Ty Roderick Jailed For Domestic Battery

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tydouggifAnother day, another gay-for-pay porn star arrested for a violent crime.

This time, it’s gay-for-payer (and former Nica Noelle employee) Ty Roderick, who’s currently serving a 40-day jail sentence in Las Vegas’s Clark County Detention Center for violating probation.

ty1Roderick violated probation by being arrested last month on a domestic battery charge in Las Vegas—and he was on probation in the first place for a prior domestic battery charge, to which he pleaded no contest back in 2012. It’s not clear if Roderick’s current alleged Las Vegas victim is the same one from 2012, but he’s been ordered to stay away from him (yes, it’s a him, which means he could be a roommate, an escort client, or a sugar daddy?) upon his release next month.


Ty Roderick faces a bench trial on October 17th for the new domestic battery charge. Roderick’s female fans on Twitter have come to his defense, and they’ve launched a GoFundMe to help him “start over” after his release. So far, 10 people have donated $1,465 to the serial domestic batterer. What an incredible group of people.



Fellow convicted criminal Cliff Jensen went to visit Ty Roderick in jail yesterday, because of course.


  • Todd

    Ty has also just been named the latest exclusive for MEN.


  • jimboivyo

    Violation of parole or probation? Has he been in prison before?

    • kkdd1

      Yes Jim he has been 2 jail b4 and hence here comes sarcasm cannot get parole without going 2 jail LOL

      • jimboivyo

        It has always been my understanding that if you are on parole, you have been to prison not jail. The original article when first posted suggested a parole violation. That has since been changed to probation.

  • Estelle

    There are several pre porn mugshots of him online and he’s been in trouble for not paying child support.

  • NickDC

    If you commit domestic violence against your partner, we as a society should treat like a pariah (the way we treat Ray Rice) and not starting GoFundMe campaigns and giving free passes to abusers.

  • sanfv

    Just another porn model commiting some sort of crime/abuse.

    Will it ever end??

    The apologists will be out soon.


    • Scrapple

      Using a gif of a former pimp on a post about domestic violence? I see you bitch.


    • 1234

      White porn “stars” and their issues. BTW I actually thought Ty was gay NOT g4p

      • sanfv

        Three things are certain about Ty.
        1. He’s straight, g4p to the max.
        2. He’s a criminal.
        3. He needs to give his two daughters the money they’re owed!

        4. Nica is probably behind all of this.

  • reginald jones

    Jeez…. another guy I always liked. Not surprised he has supporters tho. Jeffrey Dahmer had women fighting over him on television
    and he didn’t even like women.
    Wonder what Ty’s real name is.

  • Dale Bergman
  • sxg

    Ugh I hate it when pornstars I like get into trouble. Why couldn’t it be RyRo beating the shit out of one of his boyfriends again?

    Hoping it was some squabble with his one of his bros lol

  • Xzamilloh

    $1,465 from 10 females? This:


  • OverKill


    I always liked Roderick. Ugh these porn stars really need to get it together. It just makes me think that they like going to jail for some reason. Someone must be really good at giving a blowjob there, otherwise why continue to do things that gets you placed behind bars?

  • JK3

    I’m not surprised. I don’t know how to describe it, but he had this dangerous/bad boy look that made him incredibly sexy. I hope his victim(s?) have a speedy recovery.

  • John McKee

    “As some of you may know, Ty Roderick has found himself in a bit of trouble. He’s doing 40 days in a Las Vegas jail after a night of partying brought him to the attention of the police. It turns out he had a Bench Warrant from a similar incident that took place four years ago and officials decided it was time to pay the piper.

    He spends a lot of time working out and he’s working hard at keeping out of trouble. Hard to do when all there is to do is drink way too much coffee and then try and work off all the extra energy that’s piling up. He knows that the predicament he’s in is his own fault, but he’s certainly not the first good man to make a bad decision and he won’t be the last.”

    Yeah, I night of partying or too much coffee has never made me assult someone or come close to it, maybe he’s just a violent asshole?

    • If he had just followed the courts request they would not have issued a bench warrant, and if he had just followed the law then he likely would have avoided the cops attention.

  • R.A.M.J

    These hags are ridiculous. If you follow some of the chicks, it laughable what they do and give to these guys.

    • Zealot

      What else would you expect from someone with the handle “Crazywriter Caligirl888”?!

      • Scrapple

        Nica’s alternate personalities donated funds? That seems problematic.

