[UPDATED] Fleshjack Scrubs Topher DiMaggio And All Of His Products From Their Site

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This story has been updated below with a statement from Fleshjack.

Exactly one year ago, Fleshjack announced that Topher DiMaggio was their newest “Fleshjack Boy,” as seen in the video above (added: Fleshjack has pulled down the video), and a series of sex toys molded out of his cock and ass were released throughout 2017. Over the last month, five men have come forward to accuse Topher DiMaggio of rape and sexual assault, and Fleshjack appears to have taken action in response to those accusations.

Up until three days ago, DiMaggio’s Fleshjack products (along with his image and a bio) were advertised and available for purchase via DiMaggio’s page on Fleshjack’s site. Today, however, that page, all of the Topher DiMaggio sex toys, and in fact every single mention of Topher DiMaggio has been completely scrubbed from Fleshjack’s site:

Screen Shot 2018-02-10 at 8.27.30 PMThe cached version of Topher DiMaggio’s page seen below shows what it used to look like. If you try to click on one of his toys to add to your shopping cart, it won’t work, and your cart will remain empty.

Screen Shot 2018-02-10 at 8.26.22 PMIf you Google “Fleshjack Topher DiMaggio” and click the search result, you’re redirected to the main Fleshjack page advertising all of the Fleshjack Boys, and DiMaggio is no longer one of them.


Fleshjack has issued a statement to Str8UpGayPorn regarding Topher DiMaggio:

FleshJack has dissolved its relationship with Topher DiMaggio. He is no longer a FleshJack Boy, and we are no longer selling his products. While our interactions with Topher were always professional, we could not ignore the negative experiences concerning him that others have reported. We strive to promote positive sexual experiences for everyone, particularly in the gay community, and our association with Topher was not conducive with that mission.

While none of the allegations against DiMaggio have been proven in a court of law, I think Fleshjack made the right call. A line of sex toys molded from the body of someone who’s been accused of rape is not something that anyone wants anything to do with.

Two days ago, the other brand most closely tied to DiMaggio, Andrew Christian, placed him on indefinite suspension while they claimed to be “looking into” the sexual assault allegations. As of now, gay porn studios have not removed DiMaggio content from their sites (he’s filmed over 100 scenes, with over a dozen studios).

  • Xzamilloh

    So Jake Bass and Beaux Banks went at it recently… just throwing that out there. Not being messy or anything. It’s an interesting topic that shed an “interesting” light on Jake Bass

    • Mike Julius

      Yeah, permanently side-eyeing him now too. Pity.

    • Scrapple

      I thought everyone already knew Jake had issues. Wasn’t he frequently getting into it with people on social media years ago?

    • Hari Kalyan

      I was genuinely confused. Confused by Jake’s motivations. Confused by his “coloured” father. Confused by his entire involvement in that conversation.

    • elyp

      I’m sorry, what happened?


    This always gives me pause “While none of the allegations…have been proven in a court of law…someone who’s been accused of rape is not something that anyone wants anything to do with”. Nicole Eggert just this week filed a police report against Scott Baio (thanks Zack for posting that article or I might not have seen it) for incidents he was allegedly involved with 25 years ago. The duty of the accusers is to go to the law first, not to make statements in media and have these accusations (and these are ONLY accusations right now) ruin careers. This is in NO WAY a defense of the perpetrator if these allegations are proven to be true, but trial by public opinion is just not right and an affront to our justice system – regardless of what happened.

    • Xzamilloh

      This is why I cannot and will never take accusations like these at face value. It’s a dangerous game to play, with the “listen and believe” narrative, because once you adopt that mantra it’s only a matter of time before the purity test bites you in the ass. Look at Lena Dunham… she had no problem with the listen and believe until HER friend was accused of sexual assault. Then all of a sudden, he was a part of that small group falsely accused. Please.

      I don’t care who this pisses off… go to the police. We can work to reform the justice system when it comes to rape and prosecuting rapists, but damn, man, Facebook and Twitter ain’t the damn law.

