Flashback: Leo Forte/JD Phoenix Brunch Bloodbath Shocks Sister Roma!

Posted January 24, 2014 by with 10 comments

romabloodThose of you with good memories will recall that JD Phoenix, Leo Forte, and mr. Pam’s Hustlaball show isn’t the first time these three have made a controversial, bloody mess. The last time they did it was in Chicago at the Grabbys post-show brunch, on the sidewalk outside of the bar.

While Leo Forte is now claiming to have used fake blood during last week’s Hustlaball show (and correct me if I wrong, but I thought BDSM was supposed to be authentic, so does using “fake” blood mean that Leo Forte was performing fake BDSM?), it’s quite clear from the photos that not all of the blood was fake. And it’s also clear that none of the blood in the Chicago video (below) is fake.

Is whipping someone until they bleed on a public sidewalk in plain view of passersby, construction workers across the street, and a mortified Sister Roma appropriate? You be the judge:

[via NakedSword]


  • BigDean

    I love JD, Leo & Mr. Pam!

  • sxg

    Wasn’t this all happening the same weekend as the leather convention?

    • IAMSAM

      This was at the recording of the Tim & Roma show post Grabby Brunch.

  • shidinja .

    It’s totally appropriate…As will the judgements and generalizations that the people walking by will make about all homosexuals because of a select few.

    • JoshChicago

      And those are judgements and generalizations which you should be educated about before taking sides with your so called enemy.

      • shidinja .

        Taking sides? I’m merely stating the obvious. I don’t mind what they’re doing at all, but I know that others would. You think a parent wants to drive by and have their kid see someone getting lashed on the sidewalk?

        • JoshChicago

          Where was your outrage 8 months ago over this? Why are you piggy-backing on an event you obviously knew nothing about before an hour ago? People who live in, near, around and pass through Boystown in Chicago should be prepared to not only educate themselves about the community they are passing through – but to also educate their kids about the depths and differences of all people, so a post like this, some day in the future is no longer necessary.

          If you were honestly worried about the children – then you’d begin with yourself so that would no longer be an excuse for your ignorance.

  • Cosmic

    Are S&M demos allowed in public there?

  • Dean

    Ugly scary mutant Ursula tranny.

  • AmanYoudontknow

    Awww JD just so cute and I find this pretty HOT…as long as he let Leo be the only one to do this together with him , I’m okay with that. I love Leo and JD!