The FamilyDick Son Gets Barebacked By His Dad (Again) And A Neighbor While Trick-Or-Treating

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It looks like we have a brand new gay porn powercouple on our hands, as this infamous “Family Dick” father/son duo are back to fuck bareback again, for at least the fourth time. This time, the dad shares his son’s ass with a neighbor passing out Halloween candy. How generous!


Halloween ended two days ago, so Family Dick is obviously late with this release. Of course, it’s never too late to fuck your son bareback at a neighbor’s house, I guess. Via FamilyDick:

For most people, trick-or-treating ends when you’re still a kid. But what’s the fun in that? This dirty dad can’t deny how cute is son is whenever he dresses up and loves bringing him around town to show him off. Luckily for Austin, he still looks very young and no one thinks twice about giving him a bag full of candy. When it comes time for the night to end, his dad brings him to one final house to close out the night. Surprise, surprise! It’s the doc’s house!

Wait, this big-dicked doctor—who discovered that the dad was fucking the son in a previous scene, and then blackmailed the dad into letting him fuck his son, too—is also the family’s neighbor? This is literally the most fucked up neighborhood in America.

The handsome man brings them inside and says the boy is the real doorstep treat! Ever since he fucked his tight hole in his office, he’d been dying to see the dad fuck his little boy. And how could he not be? The tall doctor towers over Austin as he takes off his costume and strips him down with the same hungry look kids have when they unwrap their favorite piece of candy.


The two men absolutely devour the boy’s butt before fucking him raw! The neighbors might think those howls are werewolves, but it’s just the sound of a good little boy getting stuffed on daddy dick!

Oh my God, with the holiday season approaching, things are only going to get worse. To celebrate Christmas, the dad will probably have his son fucked bareback by their other next door neighbor, the local mall Santa. Trailer (watch full scene here):

[FamilyDick: “Trick Or Treat”]


  • Todd

    L…. while trick or treating. Ewwwwwwwww

  • PaulieP
  • Scrapple
  • Baradude
  • Xzamilloh

    When your trailer looks like the first 5 minutes of SVU, it’s time for reflection on choices made. Tami, what do you think?

    My thoughts exactly

  • Xzamilloh

    The handsome man brings them inside and says the boy is the real doorstep treat! Ever since he fucked his tight hole in his office, he’d been dying to see the dad fuck his little boy. And how could he not be? The tall doctor towers over Austin as he takes off his costume and strips him down with the same hungry look kids have when they unwrap their favorite piece of candy.

    How does that not sound like some straight up NAMBLA erotica???

  • RW

    see, i always skip the first 5min, so I never have to deal with the incest BS.

  • Philip Broad

    As long as people are prepared to pay for this stuff …

  • Schnitzel
  • freater

    Damn that neighbour’s cute. What a lucky kid!

  • Hereweare

    To celebrate Christmas, the dad will probably have his son fucked bareback by their other next door neighbor, the local mall Santa. Trailer

    I hope Str8up gets a writing fee when that one turns up this December. And……how convenient that the word “Trailer” was already needed……….

  • Marik Ishtar

    Bryan Singer’s twitter is deleted and so are any articles mentioning the new allegations.

    It’s happening people!

  • Deviancy Behavir

    I don’t know about you, but it got my dick hard.

    • adamb

      I love Family Dick but ill just download from tube sites fuck paying a subscription,

  • The dad is so hot.

  • badgamer1967
  • briansslut

    I just don’t get the dissatisfaction with Family Dick. I’m a woman who loves gay porn (sorry to those who don’t like it but, there’s millions of us who watch and subscribe to gay porn sites like our male counterparts) In straight porn “ugh” women and young girls have been sexually objectified by step dad, dads, uncles, friends of dads, girlfriends with dad or uncles, just about the whole gambit. It’s a genre apparently enjoyed by many for decades. My question is “What makes this any different and what makes males more special?” Is it the objectification of young boys? I say, join the club fellas. I can seriously understand your dislike, but me and maybe others who’re lurking in the shadows like Family Dick videos. I can’t wait to see this one. I think the father and son scenes with this duo are hot. With this being a predominant gay site, believe you me (no kin to 45) there’s a few of us ladies who come here love your site. I come here mainly to find what’s the next hot video coming up. I especially love reading your comments. Thanks for letting me comment and please be kind. We all have our opinions.

    • adamb

      I like ur view point rather spot on id say & welcome i hope to see u comment more?

      What studios do u like? Mine r Helix, Falcon, Cocky Boys etc….

      • briansslut

        Pull up a chair. *smile* I like yours plus BROMO, Men At Play, almost everything Nextdoor Studios, Sean Cody, Icon Male and Kinkmen. Now, with my deep admiration for Family Dick, I’m really getting into Mormonboyz.

