Judge Orders Sean Cody’s Ashton To Testify At Jarec Wentworth Trial

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03He was trying to get out of the defense’s subpoena, but a federal judge has just ordered Sean Cody’s Ashton to testify at next week’s Jarec Wentworth trial. Ashton is the only defense witness we know of so far, but there are undoubtedly several more, including Jarec Wentworth himself, presumably.


As you know, Ashton is a longtime “friend” and escort of Donald Burns—Wentworth’s alleged extortion victim—who made multiple high profile appearances with his older companion throughout the past two years. It’s believed that Ashton and Donald Burns were “introduced” to each other by Wentworth, who was being paid by Burns to set up the introductions and subsequent pay-for-sex meetings with at least 11 different Sean Cody models, according to the FBI.

Ashton and Burns became so close, the extremely well-hung Sean Cody model even lent his support to a Republican political ally of Burns who ran for Congress (and ultimately lost) in 2014.

Ashton had attempted to quash the defense’s subpoena and said he would invoke the Fifth Amendment privilege against self-incrimination. When that didn’t work, Ashton then tried to argue that he couldn’t attend the trial because it would interfere with his attendance at Comic Con! Here are excerpts from the defense’s motion arguing that Ashton’s (a.k.a. “MGA”) testimony is relevant and admissible:

mga2 mga3

I’ve been wondering what the defense’s strategy is going to be, and according to the text above (“MGA’s testimony is central to Brank’s theory of defense”), it relies heavily on Ashton.

Earlier today, the judge agreed with the defense and denied Ashton’s motion to quash the subpoena:


The trial is just five days away, and it’s getting more and more star-studded by the minute. With Sean Cody’s Taylor, Sean Cody’s Ashton, and Jarec Wentworth all in court, it’ll be just like old times for Don Burns! (Except none of them will be having sex with him).

ICYMI, my favorite Ashton scene (with Calvin, of course):

[Sean Cody: Ashton & Calvin Flip-Fuck Bareback]

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