      That said, like I also said before, the one thing these stories all have in common is that Topher is aggressive and does not like being told no, so at the most, we can see an air of entitlement and lack of boundaries. Take of that what you want

      • ANTSLC

        I hear you.

      • A.C.

        Though never quite stated publically, in the advocate community a seminal ethos is that all claims are to be taken seriously, not all victims should be believed. That places the emphasis on the allegation and the veracity thereof, not on the credibility of the alleged victim. This allows us to deliver the resources the alleged victims need instead of quibbling with whether they are telling the truth. It gives wide berth to both due process and victim openness.

    • peter

      Ruin career? Scott Baio?!?! I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s in cahoots with her just to get his name back in the spotlight briefly. With his career trajectory, any publicity is good publicity!

    • Scrapple

      There are many times when people have been victimized and have gone to the police first and have been deterred, discounted and dismayed. There have been plenty of times when victims have had their day in court and nothing came of it. One of the things rape and sexual assault victims (I hate typing that word, but it’s a necessary evil) have been told repeatedly when they’ve thought about moving forward is their lives will be dragged through the mud and everything they have ever said or done will be held up to scrutiny. Where does that happen? In the media. So it’s not hard to understand why these men and women are going to the media first to tell their side of the story. They’re being proactive. Take the Nicole Eggert thing. I think we can all agree nothing is going to happen with that. Scott Baio is not going to be charged with anything. Probably nothing about his life or status will change. Nicole though? She’ll always be “that girl from Baywatch who said Scott Baio raped her.” And had she gone to the police first and then the story came out, they would’ve thrown “washed up attention whore looking for money” in there too.

      Also, this “police first” mentality neglects to address an important question. What do you do when your accuser is dead? Are you supposed to not say anything because they can’t refute your accusations? Are you going to file charges against a dead person? Their estate? We’re seeing this now with the Mark Salling case. He took the plea, the money was agreed upon for the victims, and now those people have an uphill battle going against his estate in civil court.

      • ANTSLC

        I understand your point about “duty”. I’m saying that when something like that happens, we as a society need to be better at urging victims to take these allegations to the police first, not shaming them or trying to cover things up just to save face. It’s a cultural issue as you’ve pointed out, rightly so.

        • Scrapple

          Part of the problem is the police don’t exactly have the best optics right now. When you have that issue on top of people confronting individuals who hold power and influence, it explains the hesitancy to choose the law first.

    • Maximus

      Your comment betrays a misunderstanding of constitutional due process law. The Fifth Amendment and the Fourteenth Amendment apply to the federal government and the state governments, respectively. Private actors generally do not owe anybody due process, with some limited potential exceptions (e.g., private organizations performing public functions, entanglement, the government created the danger, deprivation occurred while in government custody). Congress may apply constitutional norms to private actors by statute in some contexts, but nothing in the U.S. Code or Code of Federal Regulations requires private businesses to guarantee due process to employees or licensees accused of sexual assault prior to termination. Topher might have a claim for breach of contract against Fleshjack or Andrew Christian, but not a constitutional claim.

      If you’re concerned about being “tried in the court of public opinion,” the solution is very simple: Don’t sexually assault people. The myth that believing victims will inevitably lead to tons of innocent men having their reputations ruined by vengeful liars making false accusations is just another pillar of patriarchal rape culture.

  • Scrapple
  • peter

    Men is as likely to remove his scenes as they are girlfriend-beater Rapid

    • Hari Kalyan

      If they still have Sebastian Young’s scenes up then Topher’s scenes ain’t going anywhere anytime soon.

    • Zachary Sire

      While he was arrested, Johnny was never formally charged with the girlfriend assault, but it’s a complicated issue, and I really don’t know what studios should do about the Topher issue. If every single porn star who was convicted (let alone not even charged, as with Topher) of committing a serious crime (murder, assault, rape, etc.) were to have their scenes removed from all the studios, there would literally be thousands of scenes erased from dozens of studios. All the criminals co-stars in these scenes would have their work deleted, too, and is that fair to them? Plus, all the scenes are already on tube sites or stored on people’s computers.

