Flashback: Leo Forte/JD Phoenix Brunch Bloodbath Shocks Sister Roma!

Posted January 24, 2014 by with 8 comments

romabloodThose of you with good memories will recall that JD Phoenix, Leo Forte, and mr. Pam’s Hustlaball show isn’t the first time these three have made a controversial, bloody mess. The last time they did it was in Chicago at the Grabbys post-show brunch, on the sidewalk outside of the bar.

While Leo Forte is now claiming to have used fake blood during last week’s Hustlaball show (and correct me if I wrong, but I thought BDSM was supposed to be authentic, so does using “fake” blood mean that Leo Forte was performing fake BDSM?), it’s quite clear from the photos that not all of the blood was fake. And it’s also clear that none of the blood in the Chicago video (below) is fake.

Is whipping someone until they bleed on a public sidewalk in plain view of passersby, construction workers across the street, and a mortified Sister Roma appropriate? You be the judge:

[via NakedSword]