Former Family Dick Owner Legrand Wolf Launches Controversial Gay Porn Studio “Boy For Sale”

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legrandLegrand Wolf is the performer/producer who most will recognize from MormonBoyz and FamilyDick (as seen above), two of the studios he was part owner of when he used to run their parent company, Charged Media. The details are sketchy, but there have been reports that Wolf was removed from Charged Media last year after some drama with his sister, who is part owner of the company (yes, a real-life brother and sister team ran FamilyDick—you cannot make this shit up). Now, the sister is running Charged Media and all its studios without Wolf.

With Legrand Wolf now a free agent, he’s launched a new studio, BoyForSale, and if you thought FamilyDick was controversial when it launched two years ago, here’s the BoyForSale description: is an adult, fantasy website depicting fictional relationships between voluntary participants in extreme dom/sub role play. In these stories, the young men willingly submit to the men in a mock, black-market auction and consent to acting out being purchased as voluntary sex slaves. As in all erotic fiction and fantasy pornography, the events captured in video and photography are for entertainment use only and do not reflect any real-world acts. and its creators believe that sex of all kinds should begin and end from a place of enthusiastic, informed consent. While BoyForSale represents fictional, fantasy depictions of various degrees of BDSM fetishes and kinks, including the dynamics of “masters” and “slaves,” it does not support or advocate the real-world, criminal, non-consensual acts of sex trafficking and slavery. Kink, bondage, and role play are, at the core, about fantasy exploration in a safe, fun, and legal manner. All performers are consenting adults and of legal age at the time of filming.

I’ve never seen any studio having to do so much explaining with that much of a disclaimer, but I guess it’s good to know that they don’t actually support sex trafficking?! Yikes…

full_05I can always find something to joke about given the absurdity of FamilyDick, but is there anything “funny” to say about this? Maybe there’s a joke to be made about the fact that BoyForSale Austin Young is wearing the same Party City bow tie he wore when he was Austin Armstrong in FamilyDick’s Halloween episode?

fdk0017_171015_fdk_02-familydick-real-dad-son-sex-trick-or-treat-ch5_pic36_02-11-2017-1_05-29-2018IDK…maybe it’s best to just not say anything at all.

full_07 full_09 full_10Here’s the trailer for this week’s scene with Austin Young, Legrand Wolf, Myles Landon, and more (watch full scene here):


  • Svenne

    That’s a URL that will put you on a list lmao.

  • FrenchBug

    I have to say I find those behind-the-scenes business things very interesting. More coverage of that stuff please!
    I guess that explains the Mormon to Missionary Boys name change.

    • Default_User

      I wonder if the recent name change for LDS (they want to be known as Latter Day Saints now, which was their formal name, instead of Mormons) was due in part to that word being used for a gay porn site. To live in the weird mind of the person who thinks magic underwear can be fetishized…..

  • SaintMike
  • Mr.Varric

    My God that’s disturbing whats the next studio going to be about random dudes playing sex offenders kidnapping Austin through out the US.

    • DanielA

      Hush……Don’t talk to loud they(studios) might hear you,Austin is cute, but looks like he should still be in middle school to me, he is, looks waaaay to young to be in porn,however, the scenes he has been in are some what hot,but ,good that he is not on FD,but this new one,I don’t think I will be checking this one out,No Thank You!

    • Sean

      No, it will be a porn with somebody killing Ausitn and fucking his dead body. I mean the necrophila market hasnt been tapped yet

      • Robert Earl Gee Jr.

        You are really a moron.

  • Maximus

    That’s fucked up. I hate humans. I’m a giraffe now.

    (I’m a gay giraffe, obviously.)

  • OkButActually

    Studio porn could potentially be poised to outdo onlyfans on quality at least and this is the shit these people come up with.
    Same guys worse lighting and even more awkward and niche scenarios.

    God forbid they play with body types or actually have the small pool of tops they work with actually engage sexually with eachother.

  • stephen
    • Northboy691


  • czer

    Wait. I thought Austin met the older man of his dreams and retired from porn about a year ago. The new boyfriend wasn’t fond of his porn work and he quit the business. Has Austin broken up with the boyfriend and returned to porn? Or is this footage that’s been in the can for a while? If Austin is back in the porn business I hope he returns to Family Dick soon.

    • FrenchBug

      He was back in porn after just a handful of months. He has had a few scenes as top for Boycrush.

      • czer

        Somehow I missed this development. Thanks for clarifying.

    • zionita

      He seems to be in a relationship with LeGrand Wolf (Daniel Holsinger) and Wolf’s husband Jay.

  • I was wondering when someone would notice this. I figured it was just another spinoff from Charged, but the (wild) bts detail is way more… fascinating. I’m not shocked, but I’m not sure I see long term success with what seems like one storyline told over and over (granting that the other sites also can be repetitive). Maybe they’ll just make up and merge everything back together.

