Exclusive: Blake Mitchell And Casey Tanner Break Up AGAIN After Affair With “Homewrecker” Sean Ford

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breakupFor the second time in less than six months, twink powercouple Blake Mitchell and Casey Tanner have once again broken up, and this time there’s another Helix model involved, according to Casey Tanner. That model is newcomer Sean Ford (above, center), who slept with Blake Mitchell off camera during a recent Helix Studios production in Las Vegas. Shortly after the shoot last week, Blake Mitchell broke up with Casey Tanner, but it wasn’t until yesterday that Tanner got Mitchell to admit that he had cheated on him with Sean Ford.

“[Blake] broke up with me, and then I kept pushing for the reason why,” Tanner tells Str8UpGayPorn. “I am very intuitive, so I knew something was going on. So, I asked and I asked, and then he told me he cheated on me with Sean. I’m done with Blake. Sean Ford is a homewrecker, and he can stay his ass in Arkansas.”

According to Tanner, Mitchell cheated with Ford last week at a shoot house in Las Vegas. The two performed in a scene together, but they continued to have sex off camera. This was confirmed to Tanner by Mitchell himself and other models who were in the house.

“Blake admitted it to me last night. I’m waiting for Sean’s response, and I’ve had everyone else in the house confirm it.”

A behind-the-scenes photo from that shoot is below, which shows Sean Ford sucking on Blake Mitchell’s cock. It’s not clear if this was before or after Mitchell and Ford had sex off camera.

CqGFNb2XgAAIp_p“They had a whole house full of Helix models,” Tanner explains. “I’m not sure of sleeping situations for everyone, but Sean and my boyfriend made sure they were together. Well, ex-boyfriend.”

Following this latest break-up, it’s not immediately clear who will live where, as Tanner and Mitchell have been sharing a Seattle apartment. With regard to the couple’s two dogs, Tanner tells Str8UpGayPorn, “[Catch] is most certainly mine. As is everything else in the apartment.”

As of post time, neither Blake Mitchell nor Sean Ford (who are currently appearing together in Helix’s Lifeguards series) have responded to request for comment on this story. UPDATE: Mitchell has issued a brief statement, telling Str8UpGayPorn, “He cheated on me first. Two times, same month. But who’s keeping score?”

As for Casey Tanner, he’s trying to remain positive, and just shot his own scene in San Diego with Calvin Banks.

“Calvin Banks and I had a fantastic scene yesterday,” Tanner reveals, adding, “and Calvin has the best dick I’ve ever had. He trumps Blake for sure.”


  • Dale Bergman
  • Xzamilloh

    Yeah, no I totally would cheat on Casey Tanner with the guy in the middle. Sorry, but I would… don’t know what to say.


    • Str8upgaypornlover

      I was honestly thinking the exact same thing.. Tanner or Ford. Umm Ford by light years.

    • sam my

      The whole situation is so highschool. Lol

      • Green4clover

        They are high school age afterall

    • WhimsyCotton

      What you’re saying is you’d fuck Sean Ford over Casey Tanner (no debating you there). The real question is would you risk your relationship, if you’re in one, to get it on with a fuck boy?

      • Xzamilloh

        Hell no. But I’m not a 20 something porn star that’s paid to fuck hot dudes and then go-go dance on the side (I’m assuming. I don’t know what they do. and I have only watched one scene of theirs)

  • HIkkI78909

    Its OK to fuck other people as long as u don’t enjoy yourself too much and there’s a camera rolling! Lol!

  • kevin

    Once again, the idea of gay pornboys having committed, monogamous relationships is so ridiculous it doesn’t stand discussing.

    Casey needs to find a partner outside the business. As for Blake . . . just continue working with DaveyWavey. He’s just your speed

    Given Blake’s level of commitment in general, Casey should get custody of both dogs.

  • Ed Woody

    So fucking what? They’re teenagers with a hardon, it’s inevitable. It’s ridiculous to expect hot young guys to not fuck around whenever they have the chance. Expecting monogamy at that age is naive.

    • R.A.M.J

      Expecting monogamy while working in porn naive.

      • Harley

        Expecting monogamy at all is naive.

        • R.A.M.J

          That I have to disagree with.

