EXCLUSIVE: Is This Jarec Wentworth In The Allegedly Extorted Audi R8?

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Above is a picture of Jarec Wentworth from his latest Men.com scene (being released tomorrow), “Home Wrecker.

Below, a stock photo of a 2012 Audi R8:


And, here is a photo sent to Str8UpGayPorn of a person who appears to be Jarec Wentworth sitting inside of an Audi R8:


Assuming that is in fact Jarec Wentworth inside of an Audi R8, is it the same Audi R8 that Jarec Wentworth is accused of extorting (along with $500,000) from a wealthy victim? Probably! (Unless Jarec Wentworth had a second Audi R8??)

Str8Up’s tipster writes:

This guy came back to [Sacramento] showing off his new ride, putting it in ppls faces we knew he couldnt have made so much money with gay porn, then he told us his rich ceo friend bought him it and his 30k watch he had on

Do you have any photos of Jarec Wentworth in an Audi R8? Feel free to send them to me at: [email protected]


Here is another photo from my tipster of what is alleged to be the same Audi R8:



For those of you who just can’t get enough Jarec Wentworth, the trailer for “Home Wrecker” on Men.com:

[Men.com: Jarec Wentworth Fucks Chris Harder]


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