  • Zealot

    I’ve included the Singapore Broadcasting Company’s re-enactment of Ty’s earlier domestic battery incident in Vegas to punctuate my comment. This time Ty-Ty…..it didn’t stay in Vegas.

    BT-DUBS – I really think he’d be happier with more fibre in his diet. I blame too much rich cream and processed sugar.

  • Scrapple

    Damn it, Ty. I can already hear the apology.


    But fuck that. When you can’t keep your hands to yourself, you have to come to a realization about yourself.


    Wasn’t Ty married to or dating Mia back in 2012?

    • OneOfTheManyChris

      Yes, and he also dated Casey Tanner. All the “he’s practically a woman!” jokes aside, Ty is gay for not paid.

  • snoopyfo

    jeez, i really liked him, but oh well, hope he can get his act together

  • n24rc

    I’ll think he’d be fine, he’ll just suck dick to get by like he does on the outside.

  • Todd B

    These closeted motherfuckers, more often than not, take out their shame on the women they try to disguise their homosexuality/bisexuality with. Smh

  • pennessee
  • badgamer1967


    • Pinko of the Grange

      I always wanted to see those two go at it.

      • Marcus Collack

        especially today, they got hotter.

  • Pertinax

    I read somewhere else that he was from New England, where he was married ( with a woman ) and had two kids. Then he divorced ( abandoned… ) his family to go to Las Vegas to be a male prostitute and a porn star…

    • sanfv

      That’s like the life story of all these models 😉

      Except there were no firearms involved.

      • Scrapple

        No firearms, but the inclusion of a pre-op trans pornstar puts everything back in alignment.

    • Maximus

      No surprise there. Maine is like the Deep South of New England. I’ve heard residents of that state referred to as “bluenecks.” In their defense, they tend to be more libertarian than conservative.

      • Pertinax

        Thanks for share.

  • Alann6

    Have always liked Ty… I hope he learns from this experience.

  • Scrapple

    Does Cliff live in Nevada now, or is he already allowed to cross state lines? Then again he has already been back to making blatant pot references, so maybe there are no conditions of his parole.

  • emercycrite

    I wanna know his real name.

    • Pertinax

      He is from Italian origin. He’s real name appears on Porn Wiki Leaks.

  • Eric AS

    A man who openly states he is bisexual, not just in the context of porn, should be afforded the dignity of the LGBT community. In other words stop calling every “gay” guy who’s fucked broads gay for pay. It is insulting to the individual, (I know none of you snarky cunts care in this instance) to bisexuals who’s history is consistently being erased, and thirdly us. I’m a gay man who’s messed around with a few of the guys I grew up with, everyone of them did cause he fucking wanted to.

    • Deli73

      Yes, THANK YOU. I never understand the thing you see on so many gay porn blogs, where a guy who sleeps with men and women is automatically gay for pay, and has hate heaped on him accordingly. It happens to Gabriel Clark, to Peter Pounder, used to happen to Brock Avery and Ty now too.
      Yes, there are models who are G4P but as a rule they’re not backward in letting us all know about it. Ty has his many faults but has never pretended to be anything other than bisexual, and I’d class him as pansexual to be honest.
      Bisexuality is no less valid than being straight or gay, don’t reduce it to “he must just do it for the money” because it denigrates anyone who identifies as bi and makes you no better than the bigots who think being gay is a choice, as far as I’m concerned.
      As for the rest of the article, I really hope this is a wake up call for Ty and he can turn things around.

      • jacob221

        but if he only hooks up and sleeps with men outside of porn only for money
        that still makes him gay for pay

        He can call himself bisexual all he wants (just so that his fans will stay interested in him )

        but he’s not

        A lot of g4pay are calling themselves bisexual or sexually fluid to get more fans
        and make more money

        • Andrew Simpson

          You don’t know that plenty of porn stars say they only have sex with men for cash. The truth is nobody knows for sure. I am guessing plenty of these guys have sex with men for fun off camera.

          • jacob221


            go on any rentboy site and compare escorts to guys who do porn who say they are gay4 pay for men

            they overlap about 80/90 %

          • Marcus Collack

            In that you have a point, but the other side has a point too. Those rentboy sites say that for the same reason that gay porn is populated with gay guys turning straight guy scenes. How many times have you seen two gay men in a gay porn, from a gay porn company, where one is pretending to be straight?