      • Sean

        Monogamy is not a natural state for ANY person. JFK, Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Brad Pitt, any countless other people have not been monogamous. Porn has NOTHING to do with it

        • R.A.M.J

          Dont start with that bull shit, because thats not true. Im not even going to start this arguement. Just because you ornthhe men you mentioned, cant keep it in your pants doesnt make it true for the rest of us.

          • gaysiantwink

            You sound way too heteronormative.

          • R.A.M.J

            ellaborate, please!

          • OneOfTheManyChris

            The OP did say ANY person, which would include the most monogamous group of them all, lesbians.

          • Sean

            You wont start the debate because science is settled on it.You have decided that monogomy is what you want. It isnt natural (based on you watching porn is enough to prove that). You just CHOOSe to not act on it. How others CHOOSE to live is none of YOUR fucking business. You are as bad as the religious right wing assholes who tell gay people that they cant REALLY be married. How does what THEY do have any effect on your life? Oh thats right, without them you are pathetic loser with nothing to be sanctimonious about.

          • R.A.M.J

            You need to do further research in your science because many species of animals practice monogamy.
            I don’t watch much porn anymore. My husband and I make our own, however watching porn has nothing to do with monogamy.
            I don’t give a fuck what people do in their bedrooms, but when they post it on PUBLIC SOCIAL MEDIA they open themselves up for unsolicited comments.
            Not once did I tell anyone they couldn’t practice open relationship or polyamory, I did say and do believe its stupid as fuck and that is my opinion, but they have that right to be stupid much like you seem to be practicing.
            Im the pathetic loser, but you’re the one getting actually pissed about some shit that doesn’t concern you either (unless you are Sean Ford).
            What have I done the is “sanctimonious”?

    • Benjam

      Jesus you guys are jaded.

      • Ed Woody

        I call it realistic. For some reason, nature has chosen to afflict teenagers with two completely contradictory impulses – the emotional need to instantly pair bond, and the physical need to fuck everything that moves.

        Mix that with being gay (in which you don’t have to wine and dine females to get your end away) and with the gay porn industry (in which you are constantly surrounded by equally hot and equally horny young gay guys) and this kind of drama is completely inevitable.

        Accepting that inevitability would actually remove a lot of the drama from it, but it is also the nature of teenagers to believe that they are completely unique and no-one will ever understand them even while doing the exact same thing every teenager in the history of the species has ever done.

        Seriously, in ten years they will look back and wonder what the hell the big deal was.

  • R.A.M.J

    I take back what I said about Blake seeming like a great guy. I dont condone cheating regardless of job or aesthetics of any partner. Casey, keep your head up sweety.

  • FeydRautha
  • Andre

    So he had sex with a guy twice in a day. The money time was fine, the free time was not.


    • V1

      It wasn’t cheating, it was a rehearsal. You know, practice makes perfect!

      • R.A.M.J

        you don’t usually practice, right after the game. Just saying.

        • Xzamilloh

          You do if you’re a winner. Don’t hate lol

    • Dale Bergman

      Do Blake and Casey really think that we care about their dirty laundry? I am so sick of these two.


      • Sean

        Yet you read the article. If you don’t care, DON’T READ IT. Oh that’s right, you think it is cool of you to say you don;t care

        • Dale Bergman

          I never never read it the article…

          • Sean

            Oh so you are just a MORON who comments on shit he doesnt read, That makes you lazy, stupid and irrelevant to ANYTHING to do on the subject, Now go back to thinking you are cool with your stupid GIFS.

          • Dale Bergman

            Why would I read about two porn stars that I’m not a fan of? They’re both attention whores and I could care less about their dirty laundry. I stated my opinion 12 days ago and moved on. You ignorantly accused me of reading the article and now you’re insulting me because I didn’t. You’re also projecting with your insults.


            Take care.

    • Benjam

      Well, yeah actually.

  • robirob

    I think it’s very shortsighted to insist on monogamy. We are fickle beings and easily exited by new, shiny things. I believe the real mature thing to do is to admit that shit happens and it’s better to be honest about it and base a relationship on honesty and the promise to stay together as long both appeciate each others’ company to keep it light, easy, and harmonic instead of treating it like a co-dependency hostage situation.

  • littlebell94

    Really not shocking at all. If you watched Blake & Sean’s previous scene, which came out a few weeks ago, you could see there was definitely something “more” going on then work. Blake has been filming a long time and the only scene he has ever been in with the same chemistry was his scene with Casey (Raw Exposure). Wouldn’t be surprised if Casey found out it happened a few times before.

