Exclusive: Kyle Kash Dozes Off As Mickey Taylor Reveals Why He Quit NakedSword

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There’s wasn’t much news out of Hustlaball Las Vegas weekend (unless you consider pulling a billion anal beads out of your ass “news”), but Str8UpGayPorn was able to confirm one item involving NakedSword and their exclusive model Mickey Taylor. It’s actually former exclusive model Mickey Taylor now, as the UK-based porn star/singer confirmed to Str8UpGayPorn that he left his NS contract last October, shortly after wrapping production on Fame Game.

Here’s Mickey Taylor with the details, along with sleepyhead Kyle Kash, who looks just as cute passing out as he does wrestling in birthday cake (it was like 3:00 a.m., so you can’t really blame him).

Mickey Taylor is now a free agent and was actually back filming with NakedSword today (not as an exclusive) in a scene with Jack Hunter.

  • sxg

    “Killian on the other hand…”
    LMAO Kyle Kash just makes this video! Mickey is so fucking boring I’d fall asleep too! I even love the side eye that Kyle Kash gave, I don’t think it was just dozing off he was doing there!

  • Todd

    Kyle appears to be as interested in Mickey’s story as the rest of us are … https://boozazza.files.wordpress.com/2014/02/pug.gif?w=358&h=232

  • Xzamilloh

    You look at the Mickey Taylors, the Jake Basses, the Blake Mitchells, the Liam Rileys, and the Boomer Banks, and I kind of get this attempt at a cultured renaissance in gay porn, where they are beautiful but are “chic” and “contemporary” and “artistic”… but it’s still the same boring contrived shit when you actually hear them.


    • OneOfTheManyChris

      I hope you are paying for your porn then, as the guys you cite are mostly known for their social media presence, and social media and gifts and chatrooms and personal appearances are a bigger source of income for porn stars than is making actual porn.

      • Xzamilloh

        Yeah, I was making an observation… I can honestly say I do not own a single thing with any of those individuals as their aesthetic is not my cup of tea. Not that I’m some hot piece of ass, but I likes what I likes.

  • John McKee

    Some people really need to learn the difference between having some decent stories and being interesting as a person.

  • Myko

    “I am on my world tour for my album” FUCK ME . Does this guy think he is Madonna or something. Does he actually believe anyone in the music industry is going to take a porn star seriously?
    He is either deluded or stupid or both.

    The reason he left naked sword is because they couldn’t pay him enough money or give him enough scenes to pay his rent.

    All they could give him was a handful of scenes for $1000 whereas he can get $500 as a non exclusive elsewhere, hence the 12 scenes he did last month – do the maths – its al about the money.

    Don’t forget time is ticking for this guy, just look whats happened to Jake Bass. A porn performer covered in bad tattoos has a limited shelf life, so you gotta work hard for the money !

    Incidentally I cant wait to find out which stadiums Mickey is using for his “world Tour”
    Madison Square Gardens (NY), 02 (London), All Phones Arena (Sydney), The AXIS (Vegas)

    Oh wait maybe is some shitty club where 5 people are having a drink and don’t have a fucking clue who Mickey Taylor is

    • Zachary Sire

      Given your extremely impassioned and lengthy comment about him, you clearly “have a fucking clue” who Mickey Taylor is. Since you’re such a nice fan, I can try and set you up with tickets to one of his shows.

      • TheSagaOf


      • Donald Horn

        I’m willing to attend one of Mickey’s shows. Seriously: how would one get tickets? I need two.

      • Myko

        Thanks Zach where is the first show ? Your back yard ?

        Yeah unfortunately I have to come across him on a regular basis. He is more of a twat than the 3 minute video can show!

    • Blake Okafor

      Why do people like you always dehumanize porn actors? Just because he’s done porn doesn’t mean he can’t move on to do something else.

  • FooFight

  • revertstar

    what a boring little self important twat. I tried to watch one of his music videos, it was tedious.

    • nick

      “Twat” is such an under used word, but so appropriate.

  • Hereweare

    She’s just too busy with her music to do porn…………..except for those 12 new scenes.

  • The only thing I got from this is that there will be an upcoming video with hottie Jack Hunter.


  • OverKill
  • Zealot

    Someone might have just been up a bit too wate wast night, and having a wee-teensy-teensy bit too much fun to stay awake for your palzey-walzey. Who’s the sleepy widdle puppy….thaaaat’s a good boy.

  • Maximus
  • Disasterpiece


  • Mihcael Davies

    Kyle is so cute. I was just staring at his face the entire video and was completely blocking out Taylor’s annoying voice