          • John McKee

            I’m guessing once you cross the social/psychological barrier on not only have sex with another man but have it documented on film for the world to see, a warm hole becomes a warm hole and working in the gay sex industry probably means there are a ton more male warm holes easily accessible than female ones off camera. A blowjob is a blowjob and if you don’t have any sexual hangups about it being a man’s mouth because you have already gotten pounded by another guy on camera if you are horny you might as well take the blowjob.

            I consider myself 100% gay but in my youth I had sex with women and I got off. I don’t consider myself sexually attracted to women but I was still able to get hard and pound away at a vagina until I came. Lots of guys use Fleshlights but I don’t think they are sexually attracted to them, I don’t think anyone does but no one asks how they could get off to putting their dick in plastic. Or even jerking off, I’m not sexually attracted to my hand but it still does the job.

            Stimulation on a hard dick feels good, having an orgasm feels amazing regardless of it is provided by a man, woman or inflatable sheep doll, I’m guessing a lot of the gay for payers, at least the not bizarrely extremely homophobic ones hook with men off set just because it is easy and they are horny and they have already decided that it doesn’t make them any more gay then when they sucked dick for some cash.

          • sanfv

            You madam, are triggered by these comments for some reason.

          • Maximus

            Having trouble with the concept of percentages, are we?


          • McM.

            Sexuality encompasses more than physical stimulation; it is emotional bonds and social attachments among other things. Conversations about bisexuality are (and should be) nuanced b/c an individual can fall on different points on aspects of the spectrum whereas certain ideas are a given when speaking about WLW or MLM.

        • Sean

          Just the opposite is true. MANY gay men like the idea of converting he str8 guy or being plowed by the str8 guy because their psychosis tells them str8 is more masculine.It is very wide spread that his fan base would grow if he were str8 only. Want proof, watch how many porns have the theme of the guy saying “i’m not gay” and the other guy saying, “i’m not either, but we’re both horny” MANY times those are with openly gay performers. Does that make them gay for pay?
          ALL porn is something for pay. If you think porn performers are actually boyfriends in real life just because it was in a ROLE, then you need to understand that it is a PERFORMANCE. It is playing on the viewer fantasy.

    • Maximus

      Does he openly date men though? If he dates women but only ever hooks up with men, then that’s probably why he’s considered to be more hetero than bi.


      • Luca

        didn’t he openly date for a while a young pornstar whose name escapes me now?

        • Maximus

          I have no idea. I didn’t know who he was until this story.

        • McM.
          • OneOfTheManyChris

            How do you know she was referring to his relationship with Casey Tanner? She also dated him, and she’s got a bigger dick than Casey.

            Also “No gimmicks” is not what comes to mind when I see a transwoman who’s biggest claim to fame is claiming she’s fucked a Kardashian.

          • McM.

            The first link is from a Feb 17, 2014 post on this site. The second (twitter) link was from Feb 24, 2014, found with the search function on this site and was titled “Ty Roderick’s Ex-Girlfriend Throws Some Shade On His New Relationship”.

            While I think porn couples don’t last long, I believe Ty Roderick dated Casey Tanner more than seven days. Zach tweeted a screenshot of Mia Isabella’s message which was grabbed that day or some time before, so she had to be referring to Ty’s current (at the time) relationship.

    • sanfv
    • jacob221

      if your only interaction to men for sex is based on a dollar amount outside of porn
      your are not bisexual you’re g4pay

      if you need Viagra, pills, shots, stimulants or straight porn or have to think about your gf or wife to have sex with a man
      you’re not bisexual

      • Deli73

        And you know Ty does that how, exactly? He’s dated guys, and the relationship with Mia Isabella I wouldn’t exactly class as traditional male/female either.
        I’m not taking away from the crap he’s pulled that’s got him in trouble, he’s an idiot for all of that. But screaming G4P now seems like a rather convenient way to rewrite history and demonise him at the same time (especially when this blog has either called him bi or gay up to this point)

        • jacob221

          if you are “dating” (only when the camera is on and in pictures) guys who are fellow co-stars for the camera

          its the same premise

          its still to make more money and get more fans

          • OneOfTheManyChris

            Your reasoning is circular. You think he’s g4p therefore his well documented relationships with men must have been only for the camera. All I can say is that he went to a hell of a lot of effort to impress the percentage of fans who follow his personal life.