  • ToxicBrew

    It’s hysterical that “work fucking” is ok but not off the clock in the same day? That’s fucking hilarious!

  • R.A.M.J

    All this being said. I got $5 saying they’ll be back together when they both get lonely

    • sanfv

      Vadim Black would like to play the role of bookie. Everyone, please send your 5$ through PayPal using ktvalliere@hotmail.com for… Um… “Safekeeping”. Fund will be distributed upon their reconciliation.

  • C3xxx

    Davey Wavey was heard squealing with glee as he tries his chance with Blake.

  • sanfv

    “Relationship”… Lols

    Move on a eat something! I can see everyone’s ribcage for pete’s ( from CF) sake!

  • R.A.M.J

    Uh oh things are getting petty now. Lol

  • FrenchBug

    I know “It is work, not the same yada yada” but I do find it very confusing when porn performers dating each other get jealous or break up over “cheating”. You ARE having sex with other people on a regular basis for work! If you are that sensitive about that ambiguous boundary, maybe you should not date in the business.

    • Audran

      Well, i believe there is a difference. Like in every other relationship for that matter. The problem is not ” Sex with someone else” but breaking the rules that have been established between to the two of them. It’s a matter of trust. It’s not that hard to understand

  • Todd

    These are the Days Of Twinks’ Lives

    That hussy,SeANI !!!!!

  • Knightgee

    I’m not really sure how something like this even works? You’re both porn actors. You both regularly have sex with other young attractive models and get paid to do it. It seems like an industry tailor-made to fuck up a sexually monogamous relationship, as you’re always being introduced to men that you might have more sexual chemistry with than your current partner. How do you even draw the distinction between when the sex matters and when it doesn’t? Oh you slept with him for money and probably enjoyed it just as much as when you slept with him for free, but only the latter one is cheating? This kind of setup seems like it’s obviously doomed from the start and all the public drama over it (“I’m waiting for Sean’s response” like, girl…) is so attention-seeking.

    • OneOfTheManyChris

      Actually lots of porn actors create very specific boundaries about this kind of thing and that’s how they can keep the trust in the relationship. They “cheated” on their own rules about when sex matters.

  • McM.

    Blake Mitchell cheated. That’s fine. But Casey Tanner is absolutely in the WRONG for attacking or assigning blame to Sean Ford in any manner.

    In many respects I consider open relationships to be as valid as the more common physically monogamous ones, but since they are uncommon those involved cannot expect outsiders to adhere to their boundaries. This is because those boundaries are negotiated by the couple, can be situational and subject to change, and tend to be unique – and more importantly the details of the agreement is kept between the two. Social guidelines for outsiders to follow simply do not exist.

    So unless Sean Ford sat through an hour long orientation and received the utmost current version outline of “[Insert Couples Name] Open Relationship Agreement“, or had Casey Tanner on speakerphone prior to the deed to ensure every little thing he did was okay, he is in no way at fault for the cheating that took place. That lies entirely with Blake Mitchell because he knew where the line was. I’m bettering Sean Ford did not, and Casey calling him a homewrecker is fucked up.

    • R.A.M.J

      If Sean Ford knew that Blake was in a relationship (which how could he NOT know), then yes, he is just as guilty as Blake.

      • Xzamilloh

        I wouldn’t say just as guilty, but definitely messed up. Sean Ford isn’t obligated to Casey Tanner so while he should have respected their relationship, Blake is the one that was in the relationship, not Sean. Sean didn’t cheat… Blake did.

        • R.A.M.J

          true, just as guilty is a bit much, but No, he’s not totally innocent.

      • McM.

        When interacting with monogamous couples on this level, people operate on a socially communicated set of behaviors based on a tacit understanding of what is and is not considered cheating. Both those within the relationship and without have a general idea that a person’s sexual and emotional intimacy is reserved for their partner. However, open relationships break convention, and most everything society taught us is cheating… isn’t. So an outsider has nothing to base appropriate behavior upon.

        Also, I personally believe it is ridiculous for one or both parties in an open relationship to understand they are unlike other couples, yet still expect everyone around to know the details of their agreement. Again, unless there was an orientation, outsiders have no social responsibly to maintain the integrity of an sexually open relationship when fucking one or both parties. That responsibility lies with the couple. Sean Ford was outsider and could ONLY go by what Blake Mitchell told him was acceptable behavior. The same goes for any other person Blake Mitchell and Casey Tanner fucked on and off camera.

