EXCLUSIVE: Sean Cody’s “Milo” Violated Sean Cody Contract By Filming With DallasReeves.com

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milo fisher

While he never came back for a duo after filming his one solo scene earlier this year, Sean Cody’s Milo did what all Sean Cody models do before filming with the San Diego-based studio: He signed a contract. Now, a source reveals exclusively to Str8UpGayPorn that Milo violated that Sean Cody contract when he decided to film with DallasReeves.com just a few months later as “Milo Fisher.”

Milo’s Sean Cody contract (like most Sean Cody model contracts) stipulated that he not film with any other gay porn studio for a period of one year following the production of his Sean Cody scene, and as my source confirms, Milo began shooting with DallasReeves well within that time frame, thus putting him in breach of his Sean Cody contract.

Milo’s Sean Cody solo and his first scene as a so-called DallasReeves “exclusive” were filmed and released this year, giving Sean Cody a green light to sue Milo, but will they? I’m told that decision is coming soon. And even though bareback gay porn star Milo Fisher isn’t exactly a millionaire, a breach of contract lawsuit like this could keep him tied up in court and dealing with financial problems (including wage garnishments, bank account seizures, and more) for years to come. In short: Milo, you in danger, girl.

The sad/funny part? Milo broke his Sean Cody contract to work for arguably the most ratchet studio in gay porn: DallasReeves. It’s no secret that the bareback gay porn studio is the industry’s most hated content producer, both by rival studios and performers alike (you know you’re in trouble when even Vadim Black calls you “shady“), so why of all places did Milo end up there? Probably because studio co-owners Dallas Reeves and his partner in crime Baileey were the only ones dumb enough to thumb their noses at a Sean Cody contract. Or, if you take Milo Fisher’s word for it, it’s simply because he really wanted to “make a splash.”

The press release announcing Milo Fisher’s “exclusive” contract with DallasReeves:

“I’m really glad that my first guy-on-guy scene is me taking it raw, not only because I want to make a big splash onto the scene, but also because I think it’s important to let my fans know right away that I am completely versatile.” said Fisher. “I’ve done just one solo scene with another gay porn studio out in California, but frankly I find the atmosphere here a lot better, and the opportunities for my potential growth seem to be just the right thing for me,” said Fisher.

For his sake, Milo Fisher (or whoever wrote that press release) better be right. Unfortunately, all signs indicate that this won’t end well for Milo. Here’s a text I received from one gay porn star (he asked not to be identified) who recently worked with DallasReeves:


Or, just take it from former DallasReeves performer Alex Greene:

fuck fuck2

  • Pascal

    What? Everyone knows that exclusivity contracts, much less in porn, are pretty much unenforceable in a court of law. I hope you’re not helping a studio bully a performer because that would really suck.

    Oh and If Milo is ever contacted by Sean Cody once they’ve reached a ‘decision’, he should ask them about Bobby II who was a Cody exclusive for about a week before he was Jacob on Corbin Fisher…

    But Dallas Reeves, brrr.

    • Loki

      Also SC’s Matt became CF’s Jonathan within the space of a year. But apparently, CF and SC are pretty chummy. I guess it’s because they’re part of that same gay-for-pay genre.

      Unless Milo received an advance and took off before making good on it (and I don’t think SC is that stupid), this is bullying, plain and simple.

      • zach

        That means absolutely nothing. Just because SC’s Matt became CF’s Jonathan doesn’t mean it happened the same year. The SC scene could have been filmed 12 or 15 months prior to his work with CF and released several months later.

        • Loki

          Oh, so they’re just asking nicely… not threatening to sue his ass into oblivion. Got it…

  • James Withers

    If studios paid models residuals and health care, I would take these contacts more seriously. Until then, do your thing models.

    • zach

      So, no one should keep their word or abide by anything they say they’re going to do? k

      • James Withers

        :-) So the studios are well known for keeping their word? Listen, I get why SC would be mad at this model for not adhering to the contract, but if you’re going to keep a freelancer in your stable make it profitable.

        • zach

          Sean Cody pays more than 10x what DR pays, so “profit” doesn’t seem to be the issue here.

          • sxg

            DR pays $200?

          • NG212

            Shit bad over there.


          • James Withers

            I’ll concede, good sir. Game, set, and match.

          • Luca

            I was thinking just that, you have already the best-paid job in porn, you must be fucking dumb!

  • Contract or not, this is all reading like some Brit tabloid. Enjoyable to read this stuff I guess, but at the end of the day I’m gonna watch and buy what’s hot. And Milo is hot!!!!!

