Exclusive: Jake Jaxson Talks Prayers, Levi Michaels, And Blog Commenters

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jakejaxsonIn part two of my exclusive interview with CockyBoys’ Jake Jaxson (click here for part one), the director reveals more casting and production news, how Levi Michaels came to work for the studio, details on an upcoming CockyBoys reality show, and tells me what he really thinks of online commenters who criticize his work. And, keep your eyes peeled for a Max Ryder/Duncan Black video bomb.


The next installment of Answered Prayers debuts tomorrow, and here is a sneak peek. This third episode stars Chris Harder (in saran wrap?), Levi Karter, Bravo Delta, and Dillon Rossi.

APSexBanner1 APSexBanner2 APSexBanner3 APSexBanner4 APSexBanner5[CockyBoys: Answered Prayers]


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  • NG212

    I love Bravo Delta. It’s a travesty that he films so infrequently, and that he doesn’t bottom. Other than that, he’s damn near perfect.

  • Dean

    saran wrap, bondage, ropes! you guys, this is hotter than bareback!

  • ArtPop93

    these pics are pretty epic! Can’t wait for the new episode.

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  • Bull

    I commend him for trying to do it different. Porn these days for most studios is like paint by numbers almost. I can’t remember the last time I really got into a hot scene. I usually get bored rather quickly and don’t finish watching.

  • n24rc

    I don’t mind that Jake Jaxson says, “just fast forward”…but every so often i’m seeing more video players removing the fast-forward feature all together, or they restart when you try moving forward…I FUCKING HATE THAT! Plus, some production trailer edits are so annoying! – I can’t stand the Next Door Studios video trailers, it is like you the viewer is experiencing ADHD.

    social media has changed the relationship between audience(consumer) and production(vendor) – you have a true relationship that includes a dialogue. You can get qualitative feedback, which in my opinion trumps all the negatives of having this direct relationship. Comments shouldn’t be taken personally at all(even though human nature get’s the best of people). I think people need to lighten up online. It’s just some random posts, and if someone is trolling or bickering about some stupid mundane crap, let them purge.

    Also, people who work in porn have some weird ass concepts of it’s significance to an audience-Why do porn vendors take their jobs sooooooo seriously? For outsiders, it isn’t about anything but to get off and see some fucking. For some workers in porn, they have defense mechanisms where they think it is art or some high form of entertainment.

    Finally, when the photographer is hotter than some of the models he is taking pictures of, you have a serious problem as a production copy, this means you-Cockyboys!

    Rj Sebastian should be nude in front of the camera, not behind it. I’m not going to the site or even consider buying a membership until he does. 😀

    • Jake Jaxson


      Hi thanks for your post. I appreciate what you have said and you have inspired me to address the often mentioned concept that Pornographers and Performers should not be proud of their work.

      While I can’t speak for all producers, I do take my job “Sooooooooo seriously” because it has meaning to me and it makes me happy. (A concept I hope would apply to everyone’s work.) Through my work I employ 20 staff members (many have been with me from the start) not to mention countless performers. They are all amazing and talented men and women – editors, producers, designers, programmers, sales associates and office staff. Everyday I wake up knowing I have a responsibility to them. Good work means we are successful; continued success means we continue to grow and prosper. This has a direct and significant impact on both myself and my team.

      I have no grand illusions about what we do. At its base, our work is utilitarian — it’s designed to get you off. And the very nature of utilitarian is creating and maximizing happiness.

      That said, I made a choice early on to encourage my performers and team to be as creative, thoughtful, and – yes – as artistic as possible within the bounds of our resources and limitations. The key factor being: working to create an experience that sexually entertains, titillates, and provokes our viewers. For us, the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Clearly some audience members find “significance” in what we do, and I am very grateful for that.

      Many of the performers I work with have talents, dreams, and ambitions beyond just their dicks and holes — and they should be celebrated (as should their dicks and holes). But why begrudge them for being proud of their work!? Even if they do call it ART.

      In the past few years I have been fortunate to have engaged in a direct dialogue with many of our members, fans and affiliates. They let me know what’s working and what’s not working; but one thing that I love is the open and engaged conversation about SEX and all of its personal joys, desires, guilt, hang-ups, and insanity that come with it.