        If Sean Ford comes out and says he knew fucking Blake off camera was cheating then I’ll say he is guilty of shady behavior. Until then, the kid is simply being used as a ploy to increase drama and attention for the couple. Their social media feeds must be blowing up, and I’m guessing they’re loving it.

  • n24rc

    The two of you routinely fuck other people in porn, LMAO

    What a bunch of assholes!

  • Zealot

    str8upgayporn affiliate, porn-nosy.com has obtained actual footage of Sean Ford actually wrecking the Mitchell-Tanner home….while an obviously confused and distraught Blake Miller looks on helplessly.

    • sanfv

      I pray catch the dog was not injured by Sean’s homewreaking escapades.

      • Zealot

        Catch the Dog’s representation, A.R.F. Associates asked lead counsel of record Peepers Woofington III to address fears from the general public regarding his status while this unfortunate event plays out. Peepers states that while Catch is understandably bereft, further comment will be delayed until the outcome of pending legal action regarding Kelly Osborne who suffers from similar circumstances. Catch is reticent to repeat Kelly’s errors and possibly invite retribution from Sean, or his pussy, Iris McMeowington-Goldberg. Therefore, Catch remains, for the time being, muzzled by choice.

  • Pertinax

    Such a modern relationship !

  • Rob Wilson

    OK I’ll come out and say it. How are these two a powercouple?

  • Luca

    Maybe a couple that breaks up twice in few months is a house that is just waiting for to be wrecked.

  • The gay green lartern

    I wanted to poke my eyes out when I read the this headline….

    • R.A.M.J

      who cares about what ANY of these porn stars posted on this blog, do? As much as I commented on Pena, Everett and Smith, I really could give a fly fuck what they do. Same goes for Cameron Diggs, these three, the Sanitation’s, etc. It just all in good fun. Not like any of the people are saving the fucking planet. Just stuff less serious to talk about with all the seriousness in the world.

      • The gay green lartern

        Well said ?

      • Xzamilloh

        *Gasp * How dare you??? Colby Keller has saved millions!! His “Colby Does America” was the most artistic display of altruism that has ever been witnessed in the recorded history of mankind. And Boomer Banks… his milquetoast personality, faux sophistication and angst masked in arty pretentiousness, stiff movement in sex scenes, and a false sense of accomplishment created a renaissance in gay pornography, saving the lives of those struggling pretentious gay porn stars. Brute Club owes his life to Boomer. Don’t you dare say these people aren’t saving the planet. As we speak, Mickey Taylor is plugging up the ozone layer with Astroglide!!

        And I won’t hear otherwise


        • R.A.M.J


  • R.A.M.J

    It seems like a lot of people here can’t separate the two, fucking on set and fucking off set for pleasure. I understand that the job of porn actor in itself is not monogamy friendly based on the basic definition of the job.
    However, they’re have been plenty of porn actors who don’t mix the two. The fucking on set is not passionate like we all think it is. Imagine fucking your partner at home, with someone yelling, “Cut”, “Change Position”, “Wait we have to fix this lighting” Not very romantic is it?
    But if its agreed upon to not fuck off set. then that is a form of monogamy. Plenty of porn actors, go do their scene, and go home to their spouse. if they play, they play together. Not all porn actors are like the Sanitation’s who fuck everything breathing, and don’t seem to have any set rules on who, where, and how they can fuck which is again disgusting for hygienic reason, but I digress.
    The job is the job and the personal life is the personal life. In short Blake brought his work “Home” with him, and if Blake is telling the truth, Casey has too. sounds like they both need to be single for longer than a week and see if they really love each other, and if Sean knew Blake was in a relationship, then he is just as wrong unless blake told him they broke up or he was going to break up with casey, which I see as happening considering he seems to have broken up without explanation. Blake was probably planning this break up before he and sean fucked. In that case he should have manned up, and did it before he left and this wouldn’t be an issue, at least not as big of one.

  • Galaxy_Scribe

    I hope this is them breaking up for good. Their aggressive whoring of their relationship saps all of Blake’s hot. Casey doesn’t have any to sap.

    How do you cheat when your entire income is based on sex with other guys?

