it became public knowledge that Donald Burns’ was hosting gay sex orgies with prostitutes on the property. Guess he’s not very popular with his neighbors anymore?

If you’ve got an extra $28M lying around and you’d like to take this whore house off of Donald Burns’ hands, give his real estate agents a call! Paulette and Dana Koch are the listing agents, and they can be reached at (561) 346-8639 and (561) 379-7718, respectively.


  • robirob

    The pool and the view look nice, but I very much agree that the (I hope it’s staged for the home sale) interior design is just tacky. I mean, that’s the home (or one of the homes) of the guy who drove the now infamous age inappropriate Audi R8 (are there actually images of Don Burns with his Audi R8 he handed over to Teofil)?

    • sxg

      I don’t see anything wrong with the decor. It’s typical decor for a house owned by someone with that type of money. The natural wood finish on the ceiling though is hideous and totally fucks up the look of the rooms.

      • Zealot

        a bit heavy on the chintz, but it is tasteful.

  • Myko

    No not escorts or prostitutes .. this week we shall call them whores !!!

  • sxg

    Are you so desperate for another huge scandal to break that in the meantime you’re gonna milk this one to the very last drop??? lol

  • Bradster

    Is this blog entirely dedicated to the Donald Burns scandal now?

  • John Iii

    It’s time to move on from this. The trial is over conviction obtained. It’s no longer news. you’ll have to find another story Zach. This one is done.

  • Jer

    The interior of that house leaves much to be desired. What a waste of money.

  • AntonMitchell

    Oh god.
    A person who tries to impress hookers with an Audi lives in that house. Quel surprise!
    Jesus. It’s enough to make the set designer on Sunset Beach hang their head in shame. Screw you if you don’t remember the series.
    Votes Republican, exploits prostitutes, has blue couches like those. A triple threat.
    (And don’t get me started on the fugly floral print curtains in the kitchen. Who does that!?)

  • thomas

    Donald need to leave these young guys alone and hook up with me. I would hook up with him not for his money but for his………….ok you got me, I have a high ass sprint bill… And I live on ocean blvd in Florida.

    • sxg

      lol Sprint.

  • Dazzer

    From court reporting one week to interior design critiquing the next, you truly are the Leonardo Da Vinci of gay porn blogging, Mr Sire,,, :-)

    [That good enough for you, Pascal?]

    • Pascal

      I’m still in awe of the fine work you performed over at Gawker to be quite frank ;). Quite lyrical if I may say so.

  • Scrapple

    I know realtors usually have to disclose if someone dies in a house that is on the market, if that death occurred within a certain timeframe. Does that also hold true if “partying” hookers were fucking/getting fucked throughout the property?

    This looks like one of those HGTV Dream Homes. You know, the one where multiple interior designers put their stamp on the house, and there’s no cohesiveness from room to room.

    • John Iii

      No that doesn’t have to be disclosed. I just wouldn’t take any of the furniture with the house.

      • Scrapple

        You never know when cloning is going to become a reality. You sure you wouldn’t want one of those sofa cushions? I’m sure the DNA is still salvageable.

        • Kandel

          At least they’ll be able to find Jerek’s easy enough, since he’s in the system now, and whatnot. The rest would be a crap shoot.
          “You too can have your own clown(typo and it stays) of Don Burns! There’s a 1/12 shot.”

  • beariac

    Don’s skill at hiring sex workers is only marginally better than his skill (or lack of) when employing interior designers, and proof that not all gay men are endowed with the ‘decorating gene’. Add a naked selfie (surely there’s some out there!) and the writers at would have a field day!

  • John Iii

    Typical decor for the Palm Beach crowd. What i’ve never understood are fireplaces in a beach front homes with fireplaces in South Florida. It rarely drops below 50 and that’s for like 3 days in the entire year. Dead of winter is 75 degrees.

    • DaveAtom

      lol. same thought. This happen all the time I guess with this kind of interior ‘design’, no matter the location.

  • NG212


    And just when you thought he had good taste. The kitchen is a highlight.

  • McM.

    Palm Beach: Great Place to Be If You Are Rich and White!

    Seriously, that place is still segregated on many levels. It has been the subject of sociological and economic studies. Palm Beach is also where the racist website/forum Stormfront was founded.

  • James

    My guess would be all of the above. As for the furniture he fought with Jarec over 2g, did you really think he’d have expensive pieces that would eventual be covered in jizz? Better to go cheap for those jizz orgies. But hay maybe he wasn’t cheap, he was just trying to appear straight with the bad taste and all.

    • John Iii

      It may not be your taste, but that stuff is most certainly not cheap.

      • James

        Sarcasm dude

  • Russell47

    Paulette & Dana KOCH? I didn’t know the Koch Brothers had sisters!!

  • CBW

    After close examination I have concluded that the first picture has been manipulated in some way. Trying to pinpoint exactly how 😉

    • Todd

      I think it was night outside when the photo was taken. They photoshopped it to look like it is daylight outside. 😉

  • Todd

    ‘And for an extra $ 100K, I’ll throw Justin Griggs into the deal …..’

  • DrunkEnough

    The real estate love child of Laura Ashley and Sean Cody.

  • OneOfTheManyChris

    Wish Zach would have given the history here. Burns bought the house for less than it cost to build it. The original owners ran out of money and the bank got it before anyone got to live there. It cost $34 million to build; the bank wanted $45 million, Burns offered them $16 million, the bank refused. Months later he offered $14.1 million and they accepted as it was clear that was the best they were even going to get.

    The house was sold furnished but I can’t tell whether this stuff is Burns’ additions or the original.

    I think the guy is pretty arrogant to think he can double his money on this one in just seven years. The market’s picked up, but anyone who has that kind of money to throw around will do enough due diligence to find themselves reading a gay porn site. :)

    • John Iii

      He’s probably not as “arrogant” as you think. We he bought it was at the height of the market crash in the area. He probably won’t get quite asking but he’ll get close.It’s not unusual to see folks that bought when he did for good properties to close to double or more what they spent 7 years ago. He’s on prime real estate and the market bounced back there. He’s a smart business man so knew at the time he was getting a deal and such a prime area could only come back.

    • Corax95

      You got this house confused with the one he owns in San Diego. He bought the San Diego house for $14.1 million, not this one in Palm Beach.

  • Zealot

    Just don’t take a black light to any of the furnishings.

    • Corax95

      I’m sure the house needs a Xenex germ-zapping robot!

      • Zealot

        Here’s an actual shot of Merry Maids showing up for the pre-showing clean up….

    • DaveAtom

      RoomRiders all the way

  • Kandel

    That furniture looks like it’s straight out of Blanche Devereaux’s living room. It was ugly then, it’s still fuckin’ ugly now. Seriously, floral print? Ugh…

  • Looks gaudy (the pad).

    • John Iii

      eh if someone can afford to drop 30 million on the place they can afford to redecorate.

  • Gazzaq

    Lovely place horrible furnishings is it really worth that price for the house??/

  • czer

    Zach, your obsession with Donald Burns is getting creepy. The trial is over, Jarec has been convicted by a jury. Time to move on from this story.

    • John Iii

      here here.

    • CA

      My guess is, it’s now more about “ratings”…or in this case, clicks or web traffic.

  • GN


  • Nickolas
  • Christ, no wonder he’s selling with that nightmare interior. Not even the view is a saving grace IMO.

  • TJF1306

    That shabby chic interior is a insult to good taste

  • lol – omg what an eye sore!!! LOL!!!