FIGHT: Ty Roderick Accuses Ryan Rose Of Being On Steroids During Bizarre Twitter War

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rrtyAnother day, another Twitter war between two rival gay porn stars. Last week, it was between Conner Habib and Colby Keller. This week, we’ve got gay porn stars Ty Roderick and Ryan Rose going at it in a feisty and potentially violent series of tweets. It all started with this tweet from gay-for-pay model Ty Roderick:


I don’t think the tweet was intended to be about any specific person in particular. Unfortunately, a fan got involved and tweeted Ty back:

tyr2The fan, for whatever reason, then inexplicably tagged Ryan Rose and Alex Mecum:

tyr3It’s not clear if the fan was trying to be funny, nice, or something else entirely, but it did lead to a response from Ryan Rose, which seemed harmless enough:

tyr4Despite not being provoked with anything, Ty Roderick then responded to Ryan Rose by accusing him of being on steroids, and things got ugly:

tyr5Not very nice, Ty.

Ryan Rose then fired back:


Ty Roderick then appeared to suggest a physical fight, in person, with Ryan Rose:

tyr7Ryan Rose is not one to back down, and he then appeared to suggest that Ty Roderick has beaten women:

tyr8It’s not clear which specific attack Ryan Rose is referring to here, but as you all know, Ty Roderick was indeed recently in jail for domestic battery. His victim, however, was a man, according to court records. This led to yet another threat from Ty Roderick:

tyr9And another:

tyr10Things then got very serious, as Ryan Rose switched to all caps:

tyr11Finally, Ty Roderick issued a lame non-apology apology to his followers (many of whom are women who donated to his GoFundMe while he was in jail):

tyr12IMHO, Ty Roderick unnecessarily started this fight with the steroid remark, for apparently no reason (unless these two have a history of beef that we’re all unaware of).

Just for fun, a question: Ryan Rose and Ty Roderick both have experience getting into fights, and they both definitely have red hot tempers, so who do you think would win if these two actually met up for a balls-to-the-wall brawl?


  • Xzamilloh

    The potential gay McGregor vs. Diaz knockdown dragout fight of the century!!!

    • sanfv

      Don’t bring the Diaz Bros into this! I’m still sore over the fight. I’ve known Nick and Nate since they were tiny lil thugs that Cesar found in Lodi years ago.

  • Greg

    “An attack is what you do to women”
    An attack can happen to either gender. You of all people should know.

    • Pinko of the Grange

      Just a little explanation:
      rose was saying the Rodrick is only man enough to attack women, not defining “attack”

  • sam my

    Ryan Rose is obnoxiously annoying, with an over inflated ego. Funny how he’s trying to come for someone’s domestic issues, when he himself beat the crap out of his lover, oh how soon we forget in order to stand on that pedestal.

    Ty Roderick, not relevant enough for me to talk about, but I would put my money on him to beat the crap out of Ryan, and I’ll be there front and center to enjoy.

  • Ceecee

    Ryan has that handsome face to worry about while Ty has nothing to lose. Easy fight.

  • sxg

    RyRo should be the last person to criticize anyone on their use of steroids, domestic abuse charges, intelligence, and even how one votes. He clearly uses steroids as you can tell by his roid stomach popping out in various pics, he beat the shit out of Ethan Hart or whatever his name was and is rumored to have beaten up other past boyfriends, his twitter account is a clear sign that Florida gives ANYONE a high school diploma, and he voted for Mitt Romney in 2012 so his family can stay rich and he gets to enjoy his trust fund, if that’s even real.

    • Luca

      The winner here is Alex Mecum, who just didn’t care

    • He beat Ethan Slade but Bobby Hart is a previous BF he beat and poor Bobby’s porn career never recovered.


      Ryan did not make the steroid accusation Ty did

  • sanfv

    A fight between a gay marine and stones our photographer. I imagine it’d look like this

    I know how to fight, Ive train BJJ ( and bjs) and Muay Thai on a daily basis for more than 12 years now, I’ve seen a gay marine fight a photographer before and I sweat to gay Jesus it looked just like the gif I posted.

    • JohnnyVooDoo

      What are you talking about. Ryan doesn’t claim to be gay

      • Tim

        you should know how often on a gay blog like this bi and gay get conflated. and he has stated in so many interviews that he is into both genders.

    • McM.

      I can’t believe people are still defending that cheater.

      Dude Penguin comes home and has to fight for his family, and gets his ass kicked. He asks Ms. Cheater to settle the fight and she chooses Heeble-Weeble Homewrecker. Dude Penguin goes in for another round b/c he has kids to think about, and he gets tossed even worse. He pleads with Ms. Cheater to consider the fuzzy chicks and how he is a good husband and provider, and she chooses Heeble-Weeble once again! And the way she walked into the house; I know penguins are used to the cold, but damn, there was no preparing for that arctic blast.

      She should have taken her ass to the far side of the colony so Dude Penguin could raise the babies as a single father.

  • Marik Ishtar

    “It absolutely breaks my heart to see two strong pillars of the LGBT community fighting like this.” -Is what I would say if they weren’t both trash.
    Honestly, I think this is about two men who put their value into how masculine they are fighting it out to see who is dominant. Which might actually explain why they both have domestic violence towards men.