  • Zealot

    The text posted raised a question for me. And I guess it may beg the issue as to whether anyone here has ever read a contract from Dallas Reeves. So here goes…does DR have a right to require a performer to do a scene without using a condom? It seems as though the performer who texted is saying that he was not informed that they don’t use condoms until he showed up for the shoot. I would assume this was not part of the contract since he seemed to be unaware of it. But I also noted that the person texting didn’t seem to have a great command of the English language, so if in fact his person isn’t fluent in English, doesn’t some accommodation have to be made to explain the contract’s language and all of the requirements within it in detail before he signed it? Lots and lots of questions about this, but I’m most intrigued by the condom issue. If the performer asks to use condoms would DR have to honor that request on the performer’s behalf?

    • zach

      The people at DR are doing whatever the hell they want, and it’s insane. There’s a lot more to come out. Soon.

      • Zealot

        The more I thought about that text and now your reply, I can’t help but be afraid for that poor guy. Informed consent is one thing, but I have the lingering fear that this guy (and God knows how many others) are putting themselves in harm’s way because they don’t know that they may have a legal way out of these kinds of contracts which (depending on content) may not be enforceable. I mean, you can’t make someone contractually perform an illegal act. I’m not sure where DR is housed, but depending on the laws of the state in which it’s incorporated, that may be in fact what DR is asking them to do. Now that you’re telling me there’s more to come from DR, I’m literally shaking in anger about this. There should be some kind of advocacy group for porn performers to protect them from organizations and practices like this. It’s a real shame. I hope the guy whose text you posted is okay and getting some legal advice.

  • sxg

    I’m curious to know the date of production of Milo’s solo scene at SC and his duo scene at DR. If a good amount of time happened between the two, why did SC wait so long to bring him back for a duo?

    This situation is eerily similar to the one with duckface and Seth Treston/Santoro. It didn’t go after the models, it went after Jake Cruise and Kink. Nothing happened once Kink ignored the legal threats.

    • Dutch Courage

      The question is if SC had the intention to do a duo scene with Milo in the first place or that SC is using this model to set an example. I wonder if the “source reveals exclusively to Str8UpGayPorn” is Sean Cody himself.

  • Alias74

    Well judging from the anonymous porn star’s grammar….no wonder he’s getting taken over there at that “ratchet” studio (!)

  • NG212

    This is great stuff. I’m just wondering why SC didn’t bring Milo back.

  • McM.

    Milo is a dumbass.

    Maybe SC was no longer interested in using Milo, but he could have waited a few months and filmed with a higher quality studio than Dallas Reeves.

    • Dakota

      People will do anything for a check. Im sure there will be a GOFUNDME or INDIEGOGO page soon – plus a hefty Amazon wish list

  • Alan Keddie

    Oh, no he di int

  • robirob

    It’s never a good career move to break an exclusive porn studio or website contract, especially when you intend to work in the porn buiz for some time. I guess in Milo’s case it was a rookie mistake where he didn’t bother with proper research and signed an exclusive deal and then broke that one by performing for a studio with a questionable reputation.

  • Dakota

    So whats his ‘penalty’? Has he been paid yet or will they withhold that or sue him? Not being able to film with any studio for a year after your Sean Cody appearance seems extremely harsh. Thats worse than the non compete contracts that major broadcasters sign. Its one thing to be an exclusive and not be able to film with other studios during your contract – or maybe for a while afterwards, but a year of unemployment for someone who may make his living from porn seems a bit too much….I feel bad for many of these models that just dot know what they’re getting into or what the long ramifications of their actions are.

    • McM.

      I see what Sean Cody is doing with the contract.

      The studio doesn’t hire guys who make a living doing porn, it hires hot guys who fuck like porn stars. Making it so they cannot be seen fucking elsewhere preserves a performer’s “amateur” status, but monetarily it also stops funds from being immediately channeled to other studios because people are following a model.

      People follow the studio because the models are exclusive. You like David? Then you have to go to Sean Cody to see David fuck. Now, David can decide to fuck for other studios, but the year absence from porn gives Sean Cody ample time to introduce new talent so as to retain it’s audience. For example, I liked Jarek when he was at Sean Cody. It was nice when he reappeared and began shooting for Randy Blue, but it didn’t take my attention away from the initial studio because in the time he was gone Sean Cody gave me other guys to swoon over.

  • Odetofear

    I think he looks better in the dallas reeves photo than sean cody. they seriously need to stop pushing the hue to orange.I agree, i’m have no idea why he would go with dallas reeves, unless he’s gay4pay and doesn’t know the difference. Or and he’s young and doesn’t care. SC must be really structured and rigid which would probably scare away some people like this milo. He looks like he’d fit better with cockyboys.

    • jc1249m

      He’s gay4pay lol he went to my high school and he’s not homophobic by any means but he’s definetly straight

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  • Bob Bilbert

    Then again….Dallasreeves doesn’t test for STDs like SC does…interesting.

  • Does Sean Cody really want to give Dallas Reeves the publicity of sueing this guy for breach of contract though?