    • Kevin Jones

      I strongly agree with this statement.

      Plus, everytime I watch, I can’t help but laugh at how fake at is so I don’t why people are so upset.

    • freater

      Finally someone who gets it.

    • gemm

      Considering that FD is the number 4 gay channel on pornhub, you’re not alone.
      I’m into their stuff too and RME at people acting like they are better than others for not being into it. This porn, like all porn is both a ridiculous fantasy and totally fake. Different strokes for different folks (literally)

      And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with women watching gay porn. No wonder women watch gay porn, it’s probably the only place on the internet they aren’t objectified and straight porn is made, in large, by straight men for straight men.

    • Hari Kalyan

      Okay but you’re commenting on a GAY porn blog. There’s nothing that make males more special or any different. Males just happen to be the focus of this (gay) blog. I don’t watch straight porn or go on straight porn blogs but you can best believe if I saw the same overt underage sex implications I’d be just as disgusted and comment as such. I dont care how long its been popular or how many people like it. I dont care about the incest aspect, but sex with implied minors (even if the actors are of age) and in some scenes coerced sex with implied minors is never okay.

      • briansslut

        I know I’m on a GAY blog. Am I wrong being here? Do my comments not count? I don’t watch straight porn or go on straight blogs either but I do know one thing, If I didn’t like it, if I thought it was reprehensible, I’d stay clear from it too. Your opinion counts as should mine. But what it really boils down to one point, it’s ALL fantasy. Good or bad.

        • Hari Kalyan

          I mentioned the GAY blog not to invalidate or discount your comment/opinion but as answer to your question why males (i.e. boys) are the “special” focus of this conversation and not straight porn and its depiction of women/girls. And now you say you DON’T watch straight porn but your previous comment starts with “decades” of examples of straight porn’s treatment of women/girls and how that compares here. So which is it? But regardless, your personal porn viewing habits aside, the good for the gander and “its ALL fantasy” arguments only turn a blind eye to content that emboldens and reinforces a dangerous and corrupt belief that this is acceptable. That you just “stay clear from it” is a suitable response to, say, fisting scenes (which I personally find vomit-inducing), but the sexual (mis)treatment of (implied) minors, a vulnerable group with little to no voice or power, in porn isn’t something I’m prepared to just write off. Some things are so bad they should just be off limits, even for fantasy.

    • Marcus Collack

      What makes this different is that Gay people were said to be predators and rapists as a whole for quite some time, by the less than objective populous, an opinion,that at one time, was very mainstream, and this rhetoric and ideologies, coupled with things such as abomination, different, less than, and unnatural etc, lent itself to the up hill battle of being seen as equal, getting proper treatment under the law, being able to adopt, share a life with somebody, etc, etc. Also the fact that this porn is trying so hard to drive home the point of incest with its dialogue is really weird and problematic, almost as problematic as Gay Patrol. While I understand it’s a fantasy, It’s not mine. I don’t want to see children or younger people in general taken advantage of. Take the case of Latesha Clay, who is clearly a sex trafficking victim, she at the age of 15, was placed in an ad as bait, for a robbery. Grown men came to have sex with a 15 year old girl, they got robbed and she is going to prison for 9 years, while the Pedophiles just go home, partly because all of this is normalized way too much. The prosecutor, jury, and judge all seemed to care more about the robbery, with a toy gun, than pedos paying to rape a child, and why, because they probably watch those same scenarios over and over again in porn. Do you know who is speculated into starting her into this life of sex slavery…wait for it…her father, so to summarize the poets City High “For you it’s just a good time, but for girls and boys like Latesha, it’s what they call life.”

      • briansslut

        Can this also be said about being Black too? Your summations of the treatment of Gays being rapists and predators is fairly new, wouldn’t you say? Get your violins out, but we’ve (Blacks) been persecuted and were given those names and worse since we got here. In a whole lot of unkind eyes we were/are capable of doing some of the worse things imaginable, like this and more. We still are. What happened to the young girl was horrible and unfortunate and as a female it hurts me to the core, but does this have to equate feeling dirty and being sick in the head for watching a particular type of fantasy porn video? If that’s the case, with all the different genres of Gay porn out there, we sure have a bunch of sick MFs. It’s ALL fantasy. Don’t like? Don’t watch. What you’ve stated in your comment is very important, it comes from what YOU believe in and I honor your opinion.

  • James Johnson III

    The actor playing the kid is adorable but I just can’t get over that playing damn near underage tail is apparently his shtick. Whether it’s at Bare Twinks, Mormonboyz, or FD, it seems he never plays legal! It’s kinda squick-worthy

  • Marcus Collack