Exclusive—Sean Cody’s Arthur: “Donald Burns Was One Of My Biggest Clients”

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Last month, an FBI report submitted as evidence in the upcoming Jarec Wentworth trial revealed that alleged extortion victim Donald Burns had attempted to hire at least 11 gay porn star escorts via Wentworth. As Str8UpGayPorn has already confirmed, we know the identity of four of those men: Sean Cody’s Randy, Sean Cody’s Curtis, Sean Cody’s Taylor, and Sean Cody’s Jamie. We also know that Donald Burns had an ongoing relationship with Sean Cody’s Ashton. And, of course, we know that Donald Burns had a volatile and allegedly sexually abusive relationship with Jarec Wentworth himself.

That makes six different Sean Cody models that Donald Burns allegedly paid (or tried to pay) to fuck, and now Str8UpGayPorn can identify a seventh Sean Cody model who claims that Donald Burns paid to fuck him: Sean Cody’s Arthur (a.k.a. Ricky Decker).

db5523During a live webcam show Wednesday night on Randy Blue, Sean Cody’s Arthur—who is now performing in gay porn under the name Ricky Decker—told a room full of viewers that he escorted for Donald Burns “many times,” traveled to Palm Springs with the Republican multimillionaire and several other “boys,” and even took a ride in that now infamous Audi R8.

One live show viewer has written into Str8UpGayPorn to report what Arthur told viewers:

[Arthur] has escorted for Donald Burns a few times. He did point out that Donald does have an Audi, and that [the last time] he remembers communicating with him was in February. He says he never felt mistreated by Donald, but can’t speak for others. He also said he never had any issues with Jarec ever.

Here is a screencap of Arthur/Ricky Decker’s chat room, including viewers’ questions and responses when he was discussing Jarec, the Audi, and Donald Burns. The site being referenced by viewers is Str8UpGayPorn:

TfFPDmUTAnother viewer who was in the chat has written into Str8UpGayPorn to relay even more of what Arthur/Ricky revealed during the live show, most of which corresponds to the dialog seen above:

I got into the chat when [Ricky] began talking about how nice the Audi is. Then somebody else was like, “Oh you were in Jarek’s Audi?” and he’s like, “No, not Jarek…Don. Don would always pick me up in an Audi.”

Ricky said (verbally) that Don would pick him and some boys up for parties in Palm Springs.

He had only nice things to say about Don, didn’t say anything about Jarek or the case. Said that Don was a client many times but he hadn’t heard from him recently, and was wondering why.

Somebody else in the chat mentioned that [Str8UpGayPorn] speculated that Ricky was hired by [Don], and he goes, “Of course I was. Everybody knew [Don] was one of my biggest clients. Bummer I don’t hear from him anymore, he was great.”

I kept trying to ask about who fucked whom, but he wouldn’t acknowledge those questions. Just that they had a good time. Oh, he also mentioned how Don spent money like it was no tomorrow. He had no problem throwing down [for the] boys.

I truly was only speculating when I suggested that Arthur/Ricky could’ve been one of the escorts whom Donald Burns paid to fuck. As I wrote last month:

donricky8. Ricky Decker
Ricky was not only a scene partner of Brank’s at Men.com, but he was also “Arthur” on Sean Cody. Plus, he’s straight and has a great body. If anyone fit all of Don’s requirements, it would be Ricky Decker.

I don’t know if I should feel smart, lucky, or kind of grossed out that I’m able to accurately predict Donald Burns’ taste in escorts? If you or someone you know were one of “Don’s boys,” please contact me. Anonymity guaranteed.

And, here’s what Donald Burns was paying for (worth every penny, IMHO):

[Sean Cody: Arthur]