  • Galaxy_Scribe

    Blake > Sean > > > > > Casey

    Also, you’re like 20 years old and in porn. Calm the fuck down.

  • turbo27

    For Blake, based on looks and body only, Sean is definitely an improvement over Casey. Blake’s glasses make him look so unattractive. The guy would look so much better without them.

  • Mike Julius
  • R.A.M.J

    for the record Casey is cute. when his hair is short and not bleach blonde, Plus he and Blake both have nice dicks.

  • Justandra

    They need to sit their lil twink asses down. You work in porn, chances are someone is going to fuck someone else, not to mention they both have the mentality of teens. They don’t need to be any relationship. Enjoy being single. Now the poor dogs have to suffer. They will make up before the year is over.

  • R.A.M.J

    Zach, when do you update your Gay porn power couples thread? I’ve lost track of whos together, broken up, added people, etc.
    I know pena, and everett have dropped smith, I don’t think Luke adams is with Joey d and Johnny V anymore, paul cannon and damien kyle are over. now these two, and there’s another im missing.

    • R.A.M.J

      Theo Ford and Shawn are the other ones im thinking about.

  • JK3

    I mean, I know they do porn and all, but if we were both committed to a monogamous relationship (which given Blake’s tea might not be the case), I’d be majorly pissed too if you were cheating. There’s having sex in the confines of a scene w/ foreknowledge, and then there’s fucking on the side, behind someone’s back without scene testing or knowledge. #TeamDogs.

    That being said, Helix twink drama is my guilty pleasure. Will Sean Ford and Blake become a new power couple? Check back next week.

  • kkdd1

    Casey needs 2 stop WHINING based upon his last paragraph I bet he cannot wait 2 ride Calvin’s BIG DICK again now that he has no attachment to Blake

    • R.A.M.J

      well duh lol

  • Caesarimp

    Honestly, how does cheating even work among people who are all on the Helix payroll? Lol

  • Trepakprince


  • Benjam

    From Twitter it seems like Blake cheated, then Casey cheated, then a year went by and Blake cheated with Sean after they moved in together.

  • joefresh

    Maybe Casey and Blake will bareback with some of the other Helix models now that they aren’t together anymore. Maybe Casey’s recent scene with Calvin Banks (yay Calvin is coming back!) will be condom free? Silver lining?

    • JK3

      I think they have a bareback scene together with Max Carter. I saw a picture with no condom, but it could have just been one of those photos.

  • Scrapple

    This is what happens when you let other people share your juice box for free, or for coins. Bitches be thirsty.


  • SuperSophisticatedOne

    The only thing I can truly say is that both young men have a lot of growing up to do. Neither one is mentally or emotionally mature enough to be in a committed relationship. Both being part of the porn industry, only hurt their cause more than it helped it. At the end of the day, they BOTH cheated, so neither one is squeaky clean. Wrong is wrong, and they both hurt each other. I can only hope they both wisen up and grow up. Life is so much better than the foolishness we get involved in.

    • R.A.M.J

      Best fucking comment I’ve seen so far. Bravo.

    • Well said!

  • Stephen


  • asby

    First CakeDate stops? ….Now this!!!!! Some gays should really step away from putting their whole life on the internet…Doing porn should be enough….But having every other part of your life online can’t be healthy….There is always someone younger,sluttier,hotter looking to climb the ranks

  • sam my

    Casey Like…….

  • Ceecee

    This whole thing looks really bad on Casey Tanner, IMO. The combo of starting Twitter drama + preemptively claiming the dogs + making a small dick joke about your ex is just so trashy.

    • WhimsyCotton

      Plus being the initial cheater and not mentioning it lol.

    • John

      Especially a small dick joke about Blake Mitchell. Who’s gonna believe that?

  • Badger

    Who the Fk cares what these two do?

    • R.A.M.J

      This was my comment to someone who asked the same question:
      “who cares about what ANY of these porn stars posted on this blog, do? As
      much as I commented on Pena, Everett and Smith, I really could give a
      fly fuck what they do. Same goes for Cameron Diggs, these three, the
      Sanitation’s, etc. It just all in good fun. Not like any of the people
      are saving the fucking planet. Just stuff less serious to talk about
      with all the seriousness in the world.”