  • Scrapple

    Legrand Wolf is the perfect name for someone who creates exploitive, predatory porn. It’s pretty clear where the idea for this site came from:
    Except Gaga wasn’t glamorizing indentured servitude and forced prostitution. This is why lecherous pervs shouldn’t be allowed to run their own studios. It would be one thing if this was about actual dom/sub culture involving men or young men who look like they’ve reached adulthood. But you’re showing boys who look underage engaging in survival sex and that’s supposed to be consensual and hot? No ma’ams. This is one time that I’m glad porn is so segregated. The last thing I want to see is some Black twinks auctioned off as living sex dolls. I don’t do slavery.

    On a related note, porn site co-ownership has to be the next step for Diego Sans and Dora.

    • Paul Adams

      Who is Dora?

      • Scrapple

        Diego’s sister.

        • Paul Adams

          Thanx, I had no idea :)

  • Baradude
  • CamCam

    The more i learn about this site, the creepier it is to me. And to know the origins of FamilyDick helps me to understand why the site has always been so disturbing to me. Further proof that any old nook and cranny fool can run a porn site and that’s not a good thing. People are really something else lol

  • onyx081

    I don’t know why all of you are acting so pressed. This isn’t that different from any of the dom/sub, daddy/boy/twink scenarios I’ve seen in other gay porn. This type of role play has been a part of porn, both and gay and straight since forever, same as the older guy who sleeps with the “barely legal” innocent young teen scenario. I understand not be into it, but I don’t know why people are acting like it’s some weird shit that they’ve never been seen in porn before. It’s not anything new. This is a fantasy not a documentary, Nobody is actually underage or being exploited.

    Also, I thought Austin Young retired from porn after he got into a relationship with some daddy type

    • magenta5

      It was a very short-lived retirement. His twitter lists him as an employee of Carnal Media, which operates Boys4Sale, a furry site, and a FtM site. He describes himself as “Model Manager”.

      Also, from their website, just gonna leave this here, because I’m sure it’s totally definitely not a scam:

      “Carnal Stars is a Business Development program for models. Together with our parent company Carnal Media, we help models take advantage of the traffic-generating (and money-making) elements of the adult industry to take the model JustForFans site to the next level. Models will have the opportunity to work with Carnal Media, the most exciting and fastest growing company in the adult industry. Models will get affiliate traffic that turns their biggest fans on adult websites into paying customers for their JustForFans! The owners of Carnal Media are the creators of the hottest sites in the adult industry in the last 10 years, and have the best reputation in the industry among models (from first time performers and pornstar veterans alike).

      Carnal Stars offers models the killer marketing machine of Carnal Media, without forcing models to learn the complexities of affiliate marketing. The tools they offer allow a model to become a high paid affiliate–making money off paying customer traffic regardless of where those customers spend their money. Carnal Stars is always on the lookout for models with motivation. If you are a model excited to grow your JustForFans business, contact Carnal Stars for more information!”

    • Robert Earl Gee Jr.

      agreed, if they are so prudy what in hell are they doing here.

    • Pinko of the Grange

      It is the sale thing that crosses the line for me not the age difference.

      • Robert Earl Gee Jr.

        its just porn, damn………..

        • Pinko of the Grange

          If it doesn’t cross your line bully 4 u.

          • Robert Earl Gee Jr.

            and if it crosses your move the fuck on. there should be more things to worry about.

        • Sean

          So you would be ok if the porn was of a 60 year old fiucking a ten year old? I mean it is illegla and all, BUT it is fantasy for pedophiles. Maybe next up we can have Austin play like he is dead for the necrophiliacs.

          • Robert Earl Gee Jr.

            Hey MORON. or faceless bot, or stupid troll. ITS PORN, ITS MAKE BELIEVE, like those sat. morning cartoons you get up and watch. If you don’t like it, turn the channel, or move on, or try and grow up. This world was not made to cater to your taste.

          • zionita

            You’re a sick fuck.

          • Robert Earl Gee Jr.

            And you are a reported troll.

    • realitytvIV

      It’s certainly common in straight porn. The barely legal/teen/young categories are highly popular among straight men. It’s still disgusting though.

    • Tempest

      Just because something has happened before doesn’t make it right, it’s repulsive before and it’s repulsive now, whether it’s gay or straight. I don’t do child porn or forced prostitution.

      Kink has mastered the whole dom/sub/BDSM scene because they have a very strict set of rules and safewords. What makes them different from the rest are the interviews before and after the actual scene, just to give the feeling that it’s a real safe environment and to make sure the models feel as comfortable as possible.

      This shit, however, ain’t doing it. I refuse to watch any kind of porn that plays on destructive scenarios (Underage looking boys about sex trafficking? Hello?) that take place in real life. There is nothing to fantasize about that crap.

  • Default_User

    The whole scenario looks like a blend of Eyes Wide Shut, 50 Shades, Law and Order SVU and Family Dick. I am half expecting Eliot Stabler bursting into the room, cuff the tops and fuck them one by one while Olivia Benson wrap Austin up in a blanket and whisk him away to therapy.

    The “slave trade” porn trope is as old as the hills. I think i have a 1970s gay porn loop that is this exact scenario, only with leather and chains instead of satin and suited men. Same older guy/younger twink dynamic. Quite a few BDSM themed videos in the 90s used that trope as well, including some of my persona favorites starring Kyle Mckenna.