      Hollywood can’t delete or remove movies if stars from the movies commit crimes, so I don’t know if porn studios should either. (Side note: Roman Polanski was convicted of rape, and he won an Oscar in 2003!) If I owned a studio, I think I might take things on a case-by-case basis, but IDK.

      As a reminder: Sebastian Young is about to go on trial for raping his own 5-year-old daughter, and his scenes are still up on all the studios’ sites.

      • Ninja0980

        Sebastian Young had been convicted of several felonies before the latest charges he’s facing and none of that got him removed.
        Him being found guilty of these latest charges won’t either.
        Heck, Sean Cody still has Addison and others who have been convicted of murder on their site.
        If they aren’t going anywhere, neither is Topher.

        • Zachary Sire

          Correct. I agree.

        • peter

          Francisco. Are there others I don’t know about?

          It seems like some porn studios feel like a felony conviction only adds to a model’s ‘bad-boy’ or ‘dangerous’ cachet. It enhances their ‘trade’ creds.

          Historically, I believe John Holmes had a couple of stays behind bars.

      • peter

        If all of Johnny Rapid’s scenes were deleted Men might cease to exist.

        I agree that Topher’s adult oeuvre and his ongoing product-endorsements are entirely different beasts. You’re right: these scenes shouldn’t be deleted out of fairness to his scene partners. It would be tragic if future generations were deprived of his RB scene with Brett Swanson. Another plus for Topher is I don’t think he’s ever done a bareback scene.

        One of the stranger facts about the Polanski business is that the girl (now woman) in question was set up with Polanski by her mother(?!?!) There was this cult-like culture of condign pedophilia rampant in the LA entertainment business in the 70s. Another example would be 14 year-old uber-groupie Lori Maddox’ (the person upon who the ‘Almost Famous’ Penny Lane character was based) now-notorious time-share agreement with Bowie and Jimmy Page (neither of whom were charged with anything).

      • Francis Mastro

        Also there’s a huge difference between a 20 year old kid who apparently yelled at his gf and maybe hit her once (I’m not justifying his actions) and someone who over the years, unashamedly raped people, clearly thinking it’s normal and probably being proud of it. I was horrified by Johnny’s story too when it came out… I stopped watching his scenes…
        But I also grew up in an environment where straight kids are subconsciously taught that girls are inferior & exist just to please men. All the kids I grew up with were more or less violent to girls when they were young. Again, I’m not justifying obviously!!! I’m just saying that if we had to give up on all the kids who are brainwashed by our sexist society, like everyone would be condemned. I didnt give up on the kids that I went to school with, many changed so much!!! Many are even great dads now.
        If Johnny did what he did, he should be punished &”helped”
        He seems now so mature to me, very different from the kid that would say “Im very dominat with girls, I fucked them hard…” The impression I have of him now is completely different. Ppl can change & improve themselves. Proud rapists should be given the chance to improve themselves IN JAIL instead!!!!

      • Thanks for unpacking what is – and should be – a complicated conversation. I don’t think there’s an easy answer, and worse, I don’t know what a convincing standard is, that can hold up to every instance. I think maybe the point is that when we know what we know, it’s on the audience to decide whether or not to watch (which, then, applies as well to, say, Woody Allen or Roman Polanski). It’s easy for me to say “I won’t watch Topher scenes” because I never found him that compelling a performer. But others… not so simple. I think it’s different too for Andrew Christian or Fleshjack, where he was there to sell product… but the principle is similar – they’re dropping him because they think he’ll cost them sales. Studios will do the same if it’s clear the audience isn’t there for the product.

    • TK

      Dennis West is a registered sex offender who tried to get with a 14-year-old girl. This was known the entire time he filmed porn.

      • jackson803

        Wait… Where can I find this information? This is totally new to me.

  • txhorn

    Seriously, Topher’s Fleshjack sensation was called “Illicit”? #CoincidenceOrClairvoyance

  • B.C.