  • WhimsyCotton

    I don’t get it. Why not just end the relationship if you’re interested in sleeping with other people? No need to cheat. Call him up on the phone, “hey I’m breaking up with you so I can fuck this hot guy I met. Bye.”

    Do these people like lying to others or to themselves more? You’re either capable of a relationship or you’re not. Some people just love dramaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

  • S .

    “Twink powercouple.” No comment.

  • Goblin Shark

    Blake traded up

    • R.A.M.J

      thats no excuse.

  • R.A.M.J

    Dear God Casey No, have better standards boo.

    • Jace

      A quick $50?

      • R.A.M.J

        that would make Billy even more scuzzy. Taking advantage of someone right after they’ve been dumped. I would hope casey wouldn’t let that in his ass. I’d be done with him if he did.

  • Jason
  • Maximus



    You mean to tell me that a man—a 47, XY karyotype person with a penis and testicles who was assigned the gender of male at birth and who identifies as such—committed adultery?! I…I’m having trouble processing this. It’s just so…unheard-of.

    • YUSS

      46, hon, they’re pairs.

      • Maximus

        Whoops!… Okay, typo fixed! Thanks for catching that.

  • badgamer1967

    We interrupt this boredom to bring you something of interest…

  • Sed

    I don’t understand how any pornstar can expect even partial monogamy from their boyfriends, especially when they’re still doing scenes with other models. It’s just not logical.

    Think about it. Casey really wasn’t really doing scenes anymore but Blake was. How’s that going to work? Well it didn’t. Either you both have to be doing scenes with other models or neither of you can. The models who are serious about their relationships usually quit the business all together.

    • R.A.M.J

      There have been porn stars who indeed remain monogamous off set. they go and do their scene, and go home to their spouse. If they play off set, the spouse is involved. Usually they are the ones in it to make money for some other endeavor and get out once its done and usually are older.

      It’s possible, hard as fuck, but possible

  • Alias74PornReviews

    Call it “the hazards of porn relationships”. Feel bad these guys…obviously they were trying to build a life together and I guess they found the dick was better elsewhere.

    Hope those pastures truly are green. Best of luck to all of them.

  • Andrew S.

    Honestly, I can only imagine being coupled with a still active industry performer has all sorts of odd personal rules about what is or isn’t cheating that make a committed relationship all the more complicated. I for one wouldn’t want to share a guy – job or not – so I couldn’t see myself being with a porn star.

    Then again, this is wisdom that’s come with age and since I can’t imagine either of them are older than 25 perhaps they need to just be single while they’re still making porn and then settle down with each other or other people when they get out of the industry.

  • Bradster

    Casey Tanner is a trollish imp. No idea what this fug is doing in porn. I wouldn’t give him a second look if I saw him in the streets.

    The other two are hot af though.

  • Parker Lewis

    porn actors in a relationship..

  • Jon A

    Only thing this made me want to do is go look up some Sean Ford scenes, never heard of him till now

    • GayhawkAZ

      And in six months, you probably won’t hear of him again.

  • Sed

    They can claim it’s just a job all the want but that’s bullshit. Blake says that Casey cheated on him first but Casey was basically out of the business for a year while Blake was still active. So Blake gets to fuck all of these hot new porn twinks and Casey has to sit at home and wait for Blake to have sex with him? How does that make any sense? It’s insane, it’s illogical.

    If you want to do porn stay single, if you want to have a steady relationship you probably shouldn’t do porn. I remember that Helix’s new now former model Kaleb Marshall lost his bf because the bf found out he was doing porn. For some reason Kaleb Marshall was shocked when his bf considered that cheating. They should take the Troy Ryan route. Get you steady non porn bf and quit the biz. Or keep making porn as a single person.

  • The twinks are cute but the drama they bring is not.

  • My2Cents

    I just sit back & laugh at how pornstars are perfectly ok w/ their mates having sex w/ others, on cam, for the world to see, forever & ever, so long as it’s for money (& not a lot, especially compared to how much the studio will make in perpetuity for the rights of their sex scenes). But if they have sex off cam, then there’s an issue. Smdh. I can’t even wrap my head around this illogical logic. I guess that’s why I don’t do porn. But if I did & found “the one” we’d both stop doing porn, or only do scenes together maybe w/ others.

  • Edward Soares

    So Blake’s an asshole and Casey is still annoying. What else?

  • Edward Soares

    So Blake’s an asshole and Casey is still annoying. News anyone?