EXCLUSIVE: Sean Cody’s “Milo” Violated Sean Cody Contract By Filming With DallasReeves.com

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While he never came back for a duo after filming his one solo scene earlier this year, Sean Cody’s Milo did what all Sean Cody models do before filming with the San Diego-based studio: He signed a contract. Now, a source reveals exclusively to Str8UpGayPorn that Milo violated that Sean Cody contract when he decided to film with DallasReeves.com just a few months later as “Milo Fisher.”

Milo’s Sean Cody contract (like most Sean Cody model contracts) stipulated that he not film with any other gay porn studio for a period of one year following the production of his Sean Cody scene, and as my source confirms, Milo began shooting with DallasReeves well within that time frame, thus putting him in breach of his Sean Cody contract.

Milo’s Sean Cody solo and his first scene as a so-called DallasReeves “exclusive” were filmed and released this year, giving Sean Cody a green light to sue Milo, but will they? I’m told that decision is coming soon. And even though bareback gay porn star Milo Fisher isn’t exactly a millionaire, a breach of contract lawsuit like this could keep him tied up in court and dealing with financial problems (including wage garnishments, bank account seizures, and more) for years to come. In short: Milo, you in danger, girl.

The sad/funny part? Milo broke his Sean Cody contract to work for arguably the most ratchet studio in gay porn: DallasReeves. It’s no secret that the bareback gay porn studio is the industry’s most hated content producer, both by rival studios and performers alike (you know you’re in trouble when even Vadim Black calls you “shady“), so why of all places did Milo end up there? Probably because studio co-owners Dallas Reeves and his partner in crime Baileey were the only ones dumb enough to thumb their noses at a Sean Cody contract. Or, if you take Milo Fisher’s word for it, it’s simply because he really wanted to “make a splash.”

The press release announcing Milo Fisher’s “exclusive” contract with DallasReeves:

“I’m really glad that my first guy-on-guy scene is me taking it raw, not only because I want to make a big splash onto the scene, but also because I think it’s important to let my fans know right away that I am completely versatile.” said Fisher. “I’ve done just one solo scene with another gay porn studio out in California, but frankly I find the atmosphere here a lot better, and the opportunities for my potential growth seem to be just the right thing for me,” said Fisher.

For his sake, Milo Fisher (or whoever wrote that press release) better be right. Unfortunately, all signs indicate that this won’t end well for Milo. Here’s a text I received from one gay porn star (he asked not to be identified) who recently worked with DallasReeves:


Or, just take it from former DallasReeves performer Alex Greene:

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