Connor Kline Reveals Why He’s Retiring: “I Never Thought I Was Hot Enough”

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connorretireNo matter how hot he was, how in-demand he was among studios, and how many awards he won, Connor Kline was never fully satisfied with himself or his career in gay porn. Citing a myriad of reasons, including low self-worth and the need to focus on school, Connor Kline announces his retirement—and the reasons behind it—in his exclusive Str8UpGayPorn exit interview.

connor-kline.1368063918-e1370652308313[Connor Kline via Helix Studios]

Str8UpGayPorn: So, I’ve known you were thinking about this for a while, but now it’s official—you’re retiring?
Connor Kline: Yes, I’m done. I’m filming my last scene tomorrow with Hot House.

I think a lot of people can understand your reasons. You want to refocus on school and your personal life, right?
Yeah, relationships and school mean too much to me. I don’t want porn to be my life; it was only supposed to be a six month thing. It’s just time, and I wanna leave on top.

sean cody calvin brice barebackIt’s been about two years since your first scene with Sean Cody. Which one of those do you think turned out the best?
The one with Calvin.

Looking back over all your scenes after Sean Cody, which one of them was the best?
My favorite? Or the “best”?

Well, it’s hard to say. I’ve struggled the last two years with my weight, and I never really thought I was hot enough for any of my scene partners, or even anyone I dated.

Struggled with weight, as in you wanted to be more muscular?
Look at all the top porn stars. I always thought it was a joke people even put me in the same sentence as guys like Trenton Ducati, or anyone from Bel Ami, or Topher DiMaggio. My abs have never [gotten] better and I have a subpar face, yet people liked me. I thought it was crazy when guys I used to drool over wanted to do scenes with me.

connor kline hot house gay pornI think you’re way too modest. So you really can’t pick a favorite scene?
I guess my favorite final product was probably my scene with Trenton Ducati for Hot House. I actually liked my scene with Christian Wilde the most, for I don’t think it’s out yet.

42272_13Any regrets?
My self-worth after doing porn is, like, zero.

Why? Do you think doing porn was wrong?
No, but letting “Connor Kline” consume my personal life was wrong. And letting it affect my relationships and school was wrong. I have mixed emotions.

You’re only 21 and have your entire life ahead of you though.
Yeah, it’s just gonna take some time. On the bright side, I did get to travel and meet a lot of great people.

So who should take over your reign as 2013’s Best Gay Porn Star, which you just won a couple months ago with over 12,000 votes.
I think my bud Ricky Roman should, or honestly anyone from CockyBoys; they have great guys.

Any last words for your fans?
Just please respect my personal life, and thank you so much to everyone. The support really meant a lot.

Bb4JH3EIUAE8dDm46188_10 46188_09Watch Connor Kline in one of his last scenes (released today), Hot House’s Get Your Ass In Gear:

[Hot House: Josh Bangs Fucks Connor Kline]


  • sxg

    Well, he is right. He was never as muscular, or had that pornstar hotness to him, but that is what so many people loved about him, including me. He looked like that hot boy-next-door that was real, that was an obtainable guy who you could spend the rest of your life with, the guy who never came across as douchey as so many pornstars do these days. And I personally never thought there was anything wrong with his body. I think he would have looked hot with a bit of extra weight. His abs were least thing I was attracted about him physically, but that’s not because they weren’t hot, they were pretty hot abs. But everything about him was so much hotter, his ass, his legs, his adorable face :)

    I wish him all the best and I’m glad he’s leaving porn now before he turns to having an addiction problem like so many pornstars seem to have these days.

  • Connor – you’re awesome!
    Thanks for making me laugh every time we crossed paths. I think my favorite was when you were live-texting me your butt-cheek update photos – poor guy! Butt you were so funny & optimistic about the situation. Awesome :)
    I had such a great time shooting you & Jimmy Durano for NakedSword’s upcoming movie “Addict”. You’re so fun and sexy – a total sweetheart!

    You’re beautiful – inside and out :) I know whatever you do in your life, you will be successful. Wishing you all the luck & fun!

    big hugs…your fan…
    mr. Pam

  • Bull

    That he doesn’t realize how hot he is, in hot in itself. The low self esteem is not good. But I see how this industry could make one feel that way. Connor don’t sell yourself short, you are hot.

