Snowball Showdown: Gabriel Clark And Jack Rayder Cum In Each Other’s Mouths

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Last December, Gabriel Clark fucked Lukas Grande on CockyBoys, and now it’s Lukas Grande’s boyfriend Jack Rayder’s turn to get pounded by the cum-guzzling Canadian.


When I say Gabriel Clark loves cum, I mean he really, really loves cum. Even pre-cum. And Jack Rayder pre-cums a lot, which Gabriel eagerly licks up while he’s fucking him.


After being fucked in multiple positions (he takes the deep plowing quite well, btw), Jack blows his load all over Gabriel Clark’s chest. Gabriel promptly scoops up Jack’s cum and eats it off his hand, declaring, “It’s all mine!” Then, he leans in and kisses Jack, with cum still dripping from his lips.


They’re not done swapping loads yet. Next, Gabriel stands up and busts a gooey nut right into Jack Rayder’s mouth, which is quickly followed by yet another kiss and even more snowballing.

Gabriel-Clark-Jack-Rayder_0194 Gabriel-Clark-Jack-Rayder_0195I didn’t know Jack Rayder was so kinky, but Gabriel Clark brings out the cum lover in everyone, I guess!

Trailer (watch full video here):

[CockyBoys: Gabriel Clark Fucks Jack Rayder]