Corbin Fisher’s Chris Sucks Dylan’s Cock After It’s Inside Of A Pussy During Bi Three-Way

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Bi king Dylan is back for another guy/girl/guy three-way on Corbin Fisher, and in a surprise twist, the guy being fucked in today’s threesome is Chris (after they spit-roast the unidentified woman, of course).

As you’ll recall, Dylan stole the show as the powerbottom in his last bi scene, but this time it’s Chris being fucked, and it’s only his second time as a bottom at CF (his bottoming debut was in a gay scene last month).

Highlights include Chris sucking Dylan’s cock as he slides it in and out of the lady’s pussy:


And, of course, it’s extremely hot to see a straight guy like Chris being fucked up the ass by another dude, but the woman’s bright red nails are a bit of a distraction. One wrong move, and it looks like she could’ve sliced something open:

Jesus, they look like bloody meat hooks.

chrisd22222I like nice nails, darlin’, but it’s better when the girl and her whorey nails aren’t involved.

Dylan fucks the cum out of Chris, then busts a huge nut all over his ass, and here’s the trailer (watch full scene here):

[Corbin Fisher: Dylan And Chris Fuck Bareback With A Girl]

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