    This is not going to be a popular comment, but here is my pondering. I’ve only seen a handful of Topher’s scenes. Decent performer, nothing super spectacular in looks or otherwise, comes off as a guy in love with his image in the mirror (most underwear models are). Not trying to be disrespectful to any sex crime victim, nevertheless ruining someone’s career without legal background and verification is potentially dangerous. Who is going to be next? I’m aware there is a very fashionable movement spreading from Hollywood America. My response to that: thank Goddess, I live in Europe.

    • harley quinn

      Europe is actually worse than american when It comes to sexual crimes sis wym lol im glad these people are seeing consequences for their actions

    • Marcus Collack

      I can understand what you are saying, but he got this career based on a persona that seemed to be false. Public opinion elevated him, public opinion brought him down. I’m assuming the “fashionable movement spreading from hollywood,” you are referring to is Metoo. The Metoo movement didn’t start in Hollywood, it started with Tarana Burke, and what Metoo is about, started way before that, when the first victim ( a name you will probably never know) reported their abuser, (in some small town, you probably never heard of/will hear of) whether or not they were ever believed. This is not a hollywood problem, it’s a world problem. Speaking of Hollywood though, there was a line that Capt van Buren said in Law and Order “There’s people like him in every neighborhood. It could be the Little League coach, your kid’s favorite teacher… It’s too bad they don’t glow in the dark.” As I grew and started to pay attention, I understood what my parents were trying to tell me, why the world seemed scary for them, (beyond their hue and what comes with that), but it didn’t really click until this line. There are people in this world that will see you as nothing more than a toy they can play with, to discard you at their leisure, that will consider you beneath their notice except to establish their desire, and they know that they can do this, and get away with it, because the others like them will protect them.

    • John Iii

      If you are paid to represent a company or product and bad press true or false starts coming out publicly you get dropped. It’s not good for the brand and clearly written into the contacts as reason for termination

  • JP
  • harley quinn

    Well i Hope pornsites actually take Action and remove topher from ads too i was watching pornhub and a td ad popped out i feel like he was gonna jump out of my monitor and then he would slap me and call me a pussy

  • James Johnson III

    I am sure this is not going to be a popular opinion but I will share my feelings on this situation. I think that what Topher has been accused of are fucking heinous and, as a victim of sexual assault before in my life, I stand firmly on the side of the accusers.., and I certainly understand Fleshjack’s decision in light of the many accusations…but this move makes me hella sad because I had been saving up for a Topher Fleshjack cock. I’ve loved his scenes all over (heck even his early Chaosmen work) and have always wondered what his cock would feel like and now I won’t get the chance to find out

    • harley quinn

      i’m sure there are plenty of other fake cocks you can get than are way more better than his boo

      • James Johnson III

        True. I have Brent Everett’s and Johnny Hazzard’s and they are both fabulous. Maybe I’ll take that money and see if I can find an Austin Wilde Fleshjack cock instead

    • Marcus Collack

      so you still want to find out?

      • James Johnson III

        I know it sounds bad but yeah I still do. Every time I’ve watched his scenes, I’ve thought his cock looks like the perfect size to hit my spot. When I found out he had a toy, I figured I’d have the chance to find out. Now I guess I won’t

  • Carrel


  • BF8

    It seems that the Andrew Christian website has changed its header, and removed all of Topher’s heads out of any products that he was promoting; everyone knows his tattoo, he’s the only headless model on the site.

    • Sam T.

      I checked this morning, and Topher’s shots are not cut off when you go to an individual product’s page. Although good move on them to get started on this.

  • Rob36

    they’ll put another performer’s name on them, and flog them off.

  • Devin

    You all should have known something was sketchy about Topher. The way he moans while he’s topping guys is creepy as hell. Have you ever heard a top moan like that? Have you ever heard ANYONE moan like that? Some of you might think I sound silly for associating his creepy moaning with him actually being a creep, but I believe that they are related and I have always thought he was creepy. I can’t even say the word enough. He just gives me the fuckin creeps and I’ve never gotten off to his videos.

  • Will Cobb

    I don’t even have a clue who this person was.

  • TheLisp
  • TheLisp
  • Does this mean if we want a Topher FleshJack we now have to get one on the black market… or dare I say it second hand market hahaha

  • Maximus