EXCLUSIVE—Jarec Wentworth’s Shocking Prison Email: “Donald Burns Raped Me”

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jarec-wentworth-prison-emailOn March 23rd, Str8UpGayPorn exclusively reported that gay porn star Jarec Wentworth had been arrested for felony extortion in Los Angeles. According to the FBI, Wentworth (legal name Teofil Brank) demanded $1,000,000 and a condo from an unnamed victim, who had allegedly already given Wentworth/Brank at least $500,000 and an Audi R8. Last week, Str8UpGayPorn was able to confirm that the unnamed victim referred to as “D.B.” in court documents was telecommunications executive Donald Burns, a multimillionaire and registered Republican who has repeatedly sought to pay multiple Sean Cody gay porn stars money in exchange for “private meetings.”

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Late Sunday night, Str8UpGayPorn exclusively obtained a lengthy email from Teofil Brank with the subject line, “The Truth.” It was sent via incarcerated prisoner email service CorrLinks and confirmed to have come from Brank’s inmate ID. The email is presented below in its entirety, unedited, and separated into five parts.

Teofil Brank, as you might expect, believes that he is innocent. In his version of events, Donald Burns was paying him willingly, and the money he received was never extorted. And, according to Brank, Burns offered him the Audi freely and without ever being threatened. Here, for the first time since his arrest, is Jarec Wentworth/Teofil Brank in his own words: teo1

Next, Brank says that Burns went so far as to “beg” him to take the $1,000,000, which of course completely contradicts the FBI’s version of events. Brank also writes that he feared for his safety (which, if you believe him, would explain why he had his associate bring a loaded gun to the scene of his arrest), and that the FBI edited his text messages as part of a larger government effort to frame him and protect Burns:

teo2Whether or not you fully believe Brank’s conspiracy theory, this next portion does raise questions (for me at least) about the kinds of protections and privileges that the very wealthy in this country are afforded.

Given that Donald Burns was able to get the FBI involved and arranging a dramatic sting operation all in less than 24 hours of first contacting them, it would appear that he had some pull with someone. Was it his money? His lawyers? A special friendship with someone in the government? Even in the FBI’s own affidavit, Brank never made any threats of physical violence against Burns. Is it routine for the FBI to go to such quick and elaborate lengths to help someone who was never in any physical danger?


I first caught the Toefil/Teofil issue back on March 26th, and two weeks later, his name is still misspelled in the inmate locator system. Typos do happen, but could Brank be on to something? Could the government really be trying to make him hard to find in order to protect Donald Burns? Then again, giving Brank access to email means they can’t be trying too hard.

In this next portion, Brank reveals details about a sexual situation involving him, Donald Burns, and several other gay porn stars:

teo4It’s hard to have sympathy for Brank, and it’s especially hard to believe this final portion given his size and appearance, as compared to Donald Burns. Brank ends his email with the shocking claim that Donald Burns raped him, and that any money exchanged between them was “hush money,” not extortion:

teo5 If Brank is telling the truth and Donald Burns did rape him, that might at least partially explain what Brank was threatening to “expose” about Burns in the alleged extortion scheme. Will the other porn star who came into the room and “pushed Don off” of Brank testify? And even if he did, how would that help Brank fight the extortion charge?

Two years ago, when the alleged rape occurred, Brank was still working in San Diego, so it’s safe to assume the other gay porn star present in the La Jolla hotel was also a Sean Cody model. If he is reading this and is willing to come forward, please email me.

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