Exclusive Sneak Peek: Rhyheim Shabazz And Sir Peter Go One-On-One In New Duo Scene

Posted November 23, 2022 by with 10 comments

We got to see Sir Peter and Rhyheim Shabazz double-penetrate Sam Ledger all the way back in March in one of the greatest three-ways of 2022, but now, after waiting over eight months, we’re about to be blessed with a Rhyheim Shabazz/Sir Peter duo scene. That’s right, the horse-hung hunks are going one-on-one to spend some more quality time together, and the results…well, I think this gif speaks for itself:


I have an exclusive sneak peek at this much-anticipated duo scene below, but first, here’s another sneak peek at yet another new scene coming to Rhyheim’s OF this weekend. While there’s no official title yet, I think we can call it “Damien Does Rio” for now? Here’s Damien Grey being annihilated by Rhyheim and over a dozen (actually, this looks more like a baker’s dozen? it is the holidays) donkey-dicked tops in Brazil:

And here’s that quick sneak peek at Peter and Rhyheim. Note that the full video drops this weekend, and I’ll have a longer trailer with more details after it’s released on Sunday (I wonder if it’s a flip-fuck, or will Rhyheim be doing all the bottoming?):

[OnlyFans: Sir Peter Fucks Rhyheim Shabazz Bareback]