    • RaJ
    • Tim

      Precisely. Ryan Rose is insufferable as a hypocrite on all levels. All goes back to his insisting that Sean Cody duped him into agreeing to bareback by lying about the health risks, as if anyone who has taken a moment to think it through doesn’t understand exactly what they are doing.

  • sans
    • Me2

      I wish more people would adhere to the old saying “don’t start none, won’t be none.”

  • Scrapple

    Way harsh, Ty. When you recently spent thirty days locked up, maybe don’t offer to problem solve in the streets.

    Ryan’s first clap back was pretty funny. But then he threw in the domestic thing and lost his edge.

    • Pinko of the Grange

      The “hanging balls” was near witty.

      • JAWBrkr

        ‘Cept FlatFace has balls high and tight.

        • Pinko of the Grange

          hence the “near”?

  • RandyVandy

    If you’re going to insult someone’s IQ, you should at least know the difference between “then” and “than.”

    • Nordschleife

      Not to mention his all caps rant. I know you’re mad but damn….multiple misspellings.

  • AJ’s Black Widow

    Both of them are garbage.

  • OverKill

    Ryan should have just shut up talking about domestic abuse when he’s an abuser his damn self. It doesn’t matter if you’re abusing a man or a woman, abuse is abuse.

    Oh Ryan:

  • Jordy

    You can’t drag someone when you can’t even spell the word “damn” correctly and don’t know the difference between “you’re” and “your”. Get educated, gays. Please.

  • goosegui
  • planetwingnuttia

    does ty want to fight so he can go to jail and get another gofundme cash grab?

  • Andrew

    What is a Porn Carrer?

    • Pinko of the Grange

      Would that be some road out in the Valley where all the porn studios/distributors have offices?

  • Zealot
  • Me2

    Is it bad that after reading the article I looked at the poll and realized I couldn’t care less about either one of them?

    • Joseph Antonucci


  • Ant

    “Lower then your IQ”

    • Joseph Antonucci

      Don’t forget “Any other punk ass bitches “WANT WANT” to try to resurrect “THIER” sorry ass excuse or a porn “CARRER” Blah Blah Blah….. I know who wins the “Correct Spelling and Grammar” award. Mr. crepe skin. Their should be a mandatory wearing of thumb screws for these porn idiots so they can’t Tweet.

  • Russell47

    Will the loser bottom?

  • Estelle

    Such a hard choice the boyfriend beater or the piece of shit that abandoned his family and won’t pay child support

  • nick

    Just another chick fight

  • Denis-Adam Pompa

    Both should meet up on Naked Kombat – now that would be hot hot hot!

  • Maximus

    I recently gave a presentation to a group of undergraduate students about intimate partner violence in same-sex relationships. Scholars of family violence emphasize empirical findings that indicate that perceived threat to one’s masculinity is a common trigger of physical aggression in men who possess a propensity for such violence. Ryan and Ty seem to exemplify this quite well.

    • Pinko of the Grange

      Do you have a white paper version? It would be an informative read for all.

      • Maximus

        I used a powerpoint, and since I developed it in conjunction with a colleague, it’s not mine to distribute without her permission. Angela Hattery, a sociologist at George Mason University, and Earl Smith, a sociologist at Wake Forest University, have both written quite a bit on the topic. I would recommend their books if you want to learn more.

        • Pinko of the Grange

          Thanks for the referral
          Time to dust off the San Diego Library card.

    • Joseph Antonucci

      But doesn’t adding a princess and a nail polish emoji after your manly tough Tweet just negate his masculinity?

      • Maximus

        That’s an interesting point. I think you’d be right if this were a Twitter fight between two mainstream straight men. In this instance though, I would argue that the commonplace use of the nail polish emoji—and others like it—in the gay subculture has rendered it more gender-neutral for us than it is perceived in the context of the dominant heteronormative culture.

        • Joseph Antonucci

          All these labels are driving me insane! You need a freakin’ “Gender Dictionary” to study less you offend someone. Strip the labels I do not need Name Brands! HAHA.

          • Maximus

            Sorry, that was sociology jargon. I totally get the desire to eschew labels and categories. They are artificial social constructs, after all. (Veritable gender dictionaries do exist, by the way. Gender and sexuality studies is a major subfield in both the social sciences and medicine.)

          • JAWBrkr

            Can I download that onto a Kindle?

          • Maximus

            I would recommended “Transgender History” by Susan Stryker. She’s a professor at the University of Arizona. (I checked, and it is available as a Kindle file.)

          • JAWBrkr

            Thanks, but my comment was in jest. I wouldn’t read that. Unless someone gets murdered brutally or there are paranormal, supernatural crap going on it stays on the shelf.

          • Maximus

            But somebody does get brutally murdered!

  • SaintMike

    Girls you’re both pretty. now shut up and fuck

  • Joseph Antonucci
  • Joseph Antonucci
  • Pinko of the Grange

    The only people that “win” a twitter war are the followers.

  • S .

    To paraphrase Hilary: Delete your accounts.

  • Travis


  • czer

    Who takes the hottest mugshot? Ty or Ryan?

  • Bradster

    We all know horseface… I mean RyRo… only physically fights anorexic twinks. For everyone else it’s a public pissing contest on Twitter.

  • Hold up. I’m late but Ryan Rose has the gall to question someone’s intelligence. I don’t know the validity of what Ty says but I do know one thing and that is Ryan Rose is not that bright. Not even on his best day.