Exclusive: Was Sean Cody’s “Puerto Vallarta Getaway” Actually Filmed In San Diego?

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Sean Cody’s infamous “getaways”—in which Sean Cody brings models to a rental house in another city away from their San Diego studio for a series of on-location fuckfests—have been hit or miss over the last two decades (the ones from the 2000’s were mostly hits), but it’s hard to decide how to judge their new “Puerto Vallarta Getaway,” given that it appears they didn’t actually getaway to anywhere, and they filmed on the same San Diego sets where all the other scenes are shot? To be fair, it does look like they went to Mexico to shoot the b-roll (non-sexual) content on the beach (as seen above and in the beginning of the trailer below), but when it comes to the sex scenes, it looks like they simply redecorated their San Diego sets and had the models perform there. In short: Nobody fucked in Puerto Vallarta.

On the left, it’s Sean Cody’s Kyle, Devy and Liam allegedly in Puerto Vallarta. On the right, it’s Sean Cody’s Dale and Cody Seiya a few years ago in San Diego:

Maybe the Puerto Vallarta house has the exact same wall design as the Sean Cody set? Or, perhaps Sean Cody brought their set down to Puerto Vallarta and put it inside the house they rented, then painted it orange? Seems like a lot of trouble to go through just to film a porn scene.

In the comparison below, it’s another Sean Cody duo (and that wall) in San Diego on the left, with a fake window behind them. (The windows are just holes with lighting and a screen.) On the right, the “Puerto Vallarta” trio along that same wall, with another fake window behind them:

As the scene description from Sean Cody states, the models “run on the sand” before eating “chips and guac” (this is all true), but then they “head back to the Sean Cody vacation house,” which I do not think is true (unless they’ve renamed their San Diego set a “vacation house”?):

Devy, Kyle, and Liam are in their tight little bathing suits and ready for the sun as they run on the sand, oil each other up, and pose in front of the ocean. The guys do a little shopping and feed each other chips and guac at a restaurant, then head back to the Sean Cody vacation house, where they start a threesome in the living room!

It’s not just the walls and fake windows. It’s also the furniture. In this comparison, you can see two scenes using the same tan-colored chaise, with Nicky and Cam in San Diego on the left, and Lan and Devy in “Puerto Vallarta” on the right:

Maybe they brought the chaise down to Puerto Vallarta? Or, perhaps the “vacation house” and Sean Cody production people in San Diego simply have similar tastes in furniture? OK. I guess that could be true. After all, they appear to have the same taste in fans! Manny and Sean in San Diego on the left, and Puerto Vallarta on the right:

They even have the same taste in decorative wood panels! Derek and Shaw in San Diego on the left, and the “Puerto Vallarta Getaway” vacation house on the right:

I know what you’re thinking. Those wood panels are totally different, and the ones in Puerto Vallarta are a completely different shape. That might be true, unless of course you consider that the Puerto Vallarta panels were hung diagonally. Here’s a better comparison, with the Derek/Shaw photo twisted a bit to the left:

You have to love that the Puerto Vallarta wood panels were hung to kind of look like pyramids, which I guess makes the vibe more “ethnic”?

So, why would Sean Cody bother doing all of this and deceiving their members? After all, they’ve filmed plenty of getaways in vacation houses in California, Hawaii, and even Wyoming. The difference this time, I think, is that filming XXX content in someone else’s international house comes with a million safety and legal challenges, and if there’s one thing Sean Cody parent company MindGeek is not going to do, it’s get themselves and their models into trouble with Mexican police. This is fine for a putrid scumbag like Michael Lucas (who literally doesn’t even pay his models), but the legal and financial risks aren’t worth it for a conglomerate like MindGeek, especially when they can Tex-Mex their San Diego set with a fiesta theme and call it a day. (Hey, at least they didn’t throw in any sombreros and maracas.)

The Puerto Vallarta scam continues today with newcomer Lan topping Devy, and here they are fucking on the converted set in San Diego, or inside the “Puerto Vallarta vacation house,” depending on what you choose to believe (watch full scene here):

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