[UPDATED] Fleshjack Scrubs Topher DiMaggio And All Of His Products From Their Site

Posted February 10, 2018 by with 48 comments

This story has been updated below with a statement from Fleshjack.

Exactly one year ago, Fleshjack announced that Topher DiMaggio was their newest “Fleshjack Boy,” as seen in the video above (added: Fleshjack has pulled down the video), and a series of sex toys molded out of his cock and ass were released throughout 2017. Over the last month, five men have come forward to accuse Topher DiMaggio of rape and sexual assault, and Fleshjack appears to have taken action in response to those accusations.

Up until three days ago, DiMaggio’s Fleshjack products (along with his image and a bio) were advertised and available for purchase via DiMaggio’s page on Fleshjack’s site. Today, however, that page, all of the Topher DiMaggio sex toys, and in fact every single mention of Topher DiMaggio has been completely scrubbed from Fleshjack’s site:

Screen Shot 2018-02-10 at 8.27.30 PMThe cached version of Topher DiMaggio’s page seen below shows what it used to look like. If you try to click on one of his toys to add to your shopping cart, it won’t work, and your cart will remain empty.

Screen Shot 2018-02-10 at 8.26.22 PMIf you Google “Fleshjack Topher DiMaggio” and click the search result, you’re redirected to the main Fleshjack page advertising all of the Fleshjack Boys, and DiMaggio is no longer one of them.


Fleshjack has issued a statement to Str8UpGayPorn regarding Topher DiMaggio:

FleshJack has dissolved its relationship with Topher DiMaggio. He is no longer a FleshJack Boy, and we are no longer selling his products. While our interactions with Topher were always professional, we could not ignore the negative experiences concerning him that others have reported. We strive to promote positive sexual experiences for everyone, particularly in the gay community, and our association with Topher was not conducive with that mission.

While none of the allegations against DiMaggio have been proven in a court of law, I think Fleshjack made the right call. A line of sex toys molded from the body of someone who’s been accused of rape is not something that anyone wants anything to do with.

Two days ago, the other brand most closely tied to DiMaggio, Andrew Christian, placed him on indefinite suspension while they claimed to be “looking into” the sexual assault allegations. As of now, gay porn studios have not removed DiMaggio content from their sites (he’s filmed over 100 scenes, with over a dozen studios).