FraternityX Now Has Two Gangbang Bottoms Locked In The Dog Crate, And They’re Only Being Fed Cum

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FraternityX’s infamous dog crate was first introduced back in April, when one bareback bottom was being locked up and gangbanged against his will (as seen above). Today, the dog crate is back in a new scene, and there’s a fun new twist: There appear to be two gangbang bottoms being held captive, and they’re only allowed to drink cum.

dogc3fx136b_1In the clip below, one of the bottoms begs for something to drink by screaming “fuck, I’m thirsty,” and his tops tells him that they’ll “give him some cum to drink in a minute.”

fx136b_3The whole gangbang actually starts because one of the tops, in a moment of kindness, pours beer into the cage to feed one of the bottoms, when in fact they’re only supposed to be fed cum.


For whatever reason, it’s the bottom’s fault for drinking the beer (but not the top who poured him the beer?), so he’s pulled out and gangbanged.


At least he’s getting some nutrients, I guess. Trailer (watch full scene here):

[FraternityX: Caged Bitch Orgy]


  • Xzamilloh

    I have to keep asking: Who is this for? Who gets turned on by this? Of course maybe it’s just me, because gangbangs and orgies have too much going on for me to be interested. But, really, who likes this?

    • Zealot

      DIdn’t they win a Str8up award this year?

    • Pinko of the Grange

      Men that don’t have the room for a dungeon, the imagination to improvise one, the charm to attract “fratboi” subs, and never set foot in to a frat house.

      Sketchy would be for similar types but they think colleges are full of commie coastal elites.

  • Dave

    Ummm, if you’re gonna “feed them cum”, your aim needs to be better. A facial is quite different than cum guzzling.

    • Pinko of the Grange

      They missed the obvious of having the other one lick it off for “nourishment”. Ever frat has a MacGyver of torment that would of directed that action. This is just such an unbelievable frat!(:

  • Trepakprince

    I feel like we need Sarah Mclachlan to step in and stop this mess.

  • Schnitzel

    Do some people actually jerk off to this shit? How is this site even alive?

    • Zachary Sire

      I don’t know about other sites that cover them, but Fratx clicks/traffic sent over from Str8Up is always high. It’s fetish porn (as absurd and ridiculous as it can seem) so it has a specific audience.

      • Pinko of the Grange

        don’t they always have new faces?

        (spit ballin’ on the wall and seeing if it sticks)

    • Donald Horn

      They tend to have attractive guy next door types doing raunchy shit. It’s hit or miss but when it’s good, it’s good.

  • Scrapple
  • Maximus
    • McM.



      Bad dog.

      • Maximus

        I’m still outraged that Juliet Landau was never even nominated for an Emmy or Golden Globe for that role. She had to simultaneously portray and embody childlike wonder, psychosis, wise foresight, animalistic hunger, ruthless violence, lust, sadism, masochism, and tender affection; plus she had to do it all with an English accent! Juliet’s performance made Drusilla one of the greatest villains in TV history.

        • Scrapple

          I wish she had done more acting after Buffy and Angel, but she seemed more focus on writing, directing and producing. Supposedly she’s playing a HUGE character on Steven Universe. I’m excited about it.

          • Maximus

            She is?! That’s so exciting! (I just started Season 4.)

          • Scrapple

            Apparently she’s voicing White Diamond which is crazy. I never would’ve thought of her for that role, but it makes perfect sense. I can already hear her in the role. And doesn’t she sing? I can’t remember if she sings, but I assume she does if she has that role. I also can’t believe she’s 52! She does not age. I’ve always wanted her to do something with Aubrey Plaza. Aubrey always reminds me of a young Juliet.

            At one point Juliet was supposed to write a Dusilla limited series comic. Not sure what ever happened to that.

          • Maximus

            Oooh! Shiny! She’ll be sickening as one of the diamonds! Maybe she really is a vampire?

            Aubrey Plaza does have that same “mysterious dark lady” vibe as Juliet.

            The comic is still in the works, last I heard.

          • Scrapple

            She might get to sing with Patti LuPone. That’s crazy.

            I think Juliet and Aubrey have similar faces. I can totally see them playing mom and daughter in a movie or tv show. And Aubrey is plenty dark. She was killing it on Legion.

        • McM.

          Juliet Landau was amazing in that role. This is especially impressive if you watch the series over and realize Joss Whedon wasn’t expecting much from actors playing ancillary characters during the beginning. Julie Benz brought something to Darla mostly in Angel, but her initial appearances in BTVS were flat and the mannerisms reminded me too much of her role in Jawbreaker. However, Juliet Landau come out the gate with her character fully realized, and the depth was already there before writers even thought to explore her history. She was also able to portray mental illness in a relatively sensitive manner. Yes, Drusilla was evil, but she was dangerous due to her being a vampire not her preexisting mental state. Landau conveyed that from season two.

          • Scrapple

            Julie really struggled after she left the Whedonverse. She did get a lot of acting roles, but nothing that was going to make her a household name. At least not until she landed Dexter. Part of the problem is like you mentioned, with the characters she played coming off as being similar to Darla. I do remember liking her in No Ordinary Family and Defiance.

        • badgamer1967

          Bravo well stated sir,madam,questioning? but lets face it to get an emmy you have to suck so much cock that it would wear out a frat x performer Ms Landau performance is alone reward enough and one we all get to enjoy over and over.

          • Maximus

            I make a distinction between identifying “as” and identifying “with.” I’m biologically male and identify “as” a man; I am a cisgender man. However, I identify “with” women in many regards, as society marginalizes and denigrates them for their femininity, which is something I can relate to as a gay man. I also enjoy misgendering myself and others; it’s my own small way of undermining the supposed dualism of binary gender.

            You’re right that not getting nominated for an award doesn’t take away from the greatness of a performance. Still, I wish that more people could be exposed to Buffy and Angel.

          • badgamer1967
    • badgamer1967
  • stephen
  • peter

    Their shtick is getting real stale

  • WhimsyCotton

    They’ve never been quite able to top the “Nosy Neighbor” scene tbh…

  • JP
  • Pinko of the Grange

    Okay so now they are getting “plot” ideas from South Park (Coon and Friends s14 ep 12-14(?)

  • nick

    The ginger tattooed guy is quite hot.

  • AJ

    That dumpster of a place needs some pine sol and these guys all need a hug!

  • theredviper

    As the concerned mother that I’m not I worry about venereal diseases and these poor boys ruining their lives at such a young age. As a horny guy in his 20’s I say “Fuck Yeah wreck those little bitches!!” As a picky motherf*cker I say…

  • Eric

    Ugh I thought fraternityx was going with the new, less rapey cast. This one is so tired out and they don’t even act anything close to an actual frat at its worst (yes, I know porn isn’t supposed to be just like real life but come on, who watches this without the website title/context and goes “ah yes this is just like frat life!”). These dudes’ cumshots are so sad too, like they jerk off right before filming the scene so that half a teaspoon comes out for the money shot. SASHAY AWAY!!! PLEASE!