  • robirob

    For some reason I just want to slap him and scream “Don’t you know, how fucking hot you are????” and then go full on New Age on him and teach him ‘loving thyself’ mantras in a meditation room filled with scented candles and a whale noises meditation CD playing in a stereo.

    Well, I guess he’s better off by leaving porn than to attract more attention from crazies like me.

    • Seaguy

      I know I am thinking bitch why are you having those issues, try be 41 and having every calorie go right to your waistline!

  • JoshChicago

    Low self-esteem, is sadly a quality that too many porn producers look for and exploit in their models. It allows them to manipulate models and make them more reliant upon doing porn for so long they become worn-out, fucked up human beings either strung out on drugs, HIV+ or in prison.

    Connor Kline is a very smart guy. He knows what’s important to him in his life – and while he could have done porn for a few more years; jumping from studio to studio, model to model cashing an easy paycheck and making the usual circuit and industry rounds – Connor Kline has made probably the best and most important decision of his young life so far by retiring and building a life structured around the real things which matter in life.

    • robirob

      I keep my fingers crossed for him to have a happy ending.

      • JoshChicago

        he sure gave me a few………. :-)

        • robirob


  • Seaguy

    I think he is hotter than Trenton Ducati by far. I wish him well in his future endeavors.

    • GN

      Trenton Ducati has classical good looks–If he had stayed off the meth, he very likely coulda gone toward legitimate acting….

      • Seaguy

        Trenton used to live here in Seattle and one time i saw him out at one of the clubs he looks like he has been in the tanning bed too many times. His skin has that weathered look to it. But he has never really done it for me. I don’t get into the guys who either take steroids or they workout daily. Not into gym bunnies., Connor was in the military too and I love a man in uniform. lol

        • sxg

          used to? I thought he still lived in Seattle.

          • Seaguy

            No he moved down to San Diego several months ago. I think he is still based there but travels all the time.

      • sxg

        Has nothing to do with meth. He was hot when he first started at Titan. I always loved his naturally milky white skin. I agree the tanning on him is ridiculous and makes him look so artificial. Also, he’s gotten big to the point he’s starting to look bloated.

        • Dean

          Not only that, but the plastic surgery on his face really has him looking like a tranny.

          • sxg

            Zach swears on his life Trenton’s never had any work done, but seeing so many closeup selfies he’s taken the past year I beg to differ.

          • Dean

            Anyone with two functioning eyes (or even one) can see that he’s had some stuff done to his face. Zach can swear all he likes.

    • DC

      I agree. I think Trenton looks way overcooked- there’s nothing appealing for me.
      Connor was hot. I liked his scenes. Hope he moves on to bigger things.

  • Spongey

    Doing porn is probably the last thing anyone should be doing if they have body image issues, everyone’s a critic. Good luck with his studies and personal life. But he probably should learn how to deal with this, because it’s probably going to come up time and again whenever he dates a non-porn guy.

  • Zealot

    It makes me a bit sad that this young man, so obviously handsome, and with every reason to be proud of himself both inside and out is struggling with his self image and self esteem. However, rather than try to convince him that he does indeed embody the essence of the hot, All-American boy next door (that we all lusted after at one point in time or another, or wished we’d grown up with)– I’ll just say that if he’s quitting porn because it’s brought him to this point; and also to concentrate on school and relationships, then he’s doing it for the right reasons. I think too many young men like Connor stay in porn for the same reasons he’s leaving it– to find a sense of worth and purpose. At least in his post-porn life he’ll be moving in a more “real world” (and I use that term in the sense that he’ll likely now spend a majority of his time around guys who are not necessarily living in a gym and possibly also using stereoids to achieve the type of body that someone like a Trenton Ducati possesses). I hope he finds fulfillment in school and in developing those relationships he mentioned. And as someone who has admired him as a porn performer, I can now also admire him for his humbleness and drive to build a life that he believes will nourish his soul. Godspeed Connor and best of luck pursuing the life you want to lead!