    • Pinko of the Grange

      but with in the BDSM community safe words are a real thing.

      • Default_User

        Thats true. But that’s real life. This is scripted fantasy, albeit a creepy one. When is the last time you saw a safeword used during a scene?

        • Pinko of the Grange

          it is hidden in a edit but if you pay attention they can be inferred.

          There is a line and this about the first legal thing that crosses mine.

    • Jason

      I kind of expect Chris Hanson to show up at anyone’s house that clicks that link

    • Paul Adams

      I’d PAY to see that episode of SVU!!!

  • OneOfTheManyChris

    Is this stuff aimed at straight women? Because it seems an awful lot like 50 Shades of WTF and a lot of other weird romance stuff sold on Amazon.

  • Wolf is hot and hung!!!! I’d totally love some dirty slutty fun with him 😉

  • Iain Gardener

    Firstly does the boy come with a warranty? I mean you’re paying all that money what happens if you get him home and he won’t boot up, or he crashes? Secondly LeGrand Wolf? Seriously? I mean you may as well call yourself Le Fromage Manifique and be done with it.

  • Pinko of the Grange

    I hoped we were just ignoring this.

  • Jon

    At some point, we’ll need to have a discussion about the (not so) new rising trend of older gay men and guy who are legal, but look like teens. Idk if it’s just porn or if it’s happening irl too.

    • FrenchBug

      I like inter-generational porn because I like men in all shapes and ages and types but most scenes that are produced generally put me off by including a scenario that makes may-december sex feel creepy. The incest/dad imagery or, like here, the enslavement stuff or the “initiation” stuff are all frames used by sexual predators and “groomers”.
      It is the pendant to my criticism of twink studios that can’t help but using “schoolboy” kind of scenarios that everything incredibly creepy.
      And if they do, it must mean there is a huge market for this and that’s worrisome and problematic – albeit similar to what happens on the straight side.

  • Robert Earl Gee Jr.

    and in your troll-land

  • James Johnson III

    The whole site creeps me out. I can’t believe Austin would even agree to this. What I don’t understand is what the heck is Logan cross doing there? He can get better work at much better Studios that don’t have to stoop to him performing this kind of scenario. It’s just creepy

  • peter

    Boy for sale!
    Appetizing young boy for sale!
    Boy that’s fresh and still unspoiled
    Boy that’s only slightly soiled
    Boy for sale!

    Who will buy?
    Who would like to squirt between his thighs?
    Who’s prepared to pay the price
    For the ultimate in vice?
    Boy for sale!

  • Ninja0980

    As others have said..I don’t think I would want to subscribe to this site or even type in the name.

  • Address Me Now

    I don’t get it… Why are my comments being deleted?

  • Charleen Astor

    I just hope they find hotter boys to sell other than Austin Young.

  • Stevo Walker

    I saw this a few weeks ago. On one end, it’s straight up romanticizing human trafficking. On the other, the scenes are pretty hot…

  • Dreadmau5
  • Scrapple

    Why are you consistently bothered by everyone’s comments? Are there some other thoughts you’d like to share without being an antagonizing asshole?

    • Robert Earl Gee Jr.

      oh, Ms. Thing, I do believe I have the same right as you do to post. And back at you, Honey.

      • Scrapple

        Reading comprehension should be your friend, but it isn’t. My point is, you’re not providing your own thoughts about the studios or models. All you’re doing is attacking other people for their opinions. If you take issue with people saying negative things, then what positive things do you have to say? Because otherwise, you’re just being a trollish asshole.

        • Robert Earl Gee Jr.

          my such big fancy words for a internet porn troll! Does you mother know you suck dicks with that filthy mouth? You reap what you sow, and also get reported for that bad mouth.

          • Scrapple

            Nothing I wrote was big or fancy. Unless you have a low IQ, then I could see that being the case.

            But thank you for proving you are in fact a garbage person. I tried to give you the benefit of the doubt, but I see you’re only about sowing negativity and disharmony. Good luck with that.

          • Robert Earl Gee Jr.

            blah, blah, blah! thank-you and as for garbage person, that is the whore calling the prostitute a slut! warmest regards!

  • nick

    so it’s BreederFuckers/CMNM/BoyNapped/Boung&Gagged/BoundInPublic but with younger looking guys ?

  • Marcus Collack

    These people are literally making homophobic predatory porn
    1. Family
    2. Sex Trafficking
    3. … will be some sort of animal. (Mark my Words)

    • Paul Adams

      OMFG!!! Are you aware that LeGrand Wolf’s newest site is called “Growl Boys” and it is LITERALLY about and I quote “Older half wolf/half man breeding and inseminating young men to turn them into one of the pack”. They use CGI to transform their faces into canine faces during the sex!!! I AM NOT KIDDING!!!

  • zionita

    LeGrand Wolf’s real name is Daniel Holsinger. (FYI: his porn name is based on a famed Mormon church leader, LeGrand Richards.)