          • jacob221

            celebrities do the same thing to stay popular
            porn is just on a smaller scale

          • Sean

            So you vasically are diminishing every person who is a bi sexual or “celebrity” who might not fit YOUR binary definition of what sexuality is all about? I have no clue who this guy is, but to say, if you fuck guys on cam for money AND you fuck women too but not on cam, you must not be bisexual is just insulting. MOST guys who do porn,, do it for MONEY. THe fact is gay male performers make far more money than str8 ones (Ron Jeremy being a disgusting exception)

    • Bradster

      Right…because the issue at hand is the labeling of him as bisexual. Forget the fact that he’s thrown in jail for assault.

      • Eric AS

        The issue at hand is that this blog and especially the readers consistently draw harsher comments on models described as gay4pay than gay or bisexual. (I could produce a linear regression but i dont have excell exporting function my phone). Therefore when a model who has been described both by himself and this blog as bisexual is jailed, and rightly so, calling him gay4pay is a tactic to incite new, and unrelated to the criminality outrage against him.

        • Maximus

          You can’t run a regression if the independent variable is categorical. You’d need to do an independent samples t-test or a chi-square test of independence.

        • Maximus

          You can’t run a regression if the independent variable is categorical. You’d need to do an independent samples t-test or a chi-square test of independence.

          Also, who uses Excel to perform inferential statistics? That is a level of basicness which I cannot abide.


          • McM.
          • Maximus

            I take empirical research very seriously! Y’all bitches best be prepared for me to clock your design flaws.


          • sanfv

            You are a Queen. We NEVER apologize.

          • Me2

            Hedonismbot. You’re temporarily my hero!

          • Maximus
          • Eric AS

            Haha, you successfully called my bluff. I performed well in biostatistics and research design but haven’t programmed data sets in 4 years . My whole cohort had differing computer systems so the majority of each session was moving between PAST, Excell, R, etc. Still though call out an abuser all you want but don’t change his sexuality to something easily vilified.

          • sanfv

            I think you should change your profile photo to something more fitting. May I suggest this?

          • Eric AS

            Dude, all poor white trash are certain that’s what they look like while they’re hungover.

          • Dayum! My dick just got so hard.

          • Maximus
          • seth

            You can run linear regression with an IV that is categorical. It’s called a dummy variable, dummy.

            You can’t run linear regression with a DV that is categorical. For that, you’d need a choice model.

          • Maximus

            You’re technically correct. If the IV has three or more categories, you would assign an arbitrary numerical value to each category—e.g., 0, 1, 2—for the sake of running an ANOVA. While ANOVA is technically a type of regression, it doesn’t produce a Pearson’s r value. I assumed that Eric was referring to a correlation coefficient, not a test of significance.

            Furthermore, an ANOVA wouldn’t even be possible in this case since the IV, as Eric defined it, can only take on one of two categorical values: “G4P” or “Gay/Bi.”

            That’s my understanding of dummy variables and correlations, at least. My knowledge of statistics is limited to research applications, so there may be more advanved procedures of which I am not aware. Feel free to correct me if that is in fact the case.

      • Sean

        Axctually is the blog is going o label him something he is not to show how GFP porn models are a problem, the fact is BISEXUALS and GAY men also have issues. His issue is obviously he resorts to violence when in confrontations. Saying he is GFP is just plain bad reporting

    • Oppen

      Excellent point, Eric.

  • AussieB

    Just curious why you protected his real name but you don’t for other models?

  • Andrew Simpson

    It is interesting these male porn stars why do so many of them get into trouble with the law? Well at least this guy Ty might be gay or bisexual in real life.

  • kkdd1

    Cliff Jensen is in a jail as a VISITOR ???

  • Bradster

    Isn’t it heartwarming to see lawbreakers care so much about each other that they’re visiting each other in the slammer? And of course it has appear on their social media.

  • Pearl Clutcher

    him hot. so…

  • Super Marco Manuel

    Another gay for pay man who have problems with the law. Shocker!

  • sans

    These comments are cancer.

  • Odetofear

    i find him incredibly mesmerizing. i love his personality and passion in his scenes, but under all that you could tell there was a guy dealing with some shit. He always seemed too serious. As much of a fan as i am, fuck him. Do the crime, do the time.

  • Dark Wisdom

    Jesus, that cock sucking gif that opens this page turns me fucking on!

  • StefanoD

    Both Ty (engaged at one point) and Cliff (dated and did scenes) with Transexual porn star Mia-Isabella, so I’m sure that’s why they’re tight. lol