  • Sister Roma

    I love you Connor! First of all – you have always been hot enough. You’re not a pinup or a GQ model – you’re hotter than that. You’ve got a relatable unaffected sexuality; you never look like you’re trying too hard or pretending to be something you’re not. You’re a nice guy, you’re an athlete, and you’re always rock hard and ready to fuck. You’re a fabulous performer. Besides that you’re professional, reliable, honest and genuinely sweet and fun to be around. We’ve talked and I totally support your decision. You know how much I adore you and I’m going to miss you. I wish you only the best. I hope all your dreams to come true – you deserve every good thing life has to offer.

    • Dean


  • AmanYoudontknow

    I think his attitude about his look is weird. But about self-esteem , I don’t know , it’s his personal issue. Even he isn’t my fave porn stars and not really hot like some other porn stars/main stream models , but he is kinda good-looking guy with fine body. From what he mentioned , look like his type of men are dark hair/eyes , Latino/Mexican guys. But millions of people around the world also prefer white guys with lighter hair and eyes too , don’t forget about the personal tastes. I do prefers guys with lighter skin/hair/eyes too.

  • Alex

    I used to liked him in his Sean
    Cody day with Marshall, and I thought he was the one who was gay but it turns out he’s the straight one and Marshall is the bisexual. Now I dont care about him but wish him luck on his upcoming wedding with his gf.

    • JoshChicago

      and you’re nothing but a lying troll.

      • sxg

        Pay no attention to him. He’s more than likely one of those obnoxious Asian trolls on twitter who band together and chastise every gay porn star who happens to kiss a girl on the lips or cheek, like a witchhunt claiming that they’re a phony and they’re really straight, when in fact a lot of them are gay. Nothing straight about kissing a woman on the lips or cheeks us gays do it all the time.

        • Alex

          sxg You know what, mind your own business and stop being a racist this is a modern world and not the age of slavery. And why you hated Asian so much was just like Asian stole your heart and soul. Pathetic.

          • sxg

            I don’t hate Asians I actually think they’re great people. I just hate ignorant stupid people like you of any race.

            And if there’s anyone who should mind their own business it is you and your band of trolls on twitter. You need something better to do with your lives than go on twitter and start wars and protests and promote banning certain pornstars and twitter pages. So much for keeping a positive atmosphere from y’all!

          • Alex

            Gosh you are full of hate inside your heart. Me on twitter, how do you know they were Asians? Gosh and how do you know I belong to the?

  • JoshChicago

    God, I hope Zach deletes all of the below comments (starting with this one thru Alex’s last) from this Good-bye tribute post. What a mess.

  • Alan

    From my selfish perspective, I’m really sorry to see him go – he was always good-looking enough for me to appreciate. But reading this interview, it sounds like he’s leaving for the right reasons and that he’s smart and self-aware enough to be as successful in life as he was in porn. Thanks for the memories, Connor!

  • Rob in London

    Good Luck in the future Connor!
    Please don’t allow yourself to be too hung up about “low self worth after doing porn”… it’s just a job… and one that you did well… you brought a lot of joy to people… and most of us couldn’t do it if we tried! Well done!

  • Dean

    He looked way better with some hair on his head, and most of his porn scenes he had the low buzz-cut ‘do. Too bad.

  • JoshChicago


  • ed

    I respect ur personal life but u really are a be more bottom than top mean u have really good cock and some movies I watch of u with (no offend) they look so girlie men anyway hope u really meant what u will do

  • Jaxon

    I really am sad to see Connor depart the scene. He’s one of my faves; for the nice mix of ‘boyish’ good looks; a truly awesome body (IMHO); and a rather natural, unforced, masculine sexuality. I would have preferred that he limit his screen career to project a quasi-Straight, more-verbal Top Man; however. It IS called acting after all, and there ain’t all that many Tops in the Biz, who don’t eventually Bottom (at some point) – on camera! Sort of screws up the whole fantasy “image” – to which he seems most physically suited

    Anyway,…that’s CERTAINLY how I would put him to use! 😉 **Oops, did I type that “out loud”** But,…Best Wishes to the very sexy lad, in whatever endeavors may choose!

  • Amazing, loved you in Jock & Balls, Helix Studios, also all your work :) Much respect in your decision and you will be missed.

  • frostbitblue

    That’s too bad. He’s one of the few who actually looks like a real man

  • elyp

    Do people actually still miss him? haha. It’s kinda hard tracking him online.

    Anyway, recently saw his chaturbate profile, which apparently he only used once. His “Interested in” column was filled with “Male, Female.” Hm…