      One thing that I don’t like, but fully accept as a reality, is the degradation, cynicism, and arrogance often aimed at the gay adult industry and it’s performers! But I see a light at the end of the tunnel: hang-ups about gay porn perfromers are more and more becoming a part of a generational divide! Outside of the moralization for profit crowd — I find that that many viewers consider porn to be another form of entertainment and part of their social media landscape — often being micro-porn DYI pornographers themselves; that is exactly who today’s performers are communicating with today. They’re celebrating their creative exploits and that’s why many of them have followings both inside and outside the adult space.

      And in my humble opinion– that kind of empowerment should be celebrated — not shamed, snarked at, or put down.

      So I raise my glass too ALL my fellow pornographers and performers for creating 100% entertaining, titillating, artistic, hard-on-raising, orgasm-inducing, cum-gushing, alone-in-the-dark SMUT! Together we create the real “thousand points of light!” Without you, I would still be digging thru GQ mags looking for underwear ads to whack off to!

      Once again, thanks for your thoughts and feedback.

      Love Always and Be Nice!
      Jake Jaxson

  • buffy2004

    Like the other part i love the video and get to know more of what Jake Jaxson is thinking for new projects.I can’t wait to see the next part of Answered Prayers but i’m maybe more exited about Max Ryder part in it,pretty sure is going to be amazing.

    And Max/Duncan in the pool ♥♥♥

    Thanks for the interview,really well done :).

  • Dazzer

    He’s clearly an interesting man and I really like his commitment to making his area of work more interesting generally – pushing boundaries between straight up porn, entertainment and art.

    It’s not new, of course. Mainstream and indie directors like Lars von Trier, Michael Winterbottom and Derek Jarman have been portraying men having real sex with women and men having real sex with men in commercial or art cinema for decades. What’s interesting is that Jaxon is approaching it from the other side of the sex-on=film equation of porn. He – and presumably many of his staff and performers – are refusing to accept that art is defined my the mainstream. In that way, he’s very like Andy Warhol and his cohorts at the Factory, which became incredibly mainstream, but still regarded as ‘edgy’.

    He says that he accepts criticism, to which I’d say: change your glasses, man. You’re not an unattractive member of the human race, but you have a long face that you’re elongating with your facial hair. Fair enough, but those glasses are like a goth Dame Edna. They provide a shelf over your eyes. Yes, it makes you look like a French intellectual, but it also splits your face in two and actually hide some attractive eyes – and distracts from what you’re saying.

    Get rounder and possibly larger glasses. They don’t have to be goggles, they need to fit within your face so that there is a smoother and more fluid movement as someone takes in the totality of your face. Also, because they’ll fit within your face rather than creating a straight line across your lower forehead, if you start to suffer a receding hairline in the distant future, it’ll disguise the fact rather than – as at present – make it look like it’s already happening.

    And no, I’m not a fetishist about spectacles, glasses, whatever. I just had buy some new ones myself and had a ‘stylist’ spend hours explaining the concept to me. And I’ll be damned if I don’t get to patronize someone else in the exact same way I was patronized.

    Other than that, keep up the good work, keep on being interesting and keep on expanding artistic boundaries in your area of film-making.

  • Odetofear

    I like cockyboys. The standard Falcon, Raging Stallion guy has big muscles, clean shaven, and bronze. Nothing wrong with that, but it’s a bit dated and dull for my taste. I like the cockyboy type guy. Twinkish, fit but not bulky, tattoos, rocker/hipster style.That’s what i find attractive. The site is still missing some diversity though.

    In the beginning, it was pretty standard. Two guys, a bit of an interview, then fucking. One of the things that set the site apart is the fact that they use models who are gay. I’ve read complaints about the guys being too fem. I don’t think these guys are very feminine. So when i read comments like that, i wonder if it’s not a bit of self hate going on. There are some hot and talented gay-4-pay guys, but damn most of their scenes are boring and passionless. Not every cockyboy scene is amazing, but at least there’s a sense of attraction between the models.

    The creativity level of the site has skyrocketed since it’s beginnings. I appreciate the thought behind the scenarios. Some porn audiences do want to watch porn movies, not just porn scenes. Cockyboys and Lucas Entertainment, make a point to have an interesting story. Sometimes it does seem overly stylized. That’s pretty much how i see “Answered Prayers” and “A thing of Beauty” Probably because i would rather have scenes revolve around a plot instead of a concept. That’s just me.