EXCLUSIVE: Jarec Wentworth’s Alleged Extortion Victim Donald Burns Tried To Buy A San Diego Election, With Help From Sean Cody’s Ashton

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Last month, Str8UpGayPorn published photos of telecommunications executive and wealthy Republican activist Donald Burns with his “best friend,” Sean Cody gay porn star Ashton. As you already know, the seemingly inseparable duo attended multiple charity events as well as Oscar and Grammy parties together throughout 2013 and 2014.

mackinzie-donIn addition to his “friendship” with Ashton, we now know that Donald Burns had a similar relationship with former Sean Cody model Jarek—a.k.a. Jarec Wentworth, a.k.a. Teo Brank—until that friendship turned very ugly and, allegedly, Brank attempted to extort $1,000,000 from Burns. We also know that Burns had multiple relationships with several other Sean Cody gay porn stars, and text messages obtained by Str8UpGayPorn proved that Burns was offering those gay porn stars thousands of dollars in exchange for “private meetings.”

IMG_23501Yesterday, the plot thickened as Sean Cody’s Ashton was brought back into the picture—not with Donald Burns, but with failed Republican congressional candidate Carl DeMaio. Here’s Ashton (far left) at a campaign photo-op last year in San Diego with the openly gay DeMaio, who lost the race to represent California’s 52nd district by just three points:

ashton carlAt first it seemed strange that a bareback gay porn star would be prominently featured in a Republican’s campaign photo (and listed as a Democratic endorser of DeMaio—this photo-op was all about Democrats and Independents “coming together” to support a Republican). What was Ashton doing there, and how did a straight man like him even know Carl DeMaio? Then again, Ashton and Carl’s special friendship actually isn’t so strange when you consider Ashton’s other gay Republican friend, Donald Burns. As it happens, Donald Burns was a huge supporter of Carl DeMaio, and he donated over $16,000 to help get him elected last year.

Federal Election Commission records show that Donald Burns made two $2,600 donations to DeMaio (the maximum amount allowed by law), one for the primary campaign and one for the general election:

don1 don2

When those donations weren’t enough, Donald Burns went ahead and made another big donation two months later, this time to the San Diego Republican party in the amount of $5,000—$5,000 that was undoubtedly funneled over to help the DeMaio campaign:


At this point, Donald Burns had already maxed out his donations to DeMaio and given $5,000 to the San Diego County GOP. In early September, he threw in an extra $800 to the California Republican party’s federal account, which again was likely funneled (at least in part) to help the DeMaio campaign:


Burns, it appears, was dead set on getting DeMaio elected, and his donations didn’t end with the $5,200 to the campaign, the $5,000 to the San Diego Republican Party, or the $800 to the California Republican Party.

In late September, Donald Burns made another $5,200 donation, this time to a conservative PAC called “California Congressional Young Guns Victory Fund”:


PACs are required to keep records of all the money they disburse, and one month after Burns’ donation, the California Congressional Young Guns Victory Fund PAC made a large disbursement to—surprise!—”Carl DeMaio For Congress”:


$16,200 is an absurd and uncommon amount of money to donate to one out-of-state congressional campaign, even for a man of Donald Burns’ wealth. In fact, Federal Election Commission records show that, since 1999, no single political campaign has received as much money from Donald Burns as Carl DeMaio’s failed campaign did.

Why did Donald Burns, a Florida resident, go to such relentless and extraordinary lengths to donate so much money to one congressional campaign in San Diego? Why was he interested in an election taking place on the other side of the country? (Burns does own property in La Jolla—the famed “Razor House”—but it isn’t in the 52nd District where DeMaio was running). What was Burns’ gay porn star best friend doing at one of the campaign’s photo-ops? Was Ashton’s companionship a campaign “gift” from Don to Carl? What, if anything, does the currently incarcerated Jarec Wentworth know about this trio’s extremely expensive relationship? If there’s a trial in the extortion case (it’s currently set for May 12th), we might find out.

Also, with all the tens of thousands of dollars being thrown around, neither one of these gay Republicans could buy their golden boy a new jacket?

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