Exclusive: Here’s Video Of Donald Burns And Sean Cody’s Taylor—Both Of Whom Will Testify Against Jarec Wentworth

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We’re less than a week away from the Jarec Wentworth trial, and Str8UpGayPorn has just learned who the prosecution plans to call to testify against the alleged extortionist and embattled gay porn star.

The prosecution’s witness list—which the defense has responded to below—includes FBI agents, Donald Burns, Justin Griggs (a.k.a. Sean Cody’s Taylor, a.k.a. CockyBoys’ Justin Matthews), and one mystery “cooperating witness.”


As you’ll recall, Jarec Wentworth and Sean Cody’s Taylor (Griggs) both “worked” for Donald Burns in Palm Beach late last year:

And as Donald Burns revealed during an FBI interview, he would regularly send Taylor/Justin Griggs money, under a “helping hand context”:


Given the “monetary support” Burns provided Griggs, it isn’t exactly a surprise that’s he now willing to testify for the prosecution (i.e., Donald Burns).

And here, for the first time ever, is video proof of Donald Burns with one of his paid companions, obtained exclusively by Str8UpGayPorn. The September, 2013 video unfortunately(?) features nothing sexual, but you will see Donald Burns dining with a group of his boys, as Justin Griggs narrates. If anyone can ID the other people in this video, please contact me.


UPDATE: After watching the video about a thousand times, I think I can safely ID the second person (after “Stuart”) Griggs calls out: Hayden! Look at “Hayden” closely, and you’ll see that it’s Sean Cody’s Willis. OMG.

hayden willisIf I’m correct (and I’m 99.9% certain that I am) we can now identify Willis as the NINTH Sean Cody model who Donald Burns paid (or attempted to pay) to fuck. Willis follows previously identified models Jarek, Randy, Curtis, Taylor, Jamie, Ashton, Arthur, and Aidan. And remember, the FBI has stated there were ELEVEN Don Burns escorts in total, so there are still two left to be identified.

Jarec Wentworth can’t be pleased to know that his former friend, fellow Donald Burns escort, and Sean Cody co-star is about to testify against him. Remember when Taylor and Jarek had a bareback three-way on Sean Cody with Brent? If Jarek thought Taylor was fucking him here, just wait until next week…

[Sean Cody: Taylor, Jarek, And Brent]


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