Live Hustlaball Performances: Andrea Suarez, Ryan Rose, Kyle Kash, Cake, And A Billion Anal Beads

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IMG_1465Brittany Andrews and Bray Love

“We can’t show dick. We aren’t even really allowed to show butt crack, either.” That was the disappointing excuse I heard over and over again at Hustlaball Las Vegas when gay porn stars were asked why they remained covered up.

IMG_1467Logan Moore, Alex Mecum, Kyle Kash

Apparently, the bareback fuckfests and cock gobbling from last year were against the rules, even for Vegas, so this year’s ball was a comparatively tame affair. Still, gay porn stars did their best to keep the large crowds entertained, and here are some highlights from some of the more…interesting live performances.


Remember the cake from the pre-party? Well, they brought whatever was left of it back for an encore. And by “encore” I mean Mickey Taylor, Kyle Kash, Wesley Woods, and Logan Moore wrestled in it.

IMG_1470 IMG_1475 IMG_1481 IMG_1489 IMG_1491

The entire room smelled like a giant tub of frosting, which was both hot and gross at the same time?

IMG_1494 IMG_1495

Next up, Ryan Rose and Casey Everett gave two lucky audience members (one of whom was Liam Riley) lap dances:


Back in the performers’ lounge with Ryan Rose, Diesel Washington, Tayte Hanson, Mickey Taylor, Bray Love, Danny Montero, Kody Stewart, Dylan James, and Brittany Andrews:

IMG_1574 IMG_1579 IMG_1580 IMG_1582 IMG_1586 IMG_1587

Finally, the most asstounding show of the night came from Andrea Suarez, who pulled what had to have been a billion strings of anal beads from his asshole.


Just when you thought Andrea was done pulling things out of his asshole, he kept going!

IMG_1524 IMG_1531

Butt wait, there’s more:

IMG_1546 IMG_1549As one audience member remarked, “I didn’t know we were going to see a magician!?”

And yes, this is a lightbulb.



  • Swifty

    This is…not sexy or hot at all…

    • prestes_antony

      This GIF is EVERYTHING to describe that mess!!

  • Zealot

    Future suggestions for Andrea Suarez performance pieces….

  • Xzamilloh

    Don’t. Touch. Anything. There.

    Nothing wrong with healthy consensual sexual fun, but… *shudders*

  • Todd

    The anal beads are like ….
    (the top part of the GIF is ‘pre-trick’ (like the beads …HA)

  • OverKill
  • Todd
  • Okosan

    My God

  • sxg

    I guess for future attendees of Hustlaball LV they should consider getting the VIP ticket. For the Hustlaball brand this PG13 rated night is abysmal. Hustlaball needs to move to a location that will rival that of London and Berlin Hustlaball in sluttiness or close up shop.

    • Spongey

      I saw some of the pics from VIP room, marginally better.

  • Ben


  • Pertinax

    About Andrea Suarez’s performance:

    • Pertinax

      Kudos to him !

  • Maximus

    Well, that’s an interesting interpretation of The Wiz…

  • A Black

    This is why God stopped talking to us.

    • sxg

      Yes, this is why. Not the two world wars, not American slavery, not the crusades, but some guy pulling things out of his ass.

      • A Black

        God approves of all that, haven’t you read the bible. It’s a joke btw. You fags are so uptight.

        • sxg

          Oh I know it’s a joke. It just wasn’t a very good one. And no I’m not basing that on its religious point, it’s just a weak joke.

    • Xzamilloh

      LOL… “God”. Tell another one!! Tell another one!!

  • Myko

    Before today I thought Andrea was on the cusp of being sexy. Although he speaks far too fast and my school boy Spanish is piss poor, but after seeing the above pictures, I have changed my mind. I can skip any porn with him in it now.

    • sxg

      Trust me for those who speak Spanish it’s still a bit of a challenge. He’s from Spain, and their Spanish pronunciation is different than the Spanish more often heard in the US. It takes some getting used to but once you get the hang of it it’s not bad.

      And this doesn’t phase me I’m still a fan of Andrea he’s still an awesome performer!

      • Myko

        You mean he speak proper Spanish not imported to the US Spanish ?
        He is from Spain and speaks Spanish – who knew.

  • DPS

    That is um, intestinal fortitude?

  • nick

    Cheap and nasty.

  • sxg

    The whole bead/flag in the ass was already done at either Hustlaball London or Berlin. I went searching for old clips of previous hustlaballs and saw it. I cannot remember which hustlaball it was, or who the pornstar who did it was. But it wouldn’t surprise me if it was Andrea.

    And I think it’s more an illusion that it’s coming out of his ass, when it’s more than likely coming out from his jockstrap. I could be wrong though. Considering what I’ve seen people stuff in their asses, there is plenty of room to stuff all that inside of him!

  • Trepakprince

    Somethings should remain unseen.

  • kevin

    I saw a still of Chaz Vorrias (fka CF Connor) and Jeremy Foster (Austin Wilde) from the Ball.

  • God of knowing…..

    WHOA there is a black guy…… WHAT unheard of…..

  • KP

    The promoters of these affairs are so stingy, don’t charge for alcohol, call it a private invitation only party and the Liquor law don’t apply or at least not as